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Photos from the Plate Tournaments at David Lloyd West End in Glasgow

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Optical Express DLWE v Giffnock 1 (away) on Wednesday 10th March 2017


Just a quick report this week as we had the pleasure of playing Giffnock first team on Wednesday and so probably suffered the same fate as most teams this season, which was a chopping!

First on was Doglas against Stuart Pitt. A good hard match but Stuart was just too good when it mattered. 3-0 to Stuart (after Douglasses remarks about my terrible serve two weeks ago it was particularly funny to see him serve into the floor this week! Mind you at least he didn’t split his shorts again!). He did have a game ball mind you!

Next on was Finlay against Niall Morris. This was a lung busting match with both the first and second games going on for ever. After numerous game balls Finley manage to secure the second game and secure of the team point as well! Man of the match to Findlay for that!

The third and fourth games were not as tough as Finley was tiring so 3-1 to Niall  (best shot was a corkscrew that Niall managed to hit out !  I didn’t think he had that shot in his armoury. Obviously he doesn’t  😄

I was on next against Owen and not much to say about this except chopped 3-0. Shot of the match was my chip onto the massive peice of missing plaster, which turned my lob into a drop!

Craig was ill, but turned out anyway, but too tough to run around the stick man that it James Singh. James seemed to have misplaced his fishing racket tonight and was as quick as quick thing from quicksville!

Last on was Jason Lang v Stu George at No.1. Stu was always going to dominate this one and the scoreline would suggest that he did. However there were plenty of times that Stu had to show how good he was at retrieving, with Jase dominating many rallies. Having said that Stu got Jason with a couple of great taxis!

So 3-0 to Stu and 18-1 to the Champions. Although it was 18-1 to me in terms of slices of pizza eaten in the bar! And as Barca stuck in their 6th goal the place erupted- didn’t know this was the Glasgow Branch of the Barcelona Supporters Club!

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Optical Express DLWE v Strathgryffe – Away Match Report 1st March 2017

013Strathgryffe 2 tonight away and with all their upcoming juniors Strathgryffe “are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!”

We got an early start this week and when I arrived at 6.50pm the No.1s were on. Jason Lang had just finished his 1st game v Calum Carswell, which he won 11-9, so Calum obviously started really well, but Jase went onto dominate this one and won 3-0. I didn’t see much of it as I began marking Doug Macmillan v Neil Richardson at No.4. Again Doug was well in charge of this one, although whenever Neil got it on the left hand side (his forehand) he was causing all sorts of problems, but a good 3-0 win for the big Doug and he didn’t even rip his shorts this week! (must be on a diet! 😉 )

I was called on court whilst marking Doug’s 2nd game so I didn’t see the end of that either, but when I told my opponent (15 year old Ruadhri McDougal) who had been knocking up for a good few minutes, that we were playing he said “I haven’t done my warm up yet I’ll be back soon” – to which I replied “I haven’t done mine either that’s why I’m here!” must be a generation thing?!?!

Well, you know this could potential banana skin when the coaches & sponsors start watching the young prodigy, so I was happy to get off to a good start 11-6. But after a few sage words from his coach (Martin Woods) Ruadhri came back a different player and only a few of his mistakes at the business end of the game saved me – 2nd game 11-9. The 3rd was much more convincing for me, as I slowed things down and played ‘old man’ squash against the youngster! So a good 3-0 win for me and it will probably be the last time I ever beat him!

The other match was Strathgryffe 1 v SSRC, but due to late arrivals Finlay McGhee had snuck onto the other court and was playing Gary McIlree at No.3. This was a good one to watch with Fin putting in a good shift as ever, but Gary had taken the 1st game 11-9. However Fin came storming back to win the next two. The 3rd was 12-10 and both men had game balls, but eventually Fin eked the last couple of points to take it 3-1 (MOTM to Fin I’d say & Gary for them).

So last on at about 8pm (!) was Paul Treon v Steve Archibald (who was looking good since playing in the ’82 World Cup!). Steve made things difficult, but Paul won this 3-0 and although there were long rallies Paul ended up on the right side of most of them.

With all the early matches, we were in the bar for 9pm and I’m beginning to wonder if pizza is sponsoring the West Squash Leagues? It seems to be a Wednesday staple these days! And despite telling myself not to eat as much as I can, I always do! Especially when there was 50 slices between 7 of us!

So a good 18-1 win for the team (and without Craig at no.1!) which is just as well as we’ve got Giffnock 1 and Newlands 1 coming up, so not many points in the last games I reckon!

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Optical Express DLWE v Whitecraigs Rugby Club – Away Match Report 15th February 2017

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Doug v Nairn (Craig in the chair)

Tricky away fixture to the south side as we visited Whitecraigs Rugby club (although it’s more of a home fixture for me!).

Doug (Macmillan) v Nairn McMaster were first up at No.5 and knowing how difficult a player Nairn can be I feared the worst. But Doug is getting back to some serious form and was playing the game that suited him most. Nairn was doing his best to upset this, but by the 5th game you couldn’t get a Rizla between them. At 8-5 down Doug was almost out of it, but he went on a great run to take the game 11-8 and the match 3-2 (M.O.T.M. very probably)

With 2 courts Finlay (McGhee) was on at the same time at No.4 v Harry Anderson. This went a similar way to the No.5 match with the ebb and flow taking it to a deciding 5th end. The game was excellent to watch with Flash Harry playing all sorts of shots I’d never seen before and Fin digging everything back (unless it was a nic – which it often was!). Anyway Fin was also down in the last 7-4, but he too went on a match winning run to clinch it 11-7 (and win 3-2). M.O.T.M. – well with the effort he put in, it was very close between him and Doug.

Craig (Valente-Wallace) and I went on next  against Andy MacBean and Allan McKay respectively. Craig was 1-0 up when I went on court, and he was moving the ball well – with some lung busting rallies, but 3 markers later he came off having lost 3-1. Tough one and Andy must have dug in well.

My game was much the same, in that I lost 3-1. Allan was just too good on these Banbury courts – he really whipped the ball hard and low on the forehand. I tried to neutralise his game by playing on the left and slowing it up. However at 1-1 and 9-6 down it was slipping away from me! Mind you a couple of minutes later at 10-9 up (in the same game) I needed to get a lucky one. Unfortunately I just couldn’t eek out another point, lucky or otherwise!

In the 4th I think I played the worst serve I’ve played in about 40 years, to give Allan match ball, but he was well in control by then and I lost 3-1

So 2-2 and last on was Jason (Lang) v Ewan Hearns. Ewan was looking a bit the worse for wear and although the result was never really in doubt Ewan fought well and pushed Jase in the 1st and 3rd games. However a good 3-0 win from Jase and (not for the first time) gaining the team the 3 bonus points.

So a very close 14-10 win (3-2) to DLWE and we retired early for chilly and veggie pasta. Great scran and we watched Bayern give Arsenal the squash equivalent of a 11-1 hammering! (whilst discussing Trainspotting 2 – which I romantically took my better half to see for Valentines!)

Jason B

PS from Doug – Hi all, just a quick add on to Jason’s very literate and detailed match report. Small detail he managed to forget somehow, even though it’s still engraved into my head sadly! In the 4th game at 8-10 match ball down, Jason did something I’ve not seen in quite some time and proceeded to not only put his serve not just down below the line but completely into the tin-but that’s not it, the ball also managed to hit the floor before hitting the tin. High skill shot, therefore Jason C.O.T.M. (from Douglas  Macm)

PPS – It’s a good point Doug –although I did mention it……………… in passing! (with a fair amount of gloss over it!) – But it does remind me of something else I forgot, that happened in your match. You know that really baggy pair of shorts you used to wear (that look almost skin tight these days) where are they now? In the bin I hope after ripping them whilst playing last night!! Were they a bit tight!?!?!   😉   Jase

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Optical Express DLWE v Giffnock 2 – Away Match Report 8th February 2017


Fin v Gazza at no.4

First team did well tonight with a tricky away fixture against Giffnock 2.


Doug was there inexplicably early and was on again Jonathan Brady at No.3 – a good match with both guys pure meltin’ the baw! Seemed to suit both of their games and it was a good run, but Giffnock won this 3-0. Never saw Doug again – must have been a big night out arranged.

Next on was Paul Treon v Graham “The Mugger” McAinsh at No 4. Paul had just finished his dinner, so was a bit tentative in the 1st game. It was as close as it could be at 14-12, but Paul was on the winning side. Then things got considerably easier as Paul worked out Mugger’s game and at the same time digested his tea! So a 3-0 to us.

I (Jason Broadberry) went on next against Mark Coyle at No.2. I’d lost to Mark previously, but now he has got a proper job and is working hard he’s not able to play as much squash, so things have evened out. I was like a ‘Bolt’ out of the blocks (yes! Me!!) and took the 1st comfortably, but Mark got going in the 2nd a evened things up. The 3rd was ‘the cruncher’ and I was game ball down….. twice, but managed to hold onto my bottle just at the crucial time and won 14-12. The 4th was much easier and I brought home the match 3-1 (M.O.T.M. again for me? Maybe!)

Finlay McGhee was on next v Gary Blanchflower at No.4. This was a great match up of youth v experience or shots v movement or even little v large! Fin won the 1st quite easily, but after that we had 3 tie-breaks. The match was very entertaining and ‘Angry Fin’ managed to motivate himself and frustrate himself in equal measure! Garry was getting very tired toward the end, but still managed to dominate many of the rallies, but Fin was right up for this and after losing 3 match balls in the 3rd, he also saved 2 match balls in the 4th and brought home the tie 3-1 (M.O.T.M. for Fin? Maybe!)

Last on was Jason Lang v Daniel (the baby faced assassin) O’Sullivan. I missed the first 2 games but Jase was well in charge and although Daniel was really quick and very dynamic, Jase was a cut above him and won the match 3-0

So 15 more points to the total and we all wolfed down 5 massive pizzas for dinner – seems to be the food of choice for the squash athlete!

(check out ‘Broadberry Sports Ltd’ on Facebook to see some clips of the matches or just click here)

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Optical Express DLWE v Western – Home Match Report 1st February 2016

222A bit of a thrashing from Western Last night, 3-18

I was on first, playing way above my pay grade at No.2! Got thrashed by some young veggie, ‘I.T. Crowd’ lookalike, whippet called Liam (I tried turning my game ‘off’ and ‘on’ again, but it didn’t work!)

Next was Doug at No.3 v Rich King. Doug’s hard training recently (i.e. suspect trips to Germany to sample the local iniquity) paid off, but not on court! Verprugeln 3-0 (Doug did spend the rest of the evening cuddling everyone though, so team spirit was high!)

Paul T on next at No.5 against Mhairi. Lost 3-1 to a girl! 😉

Ickle Fin played Steve Halliday at No.4! What the **** was Steven doing at No.4??? We soon found out as Fin took him to 5! Well played Fin M.O.T.M.

Craig VW on last against ‘mop-top’ Halliday. Top-knot performance from ‘Hirsute Halliday’! And staying on the hair-theme Craig was chopped 3-0. It was a ‘cut & dry’ result, maybe he was saving ‘something for the weekend’ 😉

Pizzas were great – although before the match I told myself not to eat too many slices. However that went out of the window when they arrived!




PS – I was C.O.T.M. for getting the fewest points

PPS – Paul lost to a girl! 😉

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Optical Express DLWE v Hamilton – Away Match Report 25th January 2016

westsquashsitelogo1With 2 players missing (Doug was away & I was down south on business) it was looking like a tough away fixture to Hamilton and that was before another pull out at 11am on the day.

So I texted Colin (Clark) and said we’d need to borrow Joe McD from the 2nd team to which he replied “unacceptable, get your ass back up here!”

It was at that time that I thought “I wonder if I could make it home to play at No.2 and give the team a chance………………… and the 2nd team (and the 3rds!)”. Not that I thought I’d have a chance of winning after a 400 mile drive, but at least the others wouldn’t have to play a position higher – it may make the difference?

So 7.5 hours of non-stop driving later (bloody M6 is exasperating!) I arrived just after 8pm! I’d asked every man and his dog to help me get kit there (shoes especially) but to no avail so it took a falling out with the wife to get my full kit bag over to Hamilton (so thanks to Dawn, who made the difference and is surely the non-playing M.O.T.M. – or should that be W.O.T.M.?).

Craig had played 1st and although was 0-2 down against Kenny Boyle at No.1, he ended up coming back to win the 5th and securing a crucial 3 points. When I arrived Paul (Treon) was also involved in a 5 setter, but unfortunately he went down to a much improved Scott Hay.

I got thumped 3-0 (in a ‘take one for the team’ performance) against Calum Phillips and Colin (Clark) had a great 3-0 win against Peter Shivas at No.5.

So it was all on Finlay (McGhee) against a much improved Chris McGeady. However, it’s also a much improved Finlay as well and with 2 tie breaks he brought the match home 15-13 in the 3rd!

M.O.T.M.? Craig for a wonderful come-back? Fin or Col for great matches. Nope! With a


M.O.T.M. & W.O.T.M. !!

night or two to think about it I’ve come to the conclusion that I was M.O.T.M. for getting thumped 3-0!! And I would also like to be considered for M.O.T.M. of the 2nd team as well! (I’ve now got a thigh strain and a cold! But I’m sure it will be worth it in retrospect!)

Great curry from the Hamilton lads and Calum even remembered I was a veggie so I got a great meal as well!

And a 3-2 win (14 points to 8)

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