Harrow’s Scottish Coaches


Coaches will be considered for sponsorship if they are an U.K.C.C. Squash Level 2 or higher coach. They will be expected to play with Harrow rackets carried in a Harrow Tour bag at all times and promote Harrow to their customers and club members.

Sponsored Coaches including myself (Jason Broadberry) – David Lloyd Clubs in Glasgow (West End and Renfrew) & Whitecraigs LT&SC:

Peter O’Hara Newlands (others) – Glasgow TBA
Emma Ford Newlands (ex-Whitecraigs LT&SC) – Glasgow Level 2
Blair Christie Dollar – B.o.A. (others) Level 2 (now completing)
Jason Broadberry David Lloyd West End – Glasgow & Whitecraigs LT&SC Level 2
Matt Baker Devon Level 4
Geoff Taylor Hertfordshire Level 3
Martin Gibson Lincolnshire Level 3
Mike Bull Hampshire Level 3
Lee O’Donnell Devon Level 3
Craig Walsh Derbyshire Level 2
Neil Rossin Nottinghamshire Level 2
James Hodson Leicestershire Level 2
Matthew Thornton Lincolnshire Level 2
David Langley Lincolnshire Level 2
Jason Walsh Derbyshire Level 2
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