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Sponsorships for Juniors

and BSPA players are now

fully subscribed.


To be considered for junior sponsorship, you must be nationally ranked in the top 3 of your age group in Scotland. If you have just moved up an age group and are outside the top three, you may still qualify if you can show that you have previously been in the top three immediately before moving up.

Sponsored Juniors: Kirsty Lobban (Scotland U19 -U17 -U16  No.2 and Ladies No.7), Findlay MacDonald (Scotland U17 No.12), Craig Valente-Wallace (Scotland U17 No.3), Katie Gregson-Macleod (Scotland U13 No.1 & U14 & U15 No.2).

Sponsored Seniors: Greg Lobban No.2 (ranked in the Senior National “Order of Merit” OOM ), Ruben Phillips, Robert Dadds, Dan Clarke, Dan McGinn, Rhianne O’Donnell, Ahmed El Refee, Mike Pinggera, Emily Heyes, Hannah Carey, Jonathan Honeyman, Robert Luke, Nyall Driscoll, Nia Kenward, Nick Birt, Josh Masters, Joel Makin, Harry Faulkner, Ben Rodgers, Brogan Lane, Daniel Kamel,  Zubair Jahan Khan and Nadine El Refee

Young Professionals: To qualify for young professional sponsorship, you must have been nationally ranked in the top three of the boys or girls under 19 age group, be actively playing in BSPA events and entering the British and Scottish National and Open championships.

Sponsored Pros: Anthony Brindle, Sean Hunter, Jennifer Tamblyn, Richard Underhill, Obaid Jahan Khan, Steve London, Alex Clark

PSA and WISPA Professionals

To qualify for PSA or WISPA professional sponsorship, players must be ranked in the top 100 in the World or be top 10 nationally ranked in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland.

Sponsored PSA WISPA and Scotland players:

Alan Clyne (Scotland #1 & PSA # 31) – Greg Lobban (Scotland #2 & PSA 181) – Stuart Crawford (Scotland ex- No.2) – Harry Leitch (Scotland ex-No.5) – Adrian Grant – Chris Simpson –  Mohammed Abbas (PSA #42) – Jaymie Haycocks (PSA #93) – Omar Elborolossy (ex-PSA #14) – Matt Giuffre (ex-PSA #38) – Gilly Lane (ex-PSA #53) – Lawerance Delasaux (PSA #319) – Johnny Harford (PSA #111) – Chris Truswell (PSA #127) – Phil Nightingale (Best PSA ranking #141) AND Jonathon Power (ex-PSA World No.1) uses the “Jonathon Power Spark”, “Jonathon Power Vibe” and “Jonathon Power Turbo” rackets

Alex Clark (Scotland #3 WISPA 143) – Kasey Brown (WISPA #10) – Raneem El Weleily (WISPA #2) – Samantha Teran (WISPA #14) – Omneya Abdel Kawy (WISPA #28) – Engy Kheirallah (WISPA #92) to see all Harrow Ranked wispa Players click here

Shelley Kitchen (ex-WISPA World No.6)


Natalie Grainger (ex-WISPA World No.1) uses the “Natalie Grainger “Fury” racket Vanessa Atkinson (ex-WISPA World No.1)

Sponsored Coaches – Peter O’Hara – Emma Ford – Blaire Christie – Garry McKay – Jason Broadberry (for more infor please click here)

* rankings as of Aug 2012

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