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DLWE v Cameron House – Home (Match Report) 28h November 2012

November 29, 2012 Leave a comment

David are you OK, are you OK David?

Cameron House came to visit last night and it’s difficult to know who has the better home advantage between our clubs? Us – with the strange glass side wall or them – with their sauna courts.

David (Craig) was on first this evening and he turned up in fancy dress as Michael Jackson (see pic of MJ signature white glove)! He was on against Rolf Harris Hanson at No.3 and after the first rally it seemed like this game could be on for a long time. But looks were deceiving as David (MJ) dominated proceedings and Rolf didgerri-diddn’t get too much of a look in. All the rallies were competitive and often quite long, but David seemed to win most of them. After the first game Rolf said to me that he was knackered and not feeling very fit “Well you picked the wrong opponent tonight then!” I said! As the match wore on Rolf got more into it, but as Rolf couldn’t tie MJ down sport (!) the final result was always going to be a win for MJ….  SHAMONE!

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E.S.C. Open 2013 (BSPA & WSA Event) January 24th-27th

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Dates for the Scotland’s premier squash event The 2013 ECS Open will be January 24th-27th in the New Year.

The BSPA and WSA event normally attracts some of the top names in world squash and some of the best squash to watch anywhere in the country (except my West League matches on Wednesday of course!).

The prize fund for this year will be £10,000 ($16K) and so it’s no wonder that previous winners have included legends of the game like Nick Matthew, John White, Peter Barker, Daryl Selby, Adrian Grant, Simon Parke, Aslan Iskandar etc as well as stars of the Ladies squash tour like Vanessa Atkinson, Vicky Botwright, Madeline Perry, Rachel Grinhan etc.

So book of the dates in your diary now and come to see this wonderful tournament in January (or play the graded side of the tournament – or the BSPA side if you’re feeling lucky!)

2013 ESC Open application form

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DLWE v SSRC 2 – Away (Match Report) 21st November 2012

November 22, 2012 Leave a comment

A massive seven min trip for Captain Cantlay and the team this week all the way to Maryhill to face SSRC 2.

I fought my way through the cross town traffic and was on time this week and just as well as Martin Sullivan greeted me wielding a dust pan & brush in his hands and said “Right we’re on court now, as I have to leave early.” I replied “OK. Are you gonna play me with the dust pan or the brush?”

So on we went at No.1 and it was a tough 1st game. Martin volleyed away my serves and anything else that was high and loose, fortunately I just edged the game 15-13. The next two were much more straightforward, as I didn’t give Martin the same opportunities and won reasonably comfortably 15-7  15-2. Good to See Andrew McSherry supporting the team (especially as he was the only one to applaud my best shot of the night – an inch perfect forehand drive – which even Martin was surprised didn’t get more recognition!).

The courts were nice and warm due to the new heating system and the balcony was roasting. In fact Rich said it was so hot Davie C may have to take off his scarf and duffel coat soon! But it was obviously all part of the infamous DC warm up.

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Harrow Vapor Offer

November 16, 2012 Leave a comment

Harrow Vapor RRP £119.99 – 20% off for the next 2 weeks

Selling at £95.99 (or two for £189.99) – FOC delivery


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DLWE v Townend 2 – Home (Match Report) 14th November 2012

November 16, 2012 1 comment

I arrived (almost) on time this week, however due to an early start Ben had already played! Once again he’d won 3-0 and not only that, but the challenge is also now in against Dave Craig for his team spot – this Monday – high noon! Well 5pm anyway! Ben played well (according to him) and if you look at the results on the web-site Ben seems to have gained an inflated ego, as he’s given himself MOTM every time he puts the scores in! However he was sitting with an ice pack on his leg when I arrived so he must have been pushed around the court a bit.

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DLWE v Glasgow Uni – Away (Match Report) 7th November 2012

November 8, 2012 2 comments

Well we knew that the Uni lads and lasses would be one of the best teams in the Division (as they’d come down from Division 1 last year) and sometimes you’re just gotta take a thrashing! You may think the report is shorter than normal this week coz we got chopped (and that’s true), but also I didn’t see many of the games as we had two courts and to get from one to the other you had to go about 200 yards up and down stairs!

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Racketball Around Scotland @ Edinburgh Sports Club – 10th November

Here are the final results for Match Day 6 of the Saltire Tour at ECS this weekend.

We had a new Champ’s this time with Simon Boughton (ESC) winning the Premier Division Craig Pounder (Dalgety Bay) winning Division 1 and Peter MacKenzie (ESC) the winner of Division 2.

Congratulations to all the winners and runners’s up – and we have now had 85 individual players competing in the RASTA


(to See Pictures click here)

DLWE v Broomhill – Home (Match Report) 31st Oct 2012

Broomhill tonight and although we had two courts to fill, the typical squash situation occurred where we had No. 4, 3 & 2 ready to go and they had 1 & 5!

David (Craig) was first up and because of this I can’t comment on David’s warm-up this week, so I’ll have to assume that he did the full DLWE home warm up, which as we know is wearing a scarf whilst holding a Costa coffee cup (an empty one). Still David is obviously getting used to this, as he won the 1st game tonight 15-4 against Jim Paton at No.4. This was all a bit too much for Big Davie and as he was obviously in shock at winning the 1st, he promptly got chopped in the 2nd! But as ever it was the straight length shot that David needed to tighten up and he did just that to win the next 2 games, although the 4th was a bit too close for comfort at 16-14.

Before the match Captain Cantlay asked Sean to do the scoring, but Sean refused saying he can’t mark. Rich did say that Dave never asks for lets or strokes so you don’t need to mark – you just need to be able to count to 15! But Sean was still having none of it.

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