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Match Report 6th Oct 2021 Whitecraigs LT&SC v Hamilton (Div 1. West of Scotland squash)

West of Scotland Squash Leagues are Back!!!!! 2021 has given us some
competitive squash at last – and thank **** for that!

So last night was the first match of seasons starting in this new decade!
And Hamilton came along to Whitecraigs LT&SC to kick things off.

An early start meant Ollie (Millen) was probably the first West Squash
player to hit a ball in anger, in the new season, as he took on Norman
(Patterson) at No.4. Hamish turned up unnaturally early (for him) so he marked.
Ollie won the 1st game and everything was going well for us! Just then Kenny
(Boyle) arrived, so we left to nab Court 1 and really cash in on the early

We played the No.1 string match and I (Jason Broadberry) lost the 1st game
9-11, but surprisingly felt I was in the match against the whippet that is
Kenny!! Anyway we came off court after the 1st to see Norman looking jubilant –
and claiming he’d won! Well, that must have been the quickest 1-3 ever I
thought, but apparently it was the quickest 2-3 ever!! (2 was also the amount of
rackets broken apparently!)

Ho-hum! I’d leveled things up at 1-1 in my match, but it would be safe to
say that Kenny’s squash looked under-cooked (or should I say under Boyled!),
but he stepped it up in the 3rd to win 4-11 then lost concentration to lose the
4th ……… and so to the 5th!! When I got back on court Kenny had quite
obviously changed the ‘double yellow-dot’ for a ‘blue-dot’ and it was so hot I
could hardly touch it. I hit a drop shot that flew into the nick at the back of
the court and I knew I may be in trouble. In the markers chair, David “the
Pink Panther” Macaleese tried to hurry me along in case the ball made it
down to 99 degrees and I had any chance of playing anything in front of the
short line, but unfortunately all my drops were gone and Kenny could easily
pick up anything I could hit and so he ran out a 2-3 winner. So 0-2 down in the
match and no justice! Or was there?

Young Hamish (Buchannan) went on next at No.3 and was up against David
Heffernan. Hamish took the 1st game, but was lucky and I knew David would go
into overdrive in the 2nd (which he did) and leveled things up. However the 3rd
and 4th games saw Hamish really get into his stride and he ran everything down
and his shot selection was much better. David just didn’t know where he was
going to get his winners and I thought it was not only a great match
performance, but also great maturity from Hamish.

John-Boy (Howie) took on Dave ‘The Pink Panther’ (Macaleese) at No.5 next
and it was a dominant performance from John. It would be fair to say that
Maccer didn’t really get into his stride last night and made a few
uncharacteristic mistakes, but John was always going to be a tough nut to crack
and his experience gave him a 3-0 victory (having said that there must have
been over a 120 years of experience on that particular court! At least!).

So it was all down to the No.2s as Cammy (Colquhoun) took on Keith (Martin)
and I know what you’re thinking, this has got 5 games written all over it! But
no! Cammy took a 2-0 lead with some unbelievable retrieving (and an amazing
backhand drop to win the 2nd).

I know what you’re thinking, this has definitely got 5 games written all
over it! But again NO!! Cammy screwed the nut and won this big 6 pointer to
bring home the match 3-0 for the team!!

I know what you’re thinking, “You’re lying Jase! Cammy never won 3-0
surely?? Surely he just strung it out to the 5th??” – But really Scouts’
Honour ……. he did it in 3! …………………….. I know!

So we all retired for burgers & chips (the food of athletes) at the
famous back bar …… well at least it wasn’t pizza! Ollie had pint of Joker
(fill in your own punchline!) and Cammy took home the M.O.T.M. for my vote and
it would have to be Norman for Hamilton (although secretly I think I played
pretty well! As did Hamish……. and John).

A great 16-7 victory to kick things off and looking forward to Dumfries next
……….. Away! I hope they’re doing match dinners!

2019 Vapor

Optical Express D.L.W.E. v Newlands 2 (away) 15th Nov. 2017

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Optical Express DLWE v Newlands 2 – Away Match Report 15th November 2017
Everyday, it’s a getting closer
Goin’ faster than a roller coaster
Love like yours will surely come my way
A-hey, a-hey-hey

Buddy Holly

The DLWE love of squash is definitely a roller coaster! One day the teams are safe in their respective divisions the next we have water leaks invading our courts, players moving even to outer Houston and the fourths team becoming Whitecraigs LT&SC 4.

The only constants are West Squash Pizzas for dinner and me losing at no.2 (I know my job in the team!).

After a loss last week against Newlands 1, spirits were low facing the noisy neighbours Newlands 2.

I played Fraser McCann at No.2 and the result was an inevitable defeat – you could have eaten a Tunnock’s tea cake in the amount of time I was on court. Afterwards myself and Graham Parkins discussed whether there should be some handicap system? “Maybe weights around the youngsters ankles?” suggested Parky, “Or a point for every year younger these whipper-snappers are?” I proposed (this would would mean I’d start 2 and a half games up and so would only lose 2-3; Parky would have started 5 games up!).

Loss 0-3

Andrew at 3 was up against Lee Chambers, Andrew played pretty well. Lost the first two took the third and was nip and tuck in the fourth . Shots as always technically good and signs of improved bouncebackability.

Loss 1-3

Paul Treon, at 4, was on same time against Andy Morris. I was finished so quick I marked this match. Paul played pretty well; lost the first two took the third and fourth. It was nip and tuck in the fifth. Shots, as always, technically good but a few too many mistakes.

Loss 2-3

Dave Craig at 5 was up against Dave Fallis, only saw bits and Dave not quite at best and did not get going. Early days and more training to come

Loss 0-3

Last up was Craig Valente Wallace at 1. Craig was the success last week with a battling 2-3 loss against Newlands 1 and hopes were high.

The first two games were tight but his opponent Mark Ford nicked them. The fightback started and Craig took the next comfortably. I helpfully informed him to keep on playing how he had played in the third. I could not see him losing ….. Yes, he lost in the 4th. Still good effort

Loss 1-3

Overall loss 4-18

The only success i had this week was advising Kieran O’Neil in-between games! I helped bring the ship home for Newlands 13th team!! 🙂

Food was an excellent veggie pizza and chips (and an Erdie)


A- Hey, a–hey-hey

Love like yours will surely come our way



(© Iain Beveridge – thanks for all your great reports Iain – RIP)

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2017 West Knockout Cup Match Report D.L.W.E. v S.S.R.C. 30th Aug

Tough match against S.S.R.C. in the 1st round of the West Knockout Cup last night as the 2017/18 season is now definitely under way!


The format is a 4-man team and the total team can’t have any more than 5000 points. This is according to your individual points score on Sporty HQ (interesting/confusing – yup me too; we had to re-jig as we were over 5000 points on our 1st line up!)

Revised line up 4857 points


First on was Big John McIntyre (Sport HQ 1059 points) against a former DLWEer Big Rob Macmillan. A BIG game and a great start for Big Rob, moving like a gazelle and going 1-0 up, but Johnny McD said to me “Don’t worry John’ll win 3-1- he always does!” And sure enough John really got going, to come back and win the match 3-1 as predicted (hey Johnny, what score will it be when Liverpool play Man City?)


Next up was Alistair Mackenzie (Sport HQ 851 points)  against Mark (Uncle Festa) Sherrit. Al turned up coughing and spluttering (get you’re excuses in early that’s what I say) and it looked like he’d be run ragged as he lost the 1st! But ‘the only way is up’ (as Yazz & Iain Bev might conclude!) and he ended up coughing his way through the rest of the match to end up winning 3-1. Alistair also ended up playing some good length when he decided to keep it out of the tin!


So only one more match to win – easy! And I (Jason Broadberry – Sport HQ 1627 points) would bring the team home at No.1!?!?!?!? Well maybe not as I got a right 3-0 tonking from Brian – I think Brian identified that I’m only 1 vowel away from being ‘fit’!


Last up was Finlay McGhee (Sport HQ 1320 points) against Dave McCormack. Dave is a canny left hander and is obviously playing well. Fin was initially off the pace as he went 0-2 down however, a resurgence was on the cards as he took the 3rd easily. “So” I said “win this and we go through …… no pressure!”. Unfortunately for us, Dave had a bit left in the tank and won the 4th in style.


So a 2-2 draw and SSRC go through on game-countback (thanks to me being rubbish/unfit etc – you’re dropped Jase!)

Still the interesting thing about this Knockout Cup is that you don’t get knocked out!!

West Committee marketing department may have to have a look at this!

Next week we’re up against Newlands 2 in the plate.

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Optical Express DLWE v Hamilton – Home Match Report) 12th October 2016

Hamilton came to call last night and it was one of those Wednesdays when everything goes well. We had 2 courts all night; the team T-shirts arrived; the food was good and we won – amazing!


Jason L –  Jason B – Craig V-W – Finlay McG – Dougie Mac

First on court was all 5 of us as we posed for the team photo in the brand new Optical Express sponsored team tops!

But other than that Finlay (McGhee) v Scott Hay were first on court at No.4 – Fin was catching Scott with his cross-court drops, mixed in with good length. I didn’t see much of the game, but I did hear Scott’s coach (John Kirby) tell him to watch out for ‘this shot’ and ‘that shot’ and I thought I know exactly what you mean as he does it to me all the time as well (and it’s bloody annoying!). 3-0 to Fin


Next on was Craig (V-W) against Calum Phillip at No.1  – a good 1st game for Craig, but Calum started hitting his straps in the 2nd and with the really high swing, power and deception was having a lot of success – so much in fact that he won the 2nd game! But Craig was ready for him after that and was reading all of Calum’s tricks and keeping him tied to the back. So Craig brought home the match 3-1 to a more and more resigned Calum.


I was on next against Chris McGeady at No.3. Now we had a real hum-dinger of a match last time on the Hamilton ‘Sauna’ courts. I’d just managed to pip Chris in the 5th and I’d definitely used up my ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card during that encounter. Fortunately for me I dominated proceedings this time, on the colder courts and I volleyed particularly well (for me). Chris changed tactics in the 2nd game and I was happy to trade a few shots with him. The upshot was a 3-0 win for me – I was very satisfied with my performance (although Chris had a glint in his eye as he said “I look forward to the rematch in the Sauna!”) .


Doug (Macmillan) was 1-0 down and faffing about in the 2nd when I took over marking this match (against Stephen Healy at No.5). Fortunately he faffed his way to a 12-10 win in that game and so at 1-1 it was still anyone’s. Also at 8-8 in the 3rd, it was still anyone’s, but it was about here that Doug put the pedal to the metal and took the initiative with some much more positive squash and good length. So the eagle was landed and 1-1 soon became a 3-1 win to Dougie.


Jason (Lang) was last on against Colin Towers at No.2. and this was a mismatch in many ways, such as in height and also in age of racket! Not only was there was about 4 foot separating the two of them, but Jason’s brand new Harrow Vapor was gleaming next to Colin’s 20 year old antique of a racket! Unfortunately for Colin the game was a bit of a mismatch as well because Jason was playing well and was just too sharp for Colin.


So a 3-0 win for Jason meant the team got an excellent 18-point haul. MOTM to either Fin or me I’d (modestly) say and to Stephen Healey for Hamilton.


And the jacket spuds were baked to perfection. Everyone enjoyed them – even me (who doesn’t like potatoes!) and even Colin Towers, who I’ve never seen eat anything at a team match for 25 years, had half a potato!

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Optical Express DLWE v Newlands 2 – Away Match Report) 5th October 2016 (amalgamated match report with week 1 v Glasgow Uni)

2016-op-team-shirts-david-lloydThe Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Well two weeks into the season and the roller-coaster that is ‘The West Squash Leagues’ are back with their weekly outrageous fortune. One week everything is great and the next is a tragedy!

We had a great trip to the University last week and a wonderful team win – I had a lucky win at No.3 against a young Egyptian guy called Omar (who I suspect I’ll never beat again!) who managed to get cramp in the 4th game so I snuck home 3-1 (winning on fitnesss!). However this week I was unceremoniously thrashed off the court 3-0 by Angus Woodward – mind you Angus was playing No.4 in their 1st team last week (and I was awarded two individual points for one outrageous cross-court volley nic! #shotofthematch)

It’s annoying when you play any 2nd team and they have got the full 1st team out (and players returning) because of a big match they have. Thus making them about 4 players stronger than normal! (#newsflash Newlands 1 beat Giffnock 1 last night 15-6  – could The Division 1 Title be returning to Newlands?)

Anyway back to the important stuff! Craig (Vallentie-Wallace) had a good solid win against the Uni at No.1 v Dan Wareing (winning the match with a flat nic!), but lost this week to Brendan Forrister and although I didn’t see it, it appeared that he was chopped a bit like I was.

Doug (Macmillan) joined the 1st team this week at No.5 and it was a massive move up from playing Parklands last week. He was also chopped 3-0 (by Dave Morrison) I’ve seen him play better than that! Mind you it made my terrible performance look a bit better! It’s all relative eh!

Finlay (McGhee) was chopped at No.4 this week; after a great first week against the Uni winning 3-0 at No.5 v Jesse Mills with a really good performance. But this week he was up against a very much improved Fraser McCann (who I sponsor via Harrow Rackets, so it was good to see Fraser in action and playing well). This was always going to be a tough one for Fin and I’m afraid his opponent was just too good (Fraser was 2nd in last week’s Danish Junior Open and leaving tomorrow for the Nordic Junior Open in Malmo! Tough life eh!?!). MOTM to Fraser I’d say.

The silver lining last night was Jason (also sponsored by Harrow….Lang!). A good win in week 1 v Terry Lau against the Uni and an even better win this week (I reckon) against Lisa Aitkin, Scottish No.1.

I could only admire Lisa’s wonderful volleying and movement, but Jase was making life very difficult for her and he managed to keep her stretching into the back corners and then getting on the volley early. Jase played really well to neutralise Lisa’s game and he thoroughly deserves our man of the match (although MOTM was a bit of a shoe-in this week!)

6pm start and curry for dinner meant we were all in the bar about 8.30pm – very nice!

So ‘The Good’ was the win v the Uni last week – ‘The Bad’ was last night’s drubbing and ‘The Ugly’ is…………….. Doug!

(and ‘yes’ I realise I’m on shaky ground with that gag!)

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DLWE v Whitecraigs RFC – Away (Match Report) 7th January 2015

westsquashsitelogo1Well I’m looking for a positive spin for the match last Wednesday, but really I’m struggling. I was thinking we could get a 3-2 from this tie against Whitecraigs Rugby – and if we played really well we may even win 3-2, however what actually happened was that we all lost and apart from Craig we all got tonked!

First on was Davie (Craig) and mascot/daughter Elvi – against Nairn McMasters. A real tough one for the big man and I would have been amazed if we’d have won this one. He didn’t! Dave was moving well enough, but Nairn was just too clever and kept Dave at bay for the whole match to win 3-0 (I didn’t see a lot of the match as the mascot kept me busy with her James Bond Aston Martin Match Box car (also Doug looked pretty jealous of her Nike gutties!) – she was obviously on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list at Christmas!)

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DLWE v Newlands 2 – Away (Match Report) 29th October 2014

Another tough night for the team! At least 3 of us left with a sense that we could have done better!

Away to Newlands 2 and never an easy one. They are a solid team from top to bottom. First up was David (Craig) at No.4 against David Fallis. This was a real ‘blast fest’ with both players pure meltin’ the baw! I was once again on mascot-minding duties (with Uncle Dougal) IMAG0517and didn’t see much of the match, but when I did watch it looked very even, with both players giving it a good old eckie thump! It’s great having a new mascot, although it’s also difficult to get them off the court in between matches.

Back to the No.5s and when all was said and done Newlands Dave won all 3 games and it looked relatively comfortable as far as the points were concerned (our mascot will have to bring us more luck next time!)

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DLWE v Giffnock 2 – Away (Match Report) 8th October 2014

westsquashsitelogo1Off to Giffnock II on Wednesday and it’s as Forrest Gump said, “Giffnock II is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”

So I turned up at 6.30pm (always advisable when you’ve only got 1 court) and was soon on against Mark Coyle at No.2. Mark can certainly crack the ball on those courts and had I played that sort of game against him then I’d have lost very quickly……so I didn’t. Instead I took the slower ariel route and this just frustrated the Giffnock Young Gun. The scores were all pretty close, but I mainly felt that I was more in control than not and managed to win all 3.

No Sean again this week, to have a go at in the match report, not that this should stop me! And on a Forrest Gump theme I wish he was playing so I could use the “Stupid is as stupid does” quote!! Hope to see him back to full fitness soon.

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Whitecraigs LT&SC 2014 Club Championships

Iain McDermott left receiving the prize from Tim Ross (squash convener)

Iain McDermott left receiving the prize from Tim Ross (squash convener)

The last two weeks has seen the Whitecraigs LT&SC 2014 Club Champions crowned and in the Men’s Tournament there was a hell of a final between Iain McDermott and Steve Luker.

Iain McDermott on the 'T' v Steve Luker (must have been the 5th!)

Iain McDermott on the ‘T’ v Steve Luker (must have been the 5th!)

Steve took the early exchanges and won the first two games and looked in total control. He volleyed well and didn’t let Iain have a sniff of the ball let alone the ‘T’. But Iain is renound for coming back from some pretty tight situations and that’s exactly what happened in this match. He began lengthening the rallies and getting Steve behind him. He also began reading Steve’s drops much better and crunching them to a length any time he saw them. So 2-1 soon became 2-2 and so to the 5th!

By now you could see that Steve was tired, but so was Iain. It was still anyone’s game to win. Steve needed to control the match more and find the corners and Iain needed to keep doing what he was doing. The crowd was deep in discussion about who would do it.

The 5th game was another high paced affair and as Steve faded Iain powered on to take the match and become the 2014 Men’s Champion. It was a great match to watch.

Calum, Mark, Steve and Oli (and me)

Calum, Mark, Steve and Oli (and me)

The Junior Club Championships were played the next week and this was a good quality tournament played as a round-robin. It all came down to the final match between Oliver Millen and Mark Taylor.

Both players had maximum points going into the final so it was winner take all. The final was a great display of determination and power. Both lads love to wallop the ball and both hate losing to each other (despite the fact they’re friends). Oli was nervous and Mark was determined to run everything down.

However a season in the Wednesday Men’s teams proved to be the difference in this match as Oli was able to move Mark around the court and keep him in the back. Mark did run many of Oli’s shots down, but in the end Oli was just too consistent and too experienced as he won the match 3-0 and became the 2014 Junior Club Champion.

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DLWE v Giffnock 1 – Away (Match Report) 19th March 2014

PaulHannahLogoYou could cut the tension with a knife as we travelled to Giffnock to play the potential league champions last night. I say potential as they still needed 1 point to secure the title. Would they do it!?!?? Could we stop them?!?!?!

We on the other hand were safe from relegation and only really turned up for the team photo and the celebration! IMAG0229

David (Craig) was first on against Owen Hadden (who fancies himself……….now where was I? Oh yes fancies himself as Giffnock 1s MVP – having amassed 18 wins out of 18 this season). I can’t believe Dave lost the very first game to Owen and handed Giffnock the title; what an anti-climax!!! Congratulations Giffers.

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