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Woman’s World Champ 2014 – for the 8th Time

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And what a final with Nicol winning 3-2 against Harrow’s Raneem El Welily

(including the best 4th game you’ll probably ever see!)

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DLWE v Hamilton 2 – Home (Match Report) 17th December 2014

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westsquashsitelogo1Well the 2 strongest teams of Division 1 clashed tonight, as last against 2nd last met up to prove who could hold-up the whole of Division 1.

You may be fearing the worst for us as this report is late, but don’t be deceived we had a great match up against Hamilton 2 and it could have gone either way, but they made the mistake of not bringing a mascot! (and our Kelvin FP shirts were better than theirs!).

Also the unbelievable happened last Saturday (on the night of the Christmas outing) and Doug beat me in a match (albeit 12-10 in the last game) so he was No.2 tonight (although he was 2 hours late for work on the Sunday – lightweight youngster!).

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DLWE v Newlands 1– Home (Match Report) 10th December 2014

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westsquashsitelogo1Newlands 1 – and the hits just keep on coming. Oh well I’m sure they wouldn’t have their full team out against us! Wrong! Greg Lobban, the PSA World No.63 at No.1 –  Peter O’Harrow (!) at No.2 (2013 Over 40s British Open Champ) – Matt Bedwell at 3 (U19 No.15 in England) – Angus Woodward at 4 (not lost this year!) and up from Carlisle Vicky Bell at No.5

So, a short night then!

At first, no one was very sure who was playing No.1 for Newlands and when Alan Pearson turned up (their Team manager – and Newlands guru!) he said ‘I thought your No.1 would have told you’. Interesting! It’s up to the opposition to tell us what the Newlands line up is! I’m sure that’s not how Chelsea do it!

Mind you it wasn’t all bad news, as the new team shirts arrived this week and thanks to Kelvin Financial Planning (our new Sponsor) we looked very professional in the new team strip (as did the 3rd & 4th team who were playing each other – pictured) IMG_0256

Having said all that we secured the team point on the very first game of the night, as David Craig actually warmed up for once and stormed the 1st game 12-10! But maybe we should have quit while we were up!

Angus started hitting a great length and won 3-1. Great team point though (must have been the return of the team mascot!).

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A.J.Bell – British Grand Prix 2014

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DLWE v Western 1 – Away (Match Report) 4th December 2014

IMG_0201Well that was an interesting one tonight and I’m tempted to write 2 separate reports about our match up against (the newly developing – see pic left) Western away; which I’ve only ever done once before! In truth however the match in question was probably just a bit of a storm in a teacup.

Earlier on today – as I was getting out of the shower – there was a ring on the doorbell. I had no towel on, so I just shouted,

“Who’s there?” and the reply came back,

“It’s the blind man.” So I opened the door and there was this bloke standing in the porch holding a big cardboard box. He looked at me and said,

“So, where do you want these blinds?”……. I wish the wife would tell me when she orders this stuff!

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Mental Rally! Absolute Classic!

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