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DLWE v SSRC 2 – Away (Match Report) 21st November 2012

A massive seven min trip for Captain Cantlay and the team this week all the way to Maryhill to face SSRC 2.

I fought my way through the cross town traffic and was on time this week and just as well as Martin Sullivan greeted me wielding a dust pan & brush in his hands and said “Right we’re on court now, as I have to leave early.” I replied “OK. Are you gonna play me with the dust pan or the brush?”

So on we went at No.1 and it was a tough 1st game. Martin volleyed away my serves and anything else that was high and loose, fortunately I just edged the game 15-13. The next two were much more straightforward, as I didn’t give Martin the same opportunities and won reasonably comfortably 15-7  15-2. Good to See Andrew McSherry supporting the team (especially as he was the only one to applaud my best shot of the night – an inch perfect forehand drive – which even Martin was surprised didn’t get more recognition!).

The courts were nice and warm due to the new heating system and the balcony was roasting. In fact Rich said it was so hot Davie C may have to take off his scarf and duffel coat soon! But it was obviously all part of the infamous DC warm up.

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Next on was our new No.5 John Turner (as Sean couldn’t be bothered to pop back from America to play the match!). JT was up against a good player in Kenny McGill and played some good stuff in the 1st game. Both players looked a bit nervous early on, with some uncharacteristic ‘tins’ from John, but at 10-9 in the 1st it was anyone’s game. Unfortunately Kenny managed to shore things up at this point and went onto win 15-12. The 2nd was much the same at 8-8, but Kenny grew in confidence with some great volleying at this point and won 15-8. And the volleying was the key in the 3rd as well, as Kenny continued to keep control and won the match 3-0. Their MOTM to Kenny for a good performance.

Ben (Mazzucco) went on next at No.4 against Billy Garbett and I marked; it’s great to mark in a normal position above the court on a balcony!

It was a bit of a tin fest in the 1st game for Billy and so Ben ran away with it 15-7, but he tightened up considerably in the 2nd and made Ben fight from 0-4 down all the way through the game; Ben just sneaked it 16-14 but it could have gone either way. The 3rd was tight at 3-3, but not so tight at 14-3! An amazing run of points from Ben secured the game (15-6 in the end) and the match 3-0.

Dave (Craig) and Rich (Cantlay) both went on at the same time so I was flittin between both courts to see their progress. Dave was playing Chris Farrell at No.3 and he was way off the pace in the 1st. Chris was melting the ball an inch above the tin and boasting into the nic for fun (Davie did well to get to 11-15 in the 1st). Big Davie needed to keep the ball off Chris’s volley and run down as many of his booming shots as possible. Every time I watched Dave he seemed to lose a run of points so I stopped watching him and what a turnaround! He won the 2nd 15-13, the 3rd 15-8 and the 4th 17-15 to take a very impressive 3-1 win from a very good player.

Meanwhile Captain Cantlay was 1-0 up against Dave McCormick and looked in control of the 1st game. But a great come back from Dave to take the next two games. During this break I said to Rich “Which side do you think he’s stronger on?” Rich replied “I hadn’t really given it much though. Is it his forehand?” I agreed “Yup. But which side is his forehand?” There was a moments silence and then Rich exclaimed “**** me! Don’t tell me he’s left handed!” Well this revelation was a miracle and Rich started serving and playing much more to Dave’s backhand! Bish-bosh he won the next 2 games and the match in a very close 15-13 in the 5th!

So with both Dave and Rich in trouble at one point, a potential 3-2 loss became a 4-1 win! Ya dancer!

Chilli for supper and no veggie option for me (frowney face). During dinner Ben and I had to convince the SSRC lads that Richard definitely wasn’t MOTM as he couldn’t spot a left hander in 3 games! We got the ludicrous decision overturned and Dave C, rightfully, got the accolade in the end!! Classic! (although if Ben was putting the scores in I think you’ll find he’d have won it!).

The SSRC 4th team arrived back victorious from Strathclyde Uni. However they were also ravenous and complaining that our 4th team had nicked all the food at the venue – I bet it was David Mazzucco who scoffed all the grub! Like father like son!

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