DLWE Juniors





Match Day 3 – 30th January 2011 DLWE v DLR (7-12)
1. Sandro Mazzucco v Matthew Norris– 3-2 (18-16 in the 5th!)
2. Declan Coleman v Gavin Chalmers– 1-3
3. Bruce Cavanagh v Lewis Reid – 3-1
4. Ewan MacAndie v Ross Hadden– 0-3
Declan Coleman v Tom Browning– 0-3
Ooooh a 2-2 draw between the David Lloyd teams and so it all went back to countdown! But before all that happened David Lloyd West End were 2-0 up; Sandro Mazzucco had an incredibly tight match against Matthew Norris with a 18-16 victory in the 5th game. Next on was Bruce Cavanagh  and he made it 2-0 to DLWE with a 3-1 victory over Lewis Reid (despite Lewis going 1-0 up). But the fight back was well and truly on as Renfrew’s Ross Hadden pulled a 3-0 victory out of the bag against Ewan MacAndie (a special mention has to go to Ewan at this point as he was 2 years younger than Ross and he played really well – but Ross was just a bit too strong). Last on was Gavyn Chalmers and he managed to square the match against Declan Coleman with a 3-1 victory. and so it went to countback and the all important games that Matthew Norris and Lewis Reid got meant that David Lloyd Renfrew came out on top by the narrowest of margins. Great match though!


Match Day 2 – 23rd January 2011 DLWE v Giffnock (6-13)
1. Sandro Mazzucco v Patrick O’Sullivan – 11-13  13-11  11-9  5-11  11-8 (3-2)
2. Declan Coleman v John-Jo Lonnergan – 6-11  11-5  8-11  11-8  16-14 (3-2)
3. Gregor Burns v Connor Billsland – 2-11  3-11  6-11 (0-3)
4. Bruce Cavanagh v Tom Connelly – 9-11  10-12  8-11 (0-3)
Ben Mazzucco v Stuart Pitt (3-0)
Euan MacAndie v Struan Walker (0-3)
Another tight match. Great 3-2 win for Sandro at No.1 (could he have won 3-1? Who know’s, but Patrick played really well to take this to the 5th). Declan was Man Of The Match with a thrilling 3-2 win at No.2 against a great double hander in John Jo. Gregor tried to get his booming forehand going, but Connor had a bit too much when he got it off the forehand. Bruce played really well at No.4 and was very close to taking a game in his first ever team match, but Tom just pipped him in all 3 games (good exhibitions as well from Ben v Stuart where I though Stuart played really well. And also from the man who needs no sleep Ewan who lost to Struan).
Match Day 1 – 16th January 2011 DLWE – Whitecraigs LT&SC (6-11)
1. Declan Coleman v David Brennan 4-15  10-15  10-15 (0-3)
2. Sandro Mazzucco v Cameron Ritchie 9-15  15-8  15-12  12-15  17-15 (3-2)
3. Ewan MacAndie v Jake Horne 7-15  5-15  15-13  15-11  8-15 (2-3)
4. Eileen Gordon v Fergus Horne  15-9  14-17  11-15  9-15 (1-3)
Whitecraigs Won 3-1
Ben Mazzucco v Alex Ross (3-0)
A great match with two 3-2 results. Tough one for Declan at No.1, but he fought well against a good opponent in David. At No.2 Cameron made a great comeback in the 4th game and almost took it in the 5th, but Sandro just squeezed home by the skin of his teeth – well played Sandro. At No.3 a wonderful come back from Ewan, but Jake was just too strong in the 5th game. At No.4 Eileen started really well, but Fergus fought back hard to take the next 3.



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