Match Reports DLWE 2010/11

  1. October 21, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    29th September 2010 – 1st Team
    Anyway – 1st team off to a good solid start to the season up at Cameron House.

    Lee Gunn (1) went down 3-0 to Jim Marsland. The pair of them were spanking it so hard that they never really got out of the back corner! Then they spun for serve and the match started. Has to be the bounciest ball I’ve ever seen. Lee put in a good shift here – but the courts and an extremely slippery character meant it wasn’t to be. I suspect Lee could snatch it on home courts.

    Richard Cantlay (2) had been suffering from a tummy upset and a slight snivel all day – but had a good bowl of chicken soup at lunchtime that spurred him on and cured him of his ailments. Still played like a bit of a turkey – but again on an extremely hot, humid court dug in well to pull thru 3-1 against Alan Barbour.

    Jason Grinton (3) thumped Gus McQuaig 3-0. Apparently Jason whipped Gus so convincingly that he stormed off the court and vowed never to play again. Didnt see the game – but great result.

    David Craig (4) hadn’t played for a couple of months, but won 3-0 against Andy McGroarty. Again good steady result that can only be a good foundation for the rest of the season.

    Me (5) hadn’t really played since March, but stuck at it and won 3-1 against Rolf Hansen. He’d obviously been practising volleys all summer and this caught me out – but moved up a gear in the 4th to seal the deal.

    Team score was 15-5 win to the Mighty DLWE.

    Nite nite.

    Andrew McS

  2. October 21, 2010 at 1:24 pm

    29th September 2010 – 2nd Team
    1. Dave Ritchie lost 3:0, saw hee haw as I was watching the gers go top of the Champions league with Man U.
    2. I lost 3:0 in about 7 minutes!!!
    3. Doug Mac won 3:0, was our only winner and also got man of the match.
    4. Paul Hannah lost 3:0.
    5. Doug Cardiff lost 3:1

    We lost 15-4. Not our finest night but I reckon Giffnock will probably be up there for promotion come the end of the fray.

    Kind Regards,


  3. October 21, 2010 at 1:25 pm

    29th September 2010 – 3rd Team
    With such a depleted squad (good job no games for 4ths and 5ths) you’ll be thinking no wonder the match report has come in so early against the mighty Western. However Western were also short of players tonight…

    David Wilson @ No 4 v Mattias Tesson.
    David played early as he was off to Blue Nose heaven. Some may remember Frenchman Mattias as a key tennis player at our club last year. Anyway David won 3-0 before anyone had turned up; I think they marked as they went along. All games to a respectable 11 or 12 pointos.

    Kevin Reilly @ No 5 v Alex Dickon (?)
    A tussle in typical Kevin style> took first game to warm those old fisherman’s limbs up, before taking control with precise serves (esp to backhand), and tickle boasts interspersed with drives all executed at the right time. If Alex had asked for some lets / strokes it would have been closer. Kevin won 3-1 (and you could tell he’s glad the season has started – he loves quash!.

    Mark Smith @ No 3 v Danny Norris
    A classic Wednesday performance from the Essex gladiator which went all the way. He got to shots that I thought were long dead, and often converted these. Ended up pulling through 3-2 in very close sportingly played out contest. You can tell Smithy just luuvves his squash – he’s mad for it.

    Alastair Mackenzie @ No 2 v Paul Rideout
    This game didn’t sound quite so harmonious, with some fractious moments, very well controlled by Kevin the coarse fisherman. After losing the first game Al (who was wearing golf shoes with the spikes taken out) raised his game to come through 3-1. He loves his squash. Could this be his season?

    Garry Dickson @ No 1 v Orkney man Derek Manson
    Garry loves competitive Wednesday night squash. Raring to go after Summer migration to outdoor tennis courts; hamstring no longer hamstrung. Garry won 3-0 against a decent player, again sportingly conducted. Garry’s drops and general game style were just too much.

    So that all adds up to an unexpected 18 – 4 victory – precious points that could count for much come March. Many of these ties could be repeated if our 4th team comes up against their 6th team.

    All the best – Colonelle

  4. October 21, 2010 at 1:40 pm

    Wednesday 6th October – 1st Team
    Rather disappointing felching was dispensed to DLWE this evening – went down 18-3

    Lee (1) went down 3-1 to Callum. Lee played some steady stuff. Introduced some intentional variety to his game that made a difference. Callum is quite a young chap with some quite tenacious drops/angles etc at the front. He (Callum) melted the ball around the court. Good platform to move on from Lee.

    Me (2) Went down 3-2 to Colin Towers. Went down 2-0, then changed the pace considerably – and it worked. Rather worringly – I was 12-0 up in the 4th, and Colin got it back to 14-12 match ball – I clawed back and wont it 17-16. Well and truly nackered in the last game – I’d nothing left to give.

    David (3) lost to Dave MacAleese. Dave is an experienced campaigner and been on the circuit for some 25 years – he knows a thing or two. He lured DC into playing his game. Some moments of brilliance from DC.

    David Ritchie (4) lost 3-0 to John Foley. Another experience campaigner as well as an ex county badminton player – JF was just too much for David. DR needs to remember to use all of the court width to gerrit past guys like John.

    John Turner (5) hadn’t really played since March, but played well against a really awkward player. Never really settled into a rhythm – more match practice will see him back to strength here.

    Based on RC’s threat motivational speech last week – we’re all in deep doo doo.

    Btw – I just wanted to share with you all how much I *love* playing team squash. Me playing with myself (!) I’m not that fond of – but put me in a team and ask me to play I will give it 100% commitment all of the time to do well for the team.

    Nite nite.


  5. October 21, 2010 at 1:44 pm

    Wednesday 6th October – 2nd Team
    v Strathclyde Uni first team (90% ex Bannatyne)

    When I saw their line up and our much depleted squad I feared the worst….that said we came away with a highly credible 9 points.

    At 5 Gary Dixon ground out a fine 3:1 win in his usual flamboyant style

    At 4 Al Mckenzie fought like a dog and churned out an excellent 3:2 win.

    At 3 Paul Hannah played really well against a classy player but his cold caught up with him and he faded at the end to lose 1:3.

    At 2 Me, lost 2:3, titanic struggle, would have won given a bigger set of lungs.

    At 1 Doug Mac v Joe McDonald, good test for the boy against a very good player, held in well and got plenty points but Joe just too good.

    Kind Regards,


  6. October 21, 2010 at 1:46 pm

    Wednesday 6th October – 3rd Team
    Always a late one 3 matches on 3 courts; none of the visiting teams responded to an early start. Last orders at 10.30 means that it really is a rush for the final players on court. They weren’t shy about bringing our bills across at 10.29 when some of us were just starting to eat. It would make sense for there to be some flexibility to 11.00 on Winter Wednesdays for the squash.

    No 5. Me versus young Gregor Braidwood – his Dad was playing also. Gregor a Bohemian Glasgow Uni student – Earth Scientist (?). Imagine the dialogue : Fancy a game of squash tonight Son? Have nay played for 2 years Dad. Son, we really need you tonight; we’re very short on players. I won 3-0, game over early a relief as elbow sore – introduced a couple of handy double handed backhands to reduce pain – you might see more of these.

    No 4. Wait for it. …. Alastair Baird versus Bill Hunter. When Bairdhound realised he was up against old adversary Bill Hunter there was a mixture of Agitation, Anxiety, Excitement – never seen him quite like it. Alastair won 3-0 but in a hurry to finish things off, he made a few errors in the 3rd game before pulling through 15-12. I was determined to be robust, so much so that Alastair conceded a couple of points when I was otherwise standing firm.

    After the game Bill made some critical observations about various of my decisions. I responded that I thought I did quite well. Bill rejoined that he watches Masterchef and sees people on thinking they can cook well, when in fact they can’t. Very English, he describes them (??). I was tempted to say “Life’s too short, there’s people dying of starvation in Africa”, but feared that that might precipitate a short sharp sequence of events that could result in a squash ban.

    No 3. Derek Braidwood v Brian Stuart (migrated from Drymen, fitness instructor upstairs). Brian played well, momentary lapses, pulled through 3-1.

    No 2 Mark Smith v Peter Bain. Smithy also won 3-1 in typical Smithiesque game. After losing the first some stern talking from Kenny Lumsden seemed to turn things round.

    No 1. Nic Coleman v Andy Simpson. Another 3-1 victory. Nic hardly ever hit the ball to the front section of the court.

    So that adds up to an 18-3 victory.

    Nite Nite.


  7. October 21, 2010 at 1:51 pm

    Wednesday October 6th – 4th Team

    1. Kevin Reilly v Findlay McGhee 3/15,12/15,15/14,4/15

    2. David Wilson v Matthew Baird 15/13,7/15,7/15,12/15

    3. John Scott v Alan Bloomer 10/15,3/15,10/15

    4. Craig Parris v Stuart Mackenzie 15/13,15/8,16/17,15/12

    5. Calum Mitchell v Fraser Ley 17/14,15/13,6/15,10/15,7/15

    Kevin was up against Findlay (son of Des McGhee) who is in his early twenties, fit, fast, good technique etc. As a result Kevin was really up against it especially with his bad back and knee and did really well to take a game. Needs to get into the match quicker somehow.

    My opponent was similar but probably not as technically proficient as their no 1. Despite attending Jason`s fitness classes over the summer, I soon ran out of steam on a warm court with a bouncy ball. Should have won the fourth game. Needs more practice although still needing to get back to how things were before back injury somehow.

    John was playing his first team match for DLWE and although beaten three love, showed some promise. Needs more practice.

    Craig played well and won man of the match. Let the third game slip but was generally in control.

    Calum like John was playing his first match. Looked fairly comfortable at two love up. Both players could have claimed numerous lets / strokes but just played on. Calum`s opponent proved fitter in the end on a warm court and won 3-2 and man of the match for his comeback.

    So a 7- 16 loss in the first match of the season but hopefully things will be better against Largs this week.

    David W

  8. October 28, 2010 at 12:04 pm

    Wednesday 20th October
    Only just beat SSRC II by 4 points with final score 13-9

    At 5, John Turner had bravely stepped up, but was beaten convingly 3 zip by “The Laninator” (apparently – name not score). Was a big ask for John and appreciated his effort and for stepping up.

    At 4, I thought someone had put a David Craig lookalike on the court in the 1st game. It got better each game and by the 4th he had raised his game. However, due to his fitness, his opponents lack of it and his opponents desire to hit the ball out or down he got a good 3-1 win. Knows himself he needs court time to get back in the zone. Did say he was tired, which may have contributed.

    At 3, Jason G got beat by Kenny McGill. Not sure how he managed a 3 1 loss (however sometimes it just doesnt happen). However was just off a plane from Ireland which never helps and showed good committment. Perhaps I am understating how good Kenny is but I am sure Jason could do better in a rematch.

    At 2, I was so pi**ed off by the time I went on that I just went for a quick on, 3 zip win and back off again. No time for messing about. Although that should be the attitude of the whole team on a Wednesday. I think there should be a new award for quickest win of the night.

    At 1, while Martin was a very good player in the past, I would say Lee is much better than him now. If Lee played the way he does when he plays me in bounce games, he might have managed to win the “quick zip” of the night award. However, managed to drag it out and only really got anywhere close to his real potential in the last 6 points of the 5th to win 3-2. Therefore, did excellent to win when the pressure was on.

    I think if we are going to challenge in this league we will need to improve and become more clinical in winning games however it is still early. We do need to “kick on” from this match (I have heard a lot of football managers/players use this term but still no idea what it means but hopefully you all do) so hopefully next week it will look like we benefited from our time in Division 1 last year (there was no evidence of that last night).



  9. October 28, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Wednesday 20th October – 2nd Team
    Strange match tonight at home to Craighelen, an even tussle which on another night we would/should have won. The two young bucks played as well as they needed to and won at 4 and 5. The three old timers had a poor night at the office and all lost but at least Paul Hannah won a couple of games.

    1. Dave Ritchie lost 0:3, nearly got the third.
    2. R Mac lost 0:3, would like to say I was put off by my opponents very tight and high visibility shorts but that would be a lie, he was good and I was lousy.
    3. Paul H lost 2:3, good couple of points but annoyed not to have won.
    4. Ben Mazz wins 3:1, seemed fairly comfortable and got a nasty racket to the head for his troubles.
    5. Doug Mac wins 3:0, again looked fairly comfortable but had to knuckle down to win the 3rd.
    Final score 8:13

    Kind Regards

  10. October 28, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    Wednesday 20th October – 3rd Team1. D Cardiff v Paul Paton – A long and furious tussle which started at 6.15ish, with a rattled marker who was getting plenty from the players especially our Haulage Man. Where did he learn this chat? Douglas ended up losing 3-2 in a very close final game. He played well but far too many volley boasts from mid court petered out short of their front wall target.

    2. N Coleman v Roddy Grindlay – Nic gets man of the season for commitment. He came down from Fort William especially. We let him on early, so he could get back up the road. He got his money’s worth as it, too, went to 5 sets (or was it 4?). Interesting contrast between Nic’s fast driving game and Roddy’s lobs. A game of momentum switches, but Nic had the edge and finished off strongly against a tiring Mr Grindlay. 3-2 or 3-1? Well marked by the Colonel.

    5. G Sanders v Mark? – Mark was persuaded up from Kilbirnie (or was it Kilwinning?) to help out a team short on numbers. Comfortable 3-0 victory, which was handy, as I felt back would go any moment (tweaked it a bit dispatching John Scott yesterday).

    3. A Mackenzie v Michael Patrick – Al had a good game against Michael Patrick, some long rallies, Alastair moving well, and playing well barring some lapses in concentration. His cross court drops from back right of court were highly effective, and somewhat irritating for his opponent. Won 3-1 I think.

    4 Mark Smith v Nick ? – Mark was counting up the points after every game “that’s 4 points so far!” etc. He seemed a little disappointed that Douglas lost 3-2 as it meant the team would no longer go through the season whitewashing every week to maximum points. He also seemed a little sad that he wasn’t in the decider “holing the winning putt” as Alastair secured the victory in the previous game. A comfortable 3-0 victory against Nick who hadn’t played for a while due to challenges of a young family.

    So that’s a 17-6 victory, I think.

    Nite Nite.

  11. October 28, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    Wednesday 20th October – 4th Team
    The second match of the season for 4th team and I`m afraid its another heavy defeat – 18-2 this time.

    Al Baird lost 3-0 at one to Colin Dalziel. Did not see much of the match but the score suggests AB never really got into it. Having to drive through the dark and heavy rain on an extended route to Largs due to the road being closed at Lochwinnoch probably did to help.

    At two Kevin was playing the veteran Frank Davidson. Kevin looked rusty and is still having problems with his knee. A similar match to the no. 1 and Kevin did not really get into it.

    At three I could and should have beaten Graham Bamford but ended up losing to him 17-16 in the fifth. A real case of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. The fact that I lasted five games and reached some drops and played winning crosscourt drops off them is testimony to Jasons pre-season training sessions. However made too many mistakes and need to stop having rests after winning a game. In the fifth even their marker was trying to help me by giving me two strokes but I then served out and played a fresh air shot when it seemed easier to play a winner. At 16 all in the fifth with the match coming down to the final rally, my opponent hit a hard tight serve close to the wall so I responded with a heavily sliced mishit which flew towards the front wall. If the ball landed anywhere on the front wall I won but unfortunately it just clipped the very top of the tin. Exciting match for the gallery but really must do better than this.

    At four Calum ran about well and played some nice shots but he has not been playing very long and was up against David Armstrong who has been around the block of few times. Calum can only get better but lost 3-0 on this occasion.

    At five John Scott lost 3-0 to Jim McGonigle. Did not see any of this match as I was sweating heavily on the other court at the time, but again unfortunately the score suggests that John was not in the match apart from the third game which he lost 15-12. Like Calum he will get better with some more matches.

    So far played two games and lost them both comfortably. We missed our only winner so far Craig Paris, who was at the football last night. Too early to talk of relegation but if we don’t improve this is what will happen.

    David W

  12. November 4, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Wednesday 27th October – 1st Team
    Another poor night for the 1st team in terms of result, but some good performances and effort.

    Lost 17-9 to Whitecraigs LT&SC:

    Dave Ritchie at 5 was star of the show with a 3-2 win over Norrie Lindsay. Every game was tight throughout and at least a couple went to the last point. Dave gave his all and effort was immense. Well deserved vistory and very exciting game to watch. After the excitement of watching this tonight the X Factor results show this Sunday will be as boring as watching an episode of Miss Marple .

    David Craig at 4 played pretty decent against a young dude (Sandy Barr I think) but got beat 3-2. Unlucky in 5th and too many mistakes. With a few drops would have probably won. Big improvement from last week.

    Lee at No.1 did well against John Howie, but got pipped at the post 3-2. John played excellent game and probably derserved the victory, but good stuff from Lee.

    Jason at 3 got beat 3-1 by someone (not Sean) – didn’t see game so can’t comment (Rich – the player was Niall Gordon (yes a relation of Flash) and he tells me that he was “****ing outstanding!)

    I was pathetic and got beat at 2 by Matt (3-1). In my partial defence have picked up throat/chest bug which resulted in me feeling like I had played 5 games after 3 rallies and after that I couldn’t get into it, however no excuse for the fact that I have no ability to move forward and try to play a different more attacking style of play. Starting to wish I never played squash and more and more it is looking like it.

    So generally p*sh score and if we don’t turn this round soon it will be mid table in division 2 for us – at best.


    Night night

  13. November 4, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Wednesday 27th October – 2nd Team
    13:10 defeat away to Hamilton, not a disaster.

    Moving the young bucks up to 2 and 3 had the desired effect, as we thought, they needed better opposition.

    In theory should have made life much easier for Paul and I at 4 and 5….this bit of the plan back fired, we are both blaming lack of fitness on extremely warm courts.

    1. John Turner lost 0:3 (good effort deserved at least a game)
    2. Ben Mazz wins 3:1 (excellent win at highest ever team placing)
    3. Doug Mac wins 3:0 (excellent win against old campaigner Tom ????)
    4. Paul H lost 2:3 (hot courts took their toll, should have won)
    5. Rob Mac lost 2:3 (hot courts took their toll, should have won)

    Kind Regards


  14. November 4, 2010 at 12:18 pm

    Wednesday 27th October – 3rd Team
    Whilst I was on adjoining courts leading 4ths into battle against a quintet of youngsters, the 3rds were in glorious action next door.

    No 2 Douglas Cardiff won 3-0 v Gordon McClure. Really felt like he started playing in 3rd game when he watched opponent hit the ball.

    No 3 Meanwhile Nic Coleman played Alan Mullins McClure, who was expecting to play at No 5). Comfortable 3-0 victory.

    No 4 Alastair Mackenzie continued the run of form by beating Dick McClure 3-0.

    No 1 Garry Dickson had a classic battle of contrasts against Fred Laing McClure. Fred’s serves came down with snow on them, and whilst Garry’s serves were hard and low he threw the ball up so high that there was a bit of frost by the time it returned to the racquet. Garry pulled through 3-2 with some Garry-esque squash.

    No 5 Mark had a close game against Ross McClure and came through 3-1. Game improved when he tightenened things up.

    So a handy 18–3 victory, continuing a fine start to the season.


  15. November 4, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Wednesday 27th October – 4th Team
    Another Wednesday and another heavy defeat for 4th Team, 18–2 this time. Glasgow Uni were similar to Strathclyde in that they had a group of young fit students who especially at nos 1-3 played good squash and were just too good for our players. Ben and Doug would have a close game with these first three guys below but unfortunately on warm courts most of the players in our 2nd team downwards would struggle to beat them. Results were as follows.

    1. Graham Sanders v Uday Dass 10/15, 8/15, 7/15

    2. Al Baird v Charlie Hibbert 5/15, 10/15, 10/15

    3. Dave Wilson v Oliver Blakemore 8/15, 6/15, 13/15

    4. Craig Paris v Phil Emerson 15/9, 11/15, 10/15, 7/15

    5. John Scott v Ali Thom 13/15, 17/16, 11/15, 10/15

    Uday was too good for Graham at no 1.

    Similar for Alistair at 2. Some of Charlie`s retrieving was excellent. You always know things will be extremely difficult when your opponent gets to what you think was a winner and plays a winning shot off it.

    Similar story at 3. I finally got going in the third game and got to 13 all but couldn’t snatch a game. Overall an easy win for Oliver. Didn’t feel comfortable in the knock up and knew it was going to be a difficult match before it even started.

    Craig had a chance at 4 but started having problems with his knee and Phil won comfortably in the end. Good that Craig is spending plenty of quality time with his wife and baby daughter but lack of squash practice is showing.

    Similar type of close game at 5. John is gradually getting better. Could have won the first game as well.

    So three wins and three heavy defeats so far. Difficult to say if our first three games have been against the best teams in our division. We are firmly at the bottom of Div. 6 and a drop to Div. 7 is certain if we don’t improve.



  16. November 4, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Wednesday 27th October – 5th Team
    5th Team v Allander 2

    1. Callum lost 3-2 ( I think) played well in patches but lack of experience let him down

    2. Zahir lost 3-2 – did not see match

    3. Andrew lost 3-2 – played well but run out of steam in the 5th

    4. Donald Lost 3-1 – did not see match

    5. David won 3-2 against old Hamish and managed to grind out a win 15-13 in the 5 after tweaking my calf at 12-8 up and hobbled off court at 10.45!

    Hamish was asking after one of our members “Fat Kevin” he called him; who could that be I wonder? If I see said “Fat Kevin” he has to be told he owes Hamish a pint!

    Anyway a close match which we could have won.


    David Maz

  17. November 11, 2010 at 12:06 pm

    Wednesday 3rd November 2010 – 2nd Team
    Another narrow defeat at home to Ayr.

    1. Dave Ritchie lost 1:3, played well but is getting frustrated at playing too high up the order, a few less call offs in the first team would help (my words not his).

    2. Ben Mazz lost 0:3, I was marking on the other court so didnt see much but chat seems to be that he should have won 3:0, just one of those nights.

    3. Doug Mac wins 3:0, played very well and clearly angry from losing to a girl at the tournament in Bridge of Allan at the weekend.

    4. Me, wins 3:1, bit flattering as Dougie King confessed to now being half blind and in some pain with his knee.

    5. Doug Cardiff lost 2:3, match of the night, Doug goes 2 up and runs out of puff in the fourth, great effort.


  18. November 11, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    Wednesday 3rd November 2010 – 4th Team
    Well 4th team had their first win of the season last night against Newlands 7 away – 13-9, but it could have been better.
    1. Mark Smith beat Bernard Dunn 15/12, 11/15, 8/15, 17/15, 15/7
    2. Graham Sanders beat Frank Logie 15/10, 17/14, 15/10
    3. Alistair Baird lost to Linda Duncan 14/17, 6/15, 13/15
    4. Dave Wilson beat Kerry Nicoll 15/12, 17/15,12/15, 15/13
    5. Craig Paris lost to Martin Dunn 13/15, 5/15, 15/10, 10/15
    Newlands had four home matches on last night so we played one at a time and as a result it was a long night.
    The colonel was on first as he had to leave by 8 to attend a poker tournament. He had a fairly comfortable win against Frank who didn’t look anything special and we all thought this could be a 5 love win if this is the standard of their number 2. However as you can see below things were a lot more difficult.
    Next on was Craig who didn’t want to hang about when he could be back home changing nappies. He still looks a bit rusty from lack of practice but made a good effort. A 3-1 loss was a fair result.
    Next on was me at four. Kerry is in her early twenties and a good woman player. It quickly became apparent that this was going to be a difficult match and I quickly went 8-1 and then 12-6 down but somehow managed to win the first game. The other three games were all close but a combination of some accurate hard serves and Kerry`s mistakes resulted in a 3-1 win. The winning shot was a hard crosscourt drive from the back of the court about two inches above the tin and I remember thinking where the heck did that come from but I`ll take it anyway.
    Then Alistair was on at 3 against Linda – 16 years old and weighing about 6 stone. Two of the games were close and Alistair was unlucky to lose 3-0. Linda moved about well, had some nice shots at the front and Alistair`s game seemed to suit her. She didn’t show any signs of tiring and always looked comfortable. However I felt and injection of pace was what was required. You could argue Al was too much of a gentleman – at one point we seemed to be questioning whether he was really entitled to a stroke. I remember a game in the late 1970`s when I played for Bellahouston in Division 3. One of our players a policeman Eddie Heggarty was playing a good woman player, but she threw in the towel after Eddie had hit her twice with the ball and barged into her a few times. Her game went to pieces as she was constantly looking round wondering what was coming next. That’s perhaps going a bit far, but you can`t afford to let good women players into a comfortable rhythm. Anyway Linda was awarded motm.
    So Mark was then on for the deciding game. Both players were similar styles with no real winning shots. Mark looked out of it in the fourth game until he suddenly started asking for for lets and the marker awarded hime about four strokes for his opponent getting in the way or playing shots too close to himself. In the final game Mark had more energy and that was the deciding factor. A great win in the end. Mark got motm for his great effort in the deciding game.
    So a 13-9 win but we will still be bottom of the league. This was the strongest team we have managed so far and we only just beat one of the average teams in our division. Things don’t look good especially if the first team keep losing players. Newlands food was pizza and chips which was fine.
    David W

  19. November 18, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Wednesday 10th November – 1st Team
    Good win tonight (15-9) at home against Broomhill who were one place above us in league before tonight.

    In order of play:
    At 2, I just managed to beat a guy (Davie?? Bald head) who gets more than his moneys worth out of his frame, either that or the global recession making him try to make savings on restringing by not using them much. He was very fit and after an hour I managed to win 3-2 after being down 2-0. Was relief more than happiness and as Lee said at dinner, I was pi*h in the first two games. Playing tonight was closest I have been to quitting sport and taking up drinking properly.

    Meanwhile, on the showcourt, Jason at 4 was in a battle with his guy, despite carrying injury. Also went to 5th game and from what I saw it was good game from both and very close. Jason managed to pull through in the 5th to get a great win. And he enjoyed it. Lucky b*****d.

    Next up at 5 Steve Elms (the only man ever to put curry and salad on the same plate) was playing Alastair, who is actually very good player. Two seasons ago Davie Craig only just beat him 3-2. Steve was in each game and playing good tight shots but around 10 all in each struggled a bit and lost 3-0. Did much better than this score suggests and should be quite happy with his efforts. I was marking, but it turned out to simply be a ‘keep score’ role as no-one asked for a ‘let’ in the whole match and the only point of contention was when the ball was clearly down by Steve yet both players argued it was up. Weird!

    Due to lack of opponents, Davie Craig and Lee then decided to play a match while I enjoyed a pint. Happy Days. Not sure of the score and didn’t give a s***

    I was just nearing the end of my pint when the double doors burst open and there he was, the man himself, captain chaos (looking more and more like a bald Archie McPherson every day). AMCS was his usual courteous self as he greeted most people with an ‘alright b**bag?’.

    Eventually their number 3 turned up and so on went Davie against Paul King. Very good match with varying levels of skill at different points. However after being 2 up and then being pegged back to 2-2, DC powered through with a 3-2 win. Great score and well played. Highlight of the match was when at 10-10 in the 3rd he served from the left directly into the tin. The laughing had just died down when in the next rally he hit a return against the back wall and straight onto his forehead. Anyway, great performance from the big man as that match sealed the victory.

    Last on was Lee at 1 who after listening to the rocky theme tune for the 20 mins before going on court, looked like a man on a mission. Went on and pretty much destroyed his opponent. The guy was clearly a good player and put up good fight, but fortunately the real Lee was out. Great performance and no messing about. Thoroughly deserved his pint of Stella.

    So the game ended 15-9 at 10pm – 4 hours after we started with 2 matches on court!

    The rackets manager had arranged bar to be open till 10.30 which worked perfectly. By that time most of the players were going home. And while I don’t normally cover food, need to give is special mention as thought it was very good. Chicken curry and rice (with side salad for the GPs) – plenty and still warm when the 1st team ate despite it being out before for the other teams.

    And so the night ended, with captain chaos leaving with a general goodbye aimed at everyone of ‘see u later b**bags’…………

    Night night

  20. November 18, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Wednesday 10th Nov – 2nd Team
    My boys headed to darkest Ayrshire tonight to play Townend and our efforts were rewarded with a fine 14:9 victory (our first of the season) despite Paul H pulling up in the first few rallies with a groin strain, Paul will now lie low for the next two weeks.

    1. Dave Ritchie loses 2:3 in a titanic battle, played really well and thoroughly deserved the MOTM award.

    2. Doug Mac wins 3:1 against Brian Terras their normal No 1, they all dropped down a place this week because some guy called Stuart Crawford made a guest appearance in their first team!!! Best we have seen Doug play, terrific win.

    3. Ben Mazz wins 3:1 against the hard hitter Bill ???? I marked this one and couldn’t resist the Bill and Ben chat and how I wished I had brought a little weed….Ben worked his socks off and ground his man down in fine style….the boys are coming on a treat.

    4. I win 3:1 against John Crawford father of Stuart Crawford and equally as talented, not the most dazzling match but I’ll take it.

    5. Paul H loses 0:3, pulled up in the first game injured, great pity as I’m sure he would have won.

    Well done chaps…home game next week.

    Kind Regards


  21. November 18, 2010 at 12:44 pm

    Wednesday 10th November – 3rd Team
    Just a quick mail to let you the know the results from the third team game as Mr Sanders was playing for the 4th team tonight:

    Douglas was at number one and was on first, I didn’t see much of his game but his opponent looked pretty handy: Douglas lost 3:1

    I was on next at number 5 and I was playing Alison (I think that was her name), she made to many unforced errors and didn’t really want to engage in a rally, this suited me and I won 3:0

    Nic was on at number 4, this wasn’t really much of a test for Mr Coleman as their guy didn’t move as well as Nic, so he easily won 3:0

    Gary was on at number 3 producing his usually high octane, hard hitting game and won 3:0, never in doubt.

    John Turner was at number 2 and had the match of the night, John grabbed the first two games but they were very close, the next two games went even closer both hitting 14-14 and both decided by his gambling opponent choosing one point to decide the game, the jammy b&*&*&* won both games to go 2-2. John then turned the screws in the 5th and ran out an easy winner to win his match 3:2

    So another good win for the 3rd team, unbeaten this year and only a mere 3 points dropped for the season so far.



  22. November 18, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Wednesday 10th November – 4th Team
    We were at Home to Whitecraigs LTC 4 who are 3rd top of Division 6 and 8 places above us.

    First up was Dave Mazzucco at five against Richard Ralph. Dave looked a bit rusty in a series of close games against an opponent who had a limited range of shots. However fitness told in the end with Dave eventually winning 15–9 in the fifth. 13/15, 15/11, 15/12, 8/15, 15/9.

    Halfway through this match, two other Whitecraigs players arrived and
    announced that they could only manage three players for the match. This is against the west league rules as they had a fifth team playing last night and they should have diverted two players from the fifth team to make up the shortfall in their fourth team. However perhaps not easy to do if the call offs were at the last minute. As a result we got walkovers at 3 and 4 and also 5 because their number 5 should have played at 3.

    Next up was the Colonel at 2, who unlike last week, was not trying to slope off early for a game of poker. He was playing Robert Brodie who has not been playing in team matches for long. Some of the games were reasonably close, but in the end it was a fairly easy win for the Colonel. 15/8, 15/12, 15/10.

    Final match was Mark Smith at 1 against David Claxton. Close game but Mark slowly wore his opponent down and had a comfortable 3-1 win. Mark like the Colonel could do with developing some winning shots but difficult to fault someone who has played six matches and won them all so far.

    Al Baird and I had a close five setter to get a bit of exercise at the end
    which he won 3-2!

    So a 18-1 win against a team eight places above us in the league. Next week we are away to DL Renfrew 3 who have been going well so far this season. If we get a team similar to the last two weeks out next week, we have a good chance of winning. If there are call offs from the teams above, we will lose, its as simple as that.


    David W

  23. November 18, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    Wednesday 10th November – 5th Team
    I was drafted into the 4th team, but I managed to keep an eye on the 5th team so:

    1. John Scott v Katy Hodgson – 3-1 win. John was slow off the mark losing the first game 15-9 but soon got his act together and won the next 3 quite comfortably.

    2. Simon Pollock – 3-0 win never in any danger and did not let playing a girl put him off!

    3. Zahir v Lorna conroy – 3-0 win. Solid performance no girl was going to put Zahir off his game

    4. Andrew v Robin Smith – 3-0 win. Excellent win for Andrew although I think he was disappointed not to be playing a girl!

    5. Dr Bob v Calum Renz – 3-0 win. First game was tight but after that Bob was cruising and got MOTM

    The strongest line up for the 5th team all season, pity we were playing the bottom team.

    David M

  24. November 25, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Wednesday 17th November – 1st Team
    We got good win tonight against Western 15-7.

    In order of play:
    Steve (5) got beat 3-0 by some reasonably young guy (my age maybe!) whose name I didn’t catch. Didn’t really see any of game so can’t really comment.

    I (2) beat someone 3-1 whose name I never caught. Second week in a row playing an unorthodox guy.

    Jason ground out good solid 3-0 win against someone whose name I didn’t catch. After a very close first game Json then went on to look very solid – the guy played a lot of tight drops and Json responded well.. Probably best he’s played all season (understandable given injury issues!).

    Davie C got a good 3-1 win against a guy whose name I didn’t catch (talked a lot about pizza and beer). Similar playing styles but Davie’s fitness and shotmaking got him quite a straightforward 3-1 win in the end.

    Lee got an excellent 3-2 win against a guy whose name I didn’t catch (questioned a lot of very good marking decisions, which baffled everyone who was watching – their number 5 was marking). Their guy was good player and each game was tight, but Lee played well after a few points of weakness to get very good 3-2 win.

    So all in all, decent to good performance by everyone and got to be happy with 15 points (if only we could get that every week).

    COTW – Andrew McSherry – just a default decision really cause no one else did anything deserving of the award.

    Night night

  25. November 25, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Wednesday 17th November – 2nd Team
    Back to back wins for the second team despite a depleted squad….we’re off!

    Beat Strathgryffe 13:9, no game next week so a chance to re-group and get fully fit.

    5. Gary Dickson v Peter Russell, Gary wins 3:2 in a monumental struggle with his opponent getting the MOTM award. I marked this one and have never awarded so many lets in my life, it was like watching two pished octopodes trying to mate…or fight..who knows….either way well done Gary.

    4. Paul Hannah v Alan Marshall. Paul does a remarkable job while carrying an injury and etches out a fine 3:1 victory.

    3. Douglas Cardiff v Morgan Maguire. This was always going to be a tuff one, Morgan is a fine player and Douglas used to be quite good!! DC takes the first and lost the next and the 3rd was vital, Morgan takes it 17:16 but this one had taken its toll on Doug, on another day would have one this game and I suspect the match, lost 1:3, good effort and an important point.

    2. Rob Mac v Mike Gallagher. My squash is utter s***e, this must have been horrible to witness, no fitness and no idea. Mike is a decent player and a charming chap, but before I took on duties at the golf club 3 years ago I have would have given him a much better game. I am in the process of getting a grip! Lost 0:3.

    1. Doug Mac v Simon Christian, pivotal match with us sitting at 2:2 and the young buck copes very well against the extremely hard hitting Simon C. Doug wins 3:0 in fine style, seldom looked troubled and just pipped Gary to the MOTM award.

    Well done troops, we are now on the winning trail and lets keep it going in 2 weeks time.


  26. November 25, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    Wednesday 17th November – 3rd Team
    Despite a depleted team the thirds recorded their sixth win in a row last night at home to Newlands 6. Once all the results are in the 3rd team must be top of their division.

    I left the score sheet at home this morning so this report is purely from memory.

    5. Simon lost 3-0. The first game was reasonably close. However in the next two games Simon let his opponent win a long series of points in a row and when you do this, with American scoring, you are always up against it. Very difficult to pull back a deficit of 5 plus points under the new scoring system.

    4. I won 3-1. My opponent was a good player however I always felt reasonably comfortable. He had the tendency to make the odd unforced error which is always a help. Won the first two games and then had a rest in the third. Had a big lead in the fourth, but then had a rest again and almost let my opponent back in it. However under the new scoring system if it gets close you just need to tighten up and avoid mistakes at all costs and hope your opponent makes an error. Sometimes easier said than done. So in the fourth I hung on and won in the end. Need to stop taking rests in games.

    3. Al Baird won 3-1. This was the deciding match and a vital win for him and the team. After being beaten two weeks ago by Linda, a 16 year old girl, at Newlands 7, Al was relieved to be playing a guy this time around. The first three games were reasonably close with Alastair winning two of them. In the fourth game Al had a five point lead as he approached the finishing line, but due to hitting a series of drops down, his opponent pulled it back to 14 all. Al them served out to make it 15-14. With the gallery on tender hooks, it then went to 16-16, but Al finished it off in style with a fine boast.

    2. Mark lost 3-0. As predicted by the Colonel, after winning six games in a row Mark finally came up against a better standard of player – the type of player none of us like playing – Extending Arms Man. His opponent was reasonably young, fit, had reasonable technique and made very few errors. However his main attribute was his ability to stretch out his long arms and pick up shots which you felt he had no right to even try for. Mark tried extremely hard but never really made much impression on Extending Arms Man who told us later he played off 5 at golf. Sounds like one of these annoying guys who are good at whatever sport they have a go at.

    1. Al Mackenzie won 3-1. Did not see a great deal of this match as I was on the other court at the same time. His hard hitting and movement had his opponent in trouble at times. I played Al’s opponent twice two years ago and beat him both times, so roughly know his standard and cannot believe that he is better than Extending Arms Man who was playing below him at two.

    So overall a 12-9 win and a great result for the 3rd team, who should be must be top of Div 5 after six wins in a row.



  27. November 25, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    Wednesday 17th November – 5th Team
    We will start in reverse order as that will make for better reading

    5) Chris Welch 0-3 Andrena Gordon – Flash played well and was always in control in this one, the young chap playing her looked as though he had just walked out of a boy band! But he soon took the walk of shame and dissapeared straight out of the front door after his defeat.

    4) Graeme Taylor 3-1 Paul Forsyth – Paul did not reach his usual standards and was showing a lack of match practice, played a lot of good shots but struggled with fitness and got beaten by the better man on the night.

    3) Brendan Maguire 0-3 Bob Ballantyne – Dr Bob and man of the match with another great performance. Bob played well against Brendan who played some great lob and drop shots but was outrun and outplayed overall by Bob.

    2) Angus (God said ‘Let there be light’ and Angus flipped the switch) McKay 3-1 Donald MacKinnon – Thoroughly dissappointed after taking a 1-0 lead and then got stuffed by an elderly Angus who had me running about like a blue arsed fly and outwitted me for the remainder of the game.

    1) Richard Ralph 3-0 Scott Dixon – This was a tough introduction to inter club squash for Scott who played against Richard who reminded me a lot of Bill with his cheeky angled shots and deep and tight drives.

    Unfortunately we lost 12-8 but should have done better.

  28. November 25, 2010 at 2:56 pm

    For the 4th team report see David Lloyd Renfrew 3rd team report as the two teams played each other.

  29. December 3, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Wednesday 24th November – 1st team
    Excellent 17 4 win last night against 2nd bottom Largs.

    In order of play:
    at 5, Doug Mac first appearance for 1st team against a guy that was much more handy than he looked in the warm up. Cool calm and collected throughout – had a good tussle up to about 9-9 in each game and then each time Doug pushed on the pressure when it mattered and in the end it was a convining 3-0 which was never in danger. Got man of the match award from other team which was well deserved. Well done Doug. A very strong 5 in the 1sts.

    at 4, Jason G who was carrying a knock from his 5 setter with me on Tuesday night had an almightly effort but ended up losing 3-2 (I think it was 17-14 in the 5th). Was clearly struggling from the middle of the first game but battled on and did excellent to get as far as he did. If you are going to lose, then lose 3 2 so well done Jason for fighting so hard and getting the 2 points.

    at 3, David C won 3-1 after losing the first game. He was also carrying slight knock I think (either that or he just couldnt be bothered playing me when I asked him on Sunday). Didnt see alot of this game but he guy looked decent so good win by DC. He just grinds them out. Nothing flashy. And he marked Lee’s game!! Yes none of us could believe our eyes, but did it perfectly, so nice one. Also nice one for sorting me out with a plumber this morning for the water coming through my living room ceiling from upstairs shower!

    at 2, yet again playing some guy who played unorthodox shots – and a lot off the frame. Am carrying 2 small injuries – tennis elbow (according to expert opinion last night) the same thing in my knee from a couple of months ago. However none of them enough to stop me playing so just got on with it and managed a 3-0.

    at 1, Lee was very strong and powered through 3-0. Never in doubt and Lee looked relaxed and in control throughout. Good strong performance.

    So excellent 17 points despite the team not being in best state of repair. Next week its Whitecraigs Rugby at home.


  30. December 3, 2010 at 10:14 am

    Wednesday 24th November – 3rd team
    Top of the table clash

    On first at number 2 was Garry playing a woman(think her name was Diane) if she was from the Highlands her name would be Flora or Mhorag (proper Gaelic spelling) and she would know how to make a good pan of broth for her man coming home from roaming through the Glen. Aye, anyway back to the squash, something else she was good at. This was a typical Garry Dickson performance, high pace and hard hitting with some really good squash on display, but Diane wasn’t to be denied and has obviously been schooled at squash from an early age as her shots were hit with power and length eventually running out a 3-2 winner giving Garry his first defeat of the season. Both awarded man/woman of the match.

    On next was myself at number 4 playing Steven. This was my worst performance of the season so far and also my first defeat, in the first game never pushed up and he picked me of easily with that reverse thing Bill does. After that I pushed up and got to grips with part of his game plan, winning the second game. In the thirds at 16:16 I tried to play the most ridiculous of winners when under no pressure. Eventually Lost 3:1.

    On next was Mark at number 5 playing Jim, this was an easyish win for Mark and the Essex swagger was on display early in the first when it was obvious Jim was not going to run for anything Mark hit to the front. Mark won 3:0.

    Douglas was on next at number 3 playing the husband of the Diane, Douglas was slow to start and his opponent was finding good length quickly going 2:0 up. Douglas then started to play and after winning the third game looked as if he had his opponent on the ropes, he was up in the fourth but after a few disputes which I’d say unsettled Douglas more than his opponent, he ended up losing 3:1

    On last was Paul at number one who just didn’t get going and the normal silky smooth squash just wasn’t there. Paul lost 3:0

    So we disappointedly lost 15:7 but we will get back on track next week



  31. December 3, 2010 at 10:15 am

    Wednesday 24th November – 4th team
    No 5 Simon Pollock v Fraser. Similar lean hungry types, neither of whom ask for many lets. A game of momentum swings eventually going Fraser’s way. Lost 3-2.

    No 4 David Mazzucco v David. Another 3-2 which again went Giffnock’s way. Some good work from Mazzucco undone in part by one or two crucial decisions Lost 3-2

    Both numbers 4 and 5 for Giffnock decent squash players really.

    No 3. Kevin Reilly v Stewart Hamilton. Good to see Kevin back. Always entertaining when Stewart Hamilton plays. Kevin won either 3-1 or 3-0.

    No 2. Alastair Baird v Derek Hanlon. Saw none of this, but a good win for Alastair either 3-1 or 3-2.

    No 1. Graham Sanders v Ed Swan – I’ll just cut and paste from 4th March last season.
    “No 1 Graham Sanders v Ed Swan. If I didn’t know already, Ed showed me how pesh I am at this game. Ed took a welcome rest in the third game.”
    Lost 3-1

    So we ended up losing 13 – 11.



  32. December 16, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Wednesday 1st December – 1st team
    Was always going to be up against it last night against top of the table Whitecraigs Rugby club. In the end we got beat 15-9 which wasn’t too bad (although losing never great).

    In order of how many points we each got:
    At No. 5 Douglas notched up his 2nd win on the bounce with a 3-0 demolition against a guy who was clearly a good player technically, albeit probably not as fit as he once was. I turned up at 6.20 and after watching the first few points figured it was going to be close. Turned out that Dougla was already up 2-0 and rompend home. Excellent stuff. Always good when the first match is won.

    At No. 4 Andy McS returned to the squash scene. Arriving wearing one of the worst bunnets I have ever seen. He was looking as unfit as ever and clearly been enjoying his time off. The guy he was playing was very quick and fit and I was not expecting much (other than the usual array of power boast lob cross court spin drops and on court discussion) and was just hoping he didn’t get injured again. However, in an almighty effort he managed to get to 2-2 by playing a thinking man’s squash in energy efficient mode. Unfortunately lost the 5th (about 15-10) but all in all a great comeback. Good to have him back.

    At No.2 I got beat 3-2. Playing against a decent player this week (Matt Anderson?? ed) who was technically good and very quick and gave me a lesson on how to take the ball early. I actually played in parts some of the best squash I have played in a while. Particularly in the 4th game when I felt more confident than I have for a while. However got absolutely nailed in the 5th with a mixture of good shots from my opponent but also lots of bad shots and mistakes from myself. Concentration and consistency is becoming a real issue for me.

    At No. 3, DC got beat 3-1. Playing against a faily similar player this was always going to be a battle of the fittest and who made the least mistakes. From what I saw of the game, Dave played pretty well, good variety of shots, even some very tight drops and was beaten by the better guy on the night. Will be looking forward to the rematch in the new year.

    At No. 1, Lee got beat 3-1. I never saw this game but his opponent is good player (Dougie Emery? ed) and with each game being faily competitive, his opponent edged out a 3-1. Probably closer than the score suggests from what I have heard.

    So a defeat, but I guess 9 points isn’t the end of the world and everyone looked like they are playing decent and we would have probably beat most teams with those performances. Need to try and keep that level of performance for final two games of first half. Team selection in the coming weeks could become interesting…which will benefit everyone.

    On reflection on my performance I have realised that I spent over half a squash match thinking about other things. Always have had concentration issues but having analysed it, the various things I thought about throughout my match last night included:

    – I wonder what the grub is;
    – I wonder if I will be able to drive to Aberdeen at the weekend;
    – I wonder what do I need to do at work tomorrow;
    – I wonder what did come first, the chicken or the egg;
    – I wonder why are MacDonalds apple pies are so hot in the middle;
    – I wonder if Dave Ritchies watch is actually set at the wrong time;
    – I wonder if Steve Elms is actually the only man ever to put curry and salad on the same plate or if there is precedent;
    – I wonder why at Uni they never change the questions in Maths year on year;
    – I wonder how much checking was ever done of the stuff Newton was making up about moving objects;
    – I wonder who made up the names of all the places in the world (courties, cities, towns, villages, streets etc)
    – I wonder who told the guy that made up all the place names that he was allowed to do it

    Probably explains my inconsistency….


    Richard C

    PS Meant to say, the club put out the new tops for us last night so we all played wearing the official team tops and promoting Giles Insurance (Craig Paris kindly agreed to sponsor) – except Lee who didn’t realise they were there till after (although wore for his curry and beer afterwards).
    We all kept one and returned the rest to the management office. Presumably the other teams can get over the next week. Thanks to Craig.

  33. December 16, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Wednesday 1st December – 3rd Team
    Top of the table clash (or near top) to the fine Whitecraigs RFC set up. Cautiously I headed off early and found myself first on court against a young 12/13 year old called Harry Anderson (at No 4). My team-mates arrived to see me lose 1st game 15–6. Had to play my best squash to win 3-1 against a very good young player, who may have won but for a few unforced errors at crucial moments.

    Meanwhile Mark Smith was on at No 3 against Kieran O’Neill with whom he had a famous battle a couple of years back. It was a carbon copy of that match. Groundhog Smith was pesh for the first 2 games then came to life producing his best squash. Attrition from the Electrician, as he came through 3-2 in a thrilling match.

    Meanwhile at No 2 Alastair Mackenzie ventured on court against Andy Walker. Alastair came close in 1st game, but lost 3-0 (as did I last year). Alistair should have taken the serves earlier, rather than let them die in the corners.

    63 years separates the oldest and youngest players Bairdhound has come up against this Autumn. After dispatching Bill Hunter a few weeks ago, Alastair’s opponent this year was just 10 years old. Adam Reid – Alistair was old enough to be his grandfather. Alastair was damned either way (at No.5), but any fatherly sympathy he might have for his young opponent soon evaporated when he realised he was really up against it. Not enough superlatives do justice to the talent of this young player, who obviously holds No.1 Scottish ranking for his age. Alastair was visibly perplexed early on, when I – as marker- failed to pick up on a double bounce. It was clear the Hound was concerned. Some steady squash, including some vey long rallies saw Alastair achieve a 3-0 victory. Imagine the match report if it had gone the other way?

    Meanwhile at No 1 Garry Dickson blamed a new racquet and “not being in the zone” for a 3-0 defeat against Adam’s father, Mark Reid. Didn’t see the game unfortunately.

    So that adds up to 9–9, before bonus points giving us a 12-9 victory. Hard to understand why City Centre teams called off due to weather. Western for example were the other team due to make the trip to RFC, but we ate their lasagna (Smithy especially) and the boys were tucking into the draught Peroni, especially Bairdhound who hadn’t taken a drop of alcohol all November (he’s peshed now though!).

    We are apprehensive about seeing these lads in the Spring, and it is tempting to log on and see how they’ve fared against other familiar players. Earlier for example at No.2 young Harry beat Mike Hannah of Giffnock 4th team.

    Nite Nite

  34. December 16, 2010 at 10:37 am

    Wednesday 1st december – 4th Team
    Slightly weaker team put out against Wanderers 2 due to Kevin missing. So first on was Calum at no. 5. He won the first game fairly comfortably, but lost his wedding ring at the end of it. This upset his concentration and he promptly lost the next three games against an opponent who had limited movement about court but could hit a good drive if given the opportunity. I have played Jim Smith in the past and always find it reassuring to play someone much less mobile than myself – doesn’t happen that often but there is still a few of these rare beasts about in the lower divisions . Calum found the ring in his squash bag after the match was over.

    Next on was Craig who was promoted to no.2, as we were told the Uni sports centre was closing by 9 pm, Dave M was not due till 8pm and their no.2 was on court warming up at 7.15 and anxious to get his game underway. Craig came close in the first game but his opponent Vic Halec recognised the dark circles under Craig eyes as a sign of his lack of sleep and cruelly kept the rallies going and tired Craig out. In the end a fairly comfortable 3-0 win for Vic.

    The remaining three games all went on court at the same time to achieve a finish prior to 9 pm.
    I played Craig Jones at no. 1 and won the first two close games. The third game was also close but I should have finished it off instead of relaxing midway through the game. As a result I lost the third game 15-13. My opponent then tightened up his game and started playing some good shots. That combined with my lack of fitness resulted in me losing the next two games fairly comfortably. So a 3-2 defeat when I should have won 3-0. Feeling a bit fitter after Jason`s pre season training but still a long way to go. My opponent won man of the match for his comeback from 2-0 down.

    Did not see the Dave M and John Scott games but Dave M played Mike Dewar and lost 3-1. Scores suggest two games were close and they won one each. Mike won the other two games fairly comfortably.

    John was two nil up in his game but ended up losing 3-2. He was awarded man of the match.

    So a 18-6 defeat against a team in the relegation zone along with us.

    We then retired to the Press Bar in Albion Street for a beer, pie and beans, and an in depth discussion about the relative merits of Andy Murray and the other top men tennis stars. Mike Dewar had been to the O2 in London recently and game us a blow by blow account of the matches he had attended. All good stuff.
    Next week the 4th team are away to Bowfield 2. Hope we have a thaw before then and they are bound to have deep snow at present on their hillside location in darkest Renfrewshire.


    David W

  35. January 7, 2011 at 12:30 pm

    Wednesday 15th December – 1st Team
    Good win for the troops tonight – despite stumpy not being able to manage.
    @1, Lee Gunn lost 3-0 to a very experienced player – Peter Shivas. In places he played well – but should not get too disheartened.
    @2, David Craig beat 3-2 an extremely sporting and quietly spoken ex-copper called (believe it or not) Bobby. Good result here, but plenty of pish played.
    @3, Anderw McSherry beat Paul Ely. Despite being leaving home at 04:30 and driving 450 miles today – still pulled it out for the team.
    @4, Douglas MacMillan stuffed some guy 3-0. Good steady stuff from the youngster, never in any doubt.
    @5, Robert MacMillan lost 3-0 against an out of form Martin ?? (hadn’t played for 10 months, but used to be their #1!!) Unlucky Rob.
    So – 12-8 win – well done.
    Next week is the rearranged Strathgryffe (A) match – players to be named later.

  36. January 7, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Wednesday 15th December – 2nd Team
    At No 5. I lost 3-0 to in form Ken Findlay. Struggled with Ken’s hard serves – not the time to implement changes to one’s game.
    At No 4 Mark S had typical 5 set battle against Donny Kneale, and his resolve saw him through to a 3-2 victory.
    At No 3 Alastair Mackenzie had a similar war of attrition against Greg Dudziak. Alastair played some of his best squash to also pull through 3-2.
    At No 2 Douglas Cardiff also had a 5 setter in a titanic match against Ian Turnbull. Plenty of getting in each other’s way (hard marking challenge for Ken), it eventually went 3-2 to Ian, as the haulage man jack-knifed in the 4th game and spent the night sleeping in his cabin on the M8 near Shotts.
    At No 1 Steve Elms won the first game against Phil Graves, but went down 3-1 losing a couple of close ones.
    So that adds up to a 16 – 9 defeat, and a wounded Colonel looking forward to a few weeks off – tricky when there are 8 players out further up the order.


  37. January 14, 2011 at 12:57 am

    Wednesday 5th January – 1st Team
    It was a happy start to new year for the 1st team tonight with a good 14-6 win at home against Cameron House. I would need to check but I am sure that’s an improvement to first half and 2 players were missing.

    In reverse order:

    At 5, Dave Ritchie stepped up excellently with a 3 zip win which was never in doubt. Professional job particularly stepping up and also first week back after Christmas. Well done Dave – I thought you were our man of the match but unfortunately (for u), Cameron House picked me

    At 4, Doug Mac put in very good performance against a seasoned campaigner (I can never remember the names!! – just looked up, Rolf Hansen) and after a very tight 1st game which he did well to win 17-15, he then went on to a romping 3 zip. These are the sorts of guys who can give u very hard games and spot and attack any weaknesses so Doug did excellently to win so convincingly.

    At 3, I got my bird to strap on my ankle bandage and she did a rare job. My ankle gave me no jip although I did have cramp in same calf for the 3rd game. And my Christmas belly was getting the way!! Lost count of the number of people who said to me ‘it looks like u had a good Christmas . The calf and belly issue combined really tested me. Anyway, after some huffing and puffing I managed to get a 3 zip against Andy McGroarty which I was more than happy with after my lack of squash over past month.

    At 2, Davie Boy got drawn into a battle of drop shots against Alan Barbour. Never before have I seen Davie drawn into such a slow game and after some words after losing the first two games, he secured the third (by hitting it hard to the back whenever he could). However, I know from playing Alan 3 times in a row over last couple of years that he is very handy with volleys and drops and he prevented Davie taking the 4th. 3-1 defeat for the big man who looks like he is still recovering from his 4 benders in a row at New Year. For clarity, bender = heavy drinking session!

    At 1, Lee had very tight game against Jim Marsland who played excellently tonight and beat Lee 3-1. Each game was very close with excellent rallies, but unfortunatelt Lee made errors on important points in a row in two of first three games. Lost it in 4th and was 9-2 down before he new where he was (at 8-2 he looked like he didn’t know if it was New York or New Year (or if this match was another 6 weeks ahead or whenever pancake day is then he wouldn’t have known if it was Shrove Tuesday or Sheffield Wednesday!). Anyway, shouldn’t be too disheartened by his performance as Jim played very well.

    So a good 14-6 win to kick off the second half. Looking at the league, things r getting interesting. We r third but Hamilton (4th and who we play next week) have 2 scores to post so they will be in 3rd. Whitecraigs also have score to post so we may be as far down as 5th. However with Hamilton next week and Whitecraigs a couple of weeks later, January could be very important for us in what is looking like tight fight for third – altho Strathgryffe also in our sights – only 13 points ahead.

    So, if everyone can stay off the bevvy and keep to strict diets that would be much appreciated – thank you!! I will of course lead by example

    Night night

  38. January 14, 2011 at 12:58 am

    Wednesday 5th January – 2nd Team

    The 2nd team unfortunately lost 13-4 but as stated in other reports we have have some significant players missing.

    On first at No 5 was Nic Coleman playing Matthew Stout. I thought Nic played some excellent squash in this match against a very fit young player and after a little stumble in the second he won 3-1. If I had a an observation to make it would be the lack of drop shots which are sometimes screaming out when he gets his opponent out of position, but again that is easy to say when your sitting in the gallery.

    On second at No 1 was Steve Elms who lost 3-0 to Graham Swain who looked a very solid player, I didn’t see loads of this match but it looked by the score sheets that games 2 and 3 were reasonably tight.

    On third at No 3 was Douglas who lost 3-0 to Ewan Wallace, again I didn’t see much of this game as was on court at the same time but according to Douglas he enjoyed the first game right up until he lost 6 game points in a row, after that he reckons he didn’t enjoy it.

    On fourth at No 4 was myself against Kieran who beat me 3-1, Kieran was a very solid confident player with some very effective low cross court drives which cost me the first game, in the second I probably played the best squash I have played all year (ha ha boom boom) and won the second with some patient rallying but unfortunately for me I had emptied the tank winning that game and Kieran won the next two.

    On last at No 2 was John Turner who lost 3-0 against Stephen Paton, well I think it was JT, but by his own admission a number of weeks off the squash court partying hard had taken its toll (made that bit up) and the touches, tight drives and fitness were missing and then to kick John when he was down, Nic Coleman was chasing him to play his mini league game after he got off court (didn’t make that bit up)

    So not the best result and also think we did not do our new white team tops any justice, too many petruding bellies were being emphasised by the colour and showing contours which normally don’t exist, so for the record am not a fat b&?£&@, I just don’t do White Nylon very well.



  39. January 14, 2011 at 12:58 am

    Wednesday 5th January – 3rd Team
    Depleted 3rd team lost 4-1 to Western away last night despite them only having four players. Several of our players looked as if they had too many mince pies over the festive season.
    First on was me at 3 as my opponent Sheena had to get to work.
    I started off fine and thought things should be fairly comfortable. However ended up losing the first game 17-16. After that I got stuck in and won the next two close games. However after three close games and the effects of the festive season, my fuel tank was now empty and I lost the next two games fairly easily. Never really felt comfortable on Western`s warm courts. Knew I had to drive into the back corners but couldn’t do it consistently. Poor performance overall. Was counting on not playing till next week so the late call up came as a surprise.
    Next on was Kevin at 4 and we feared the worst as his opponent Nigel looked extremely fit. Kevin played some good shots apart from hitting the court heaters many times when serving. As predicted it went to five and Kevin lasted much better than me. He would have probably won if he had not pulled his back. A good effort and unlucky not to win.
    Then Al Baird was on at 2. His opponent Derek looked too good to be playing in Western 6 and quickly went into a two love lead. Al should have won the third game but hit down a few shots at vital points. So a 3-0 defeat.
    Finally Mark as on at 1. His opponent hit the ball very hard. Mark went into a 2-0 lead but his opponent pulled it back to 3-2.
    Dave M won MOTM for a walkover win and Derek won their MOTM for a good performance at 2.
    We could have easily won this match especially if we had not lost Nic at 1.
    We must do better. I am off the gym now for an extremely hard work out. Hope to see others there or on the squash court.
    David W

  40. January 20, 2011 at 2:56 pm

    Wednesday 12th January – 2nd Team
    Home against promotion seeking Strathclyde Uni.

    Pumped 5:16

    Ben Mazz back to full fitness and our only winner and deservedly MOTM, rest of us pish, especially me.



  41. January 20, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Wednesday 12th January – 3rd Team
    Anyway poor 13 – 10 defeat to Hamilton who are near the bottom of the table.
    In courts that were hotter than hell!!
    First up was me at number 4. I cruised to a 2 – 0 lead against an opponent who barely seemed interested and then managed to run out of ideas to lose the next 3.
    Probably the crucial point of the match. Only 2 options more training or heavy drinking – don’t think I will be wasting time on the squash court.

    Next up Kevin – who benefited greatly from the fact that this week there was no mid court heater to try and hit with his lob serves. Always in control but no doubt glad his opponent selected one at 14 all in the third game, Kevin prevailed for good 3 – 0 win and MOTM.

    Colonel on next (Graham Saunders). Didn’t see this as was marking on the other furnace, but every time I looked over there didn’t seem to be much squash – just a 3 way discussion with opponent and marker. Anyway good 3-1 win for the Colonel against a useful looking opponent.

    Our electrician (Mark Smith) was on next and the obligatory 5 game marathon. Close games except for the 3rd which Mark lost 15 -1 when he failed to cope with the lob serves and lost out in 5th to a slightly more accurate opponent.

    The highlander on last and his opponent used the conditions much better to run out a fairly comfortable winner. I have no doubt this would be reversed if the heating was turned down to the mid 90’s!

    Chances of promotion are slipping away for the 3rds after 3rd defeat in a row.

  42. January 20, 2011 at 2:57 pm

    Wednesday 12th January – 4th Team
    Excellent 4 -1 win, 17 points to 5 against Strathclyde who are four places above us in the league. Strathclyde didn’t have Findlay McGhee who was studying for exams and we didn’t have Kevin – pretty fair swap.
    It was decided, following advice from Dave M, to move Simon up to 2 as he had been playing well.
    First on was John Scott at 5 who had a fairly comfortable three love win against Lewis Cameron. John is definitely improving and played well.
    Next on was Craig at 4 against Dave McPherson. Craig won the first two games against an opponent who like Craig tended not to ask for lets and ran about the court with plenty of energy. Craig then slowed down a bit and lost the third game. The fourth game was close all the way and Craig looked to have lost the game at 14 – 13 down when he played a shot back to himself.
    However remarkably his opponent thought about having a swipe at the ball, then didn’t but didn’t ask for a let. Craig then won the next three points for a 3-1 win. Not sure how Craig would have lasted if it went to a fifth game, as he looked very tired. However Craig is improving – drops getting better, reduced number of shots down the middle of the court, asking for lets sometimes, and energy about the court makes it difficult for his opponents.
    Then Dave M was on at 3. He played well with a combination of drops and lobs against a useful looking opponent – Calum Middleton. A good 3-0 win.
    Simon then went on at 2. A close match all the way which he eventually lost 17-16 in the fifth to Matt Baird. The latter beat me 3-1 in the first half when I ran out of steam on warm courts at DLWE. Simon is definitely getting better. Bit similar to Craig in that they can both sometimes have problems getting the ball out the back corners but their sheer energy makes then a handful for opponents at this level. Good overall performance and unlucky to lose. Matt won MOTM.
    I then went on at 1 against Alan Bloomer, a 9 stone 22 year old whippet who looked as if he could run all day. Things didn’t look good when early in the first game I smashed his serve a couple of inches above the tin and he got to it and played a winning drop. He won the first game 15-8. I then tried driving and serving low into the back most of the time and this together with a whack on his ear when I tried a reverse angle off his serve seemed to unsettle him. I stuck to the drives into the back and low hard serves and won the next two games fairly comfortably 15-6. In the fourth game I got to 12-8 when the fuel tank ran out and I went over on my ankle when I stood on his foot, but somehow hung on to win 15-13. Probably the best I have played all season. Won MOTM.
    So a good win. If we can keep this up we could move up the table a bit.
    The students took us to Home, a young persons pub in Merchant City for a burger and chips. Told its good for women at the weekend – may interest Cantlay.
    Next week we are at home to Largs – top of the table. Our team will probably we from Al B, Me, Kevin, Simon, Dave M, Craig, and John S, but as ever we are dependent on call offs from other teams.
    David W

  43. January 27, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    Wednesday 19th January – 1st Team
    Another short report as 0630 to LHR beckons…
    Lee got chopped at 1 by David Ward (I believe he retired after pulling something) 3-1
    Rich was chopped at 2 by Martin Sullivan 3-0
    AMcS chopped Joe Heally 3-2
    Apprentice Welder #1 (aka Douglas Macmillan) lost 3-2 to Bill
    Apprentice Welder #2 (aka Ben Mazzucco) lost 3-1 to AN Other
    Team got chopped 17-6.
    MOTM goes to Douglas. I only managed to see the last 10 mins of a very tight match. Dougster needs to learn to ask for lets (i.e. strokes more often). 6 clear strokes were avoided in the last match – I believe due to lack of experience. More matches on a Wed night will tuffen him up for this.
    COTM goes to David.
    Nexty week – scrunch match against WLTC1. We need to get some points here.

    nite nite.

    btw – it was a candle lit dinner for 2 at the end – me and Martin shared a plate of chilli. Quality.

  44. January 27, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Wednesday 19th January – 2nd Team
    Good away win at Craighelen 14:7, could and should have been better, but Dave Ritchie and I let our games be dragged down to our opponents level.

    1. Steve Elms wins 3: 0 against Dave (hi viz shorts) Strickland. Played v well considering recent illness and deserved MOTM award.

    2. Doc Dave lost 1:3 against Steve.

    3. Fat Boab lost 1:3 to Ian.

    4. Doug C wins 3:0, fine win having been trucking all day, at least I think that’s what he said.

    5. Al Mack the happy highlander posts a splendid 3:1 win.

    A few more weeks of a stronger team like this will ensure a safe mid league position.

    Kind Regards,

    Robert Mac

  45. January 27, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    Wednesday 19th January – 4th Team
    Always going to be up against it against Largs 2nd team who top the table having only lost 1 match all season (against Glasgow Uni).

    1)Simon Pollock v Frank Davidson – Simon lost 0-3 (10/15, 7/15, 4/15)
    Simon played a fit 65 (or was he 70) year old experienced player. Always up against it.

    2)Craig Paris v Graham Bamford – I lost 0-3 (3/15, 9/15, 11/15)
    9 points passed in the first game before I got a point and was starting to worry that a granny was on the cards. Up against a good experienced player. Never really had a hope. Was happy to get 9 and 11 points in the last two games.

    3) John Scott v David Armstrong – John lost 0-3 (2/15, 4/15, 2/15)
    Didn’t see John’s game as I was on court at same time. Judging by scores and John’s shock / blank reaction after the game it was a bit of a struggle!

    4) Andrew Alabi v Drew Shaw – Andrew WON 3-1 (9/15, 15/10, 15/10, 15/13)
    Well done man of the match Andrew. A good win.

    5) Calum Mitchel v Ian Cameron – Calum lost 2-3 (9/15, 15/5, 6/15, 15/13, 10/15)
    Thought Calum was going to win the last game however again experience showed through and Ian came back to win it. Odd player is Ian…….clearly been a good player in his time but never really ventured much from the T during game with Calum. Unfortunately Calum couldn’t get consistent shots into corners or be that effective with drop shots. Despite not running Ian still had the touch to hit winners from the T and also a difficult lob serve which Calum never really got to grips with.

    Anyway – overall a 5-16 defeat.
    No disrespect to Andrew and Calum but Largs were had a couple of players out from first team which had an effect (I think we all know about that )

    I’m off to a meeting about a meeting!!!!!


    Craig P

  46. February 3, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    26th January 2011 – 1st Team
    Short match report as lying sparked out on my couch after my match. And on blackberry.

    Great 16-6 win tonight against what we thought would be a strong Whitecraigs LT&SC team, but turned out being 2/3 players down.

    In order of play:

    Davie Craig dished out a 3 zipper against some young pup prior to going and lining up in the back four for Maryhill. Not sure whether they won or not! Gets COTW at Andy’s request – not sure why.

    Jason G won 3-1 against a tricky opponent. Good solid performance and only just lost the first. Having had laser surgery last year I was surprised to see him appear after his shower wearing glasses. Apparently he misses them and its just glass. Weird. Altho he did look cool wearing them.

    Douglas Macmillan won 3-0 against Ian. One of the most unattractive games of squash I have seen, let alone marked, with both players all over the shop. Ian obviously a tennis player and a very fit one at that, kept the play going. Luckily neither asked for a let at any of the 100 opportunities and due to the way they were all over the place I would have just had to say I had no idea. Doug keeps up his good record, but gets non-marker of the week again

    Andy McS once again played well to dig out a win. (I think) he was 2-0 up after which his opponent did well to pull him back. However Andy played well in 5th to win it. Away team asked seriously if he didn’t have team t-shirt cause not one big enough! Cheek!

    I got beat 3-1 by John Howie. This was first real test of my spin classes. After 2 games at which it was 1-1, i felt nackered!! Then had horrendous 3rd game. However suddendly felt fresh in 4th and only just lost 17-15. Not bad against John I guess, but too many errors again. Quickly got over it with some beer.

    So 16-6 it was and a good result. It appears we don’t have game next week according to fixture list which is disappointing as it’s the week after that I’m away.

    Night night

  47. February 3, 2011 at 3:25 pm

    26th January 2011 – 2nd Team
    Lost 7:16 at home to Hamilton.

    1. Ben lost 1:3
    2. Steve lost 0:3
    3. Dave Ritchie lost 1:3
    4. I lost 2:3
    5. Doug C won 3:1

    Off to the big apple in the morning so sorry for the brevity but yet to pack my bag for the morning……

  48. February 3, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    26th January 2011 – 3rd Team
    Just doing this on mobile phone, so brief. Good 17-7 win; returning to winning ways for Colonel’s wonderful team.

    I was pesh at no 5 v Rob Brodie. The ball was duff and dead, but we persevered with it. Struggled home 3-2. The ball was discarded after.

    At number 3 Al MacKenzie took no time at all over dispatching McClure senior 3-0.

    Nic Coleman had great game at 4 with young McClure, similar styles winning 3-1.

    At 2, a typically epic battle v David Claxton, but it went away from his grasp edged out 2-3.

    Finally Garry’s brutally effective style saw him win 3-1.

    Mark and Nic were spotted holding hands briefly in the viewing gallery – keep a close eye on these two!

    Golf tomorrow.


  49. February 3, 2011 at 3:26 pm

    26th January 2011 – 4th Team
    All pumped 3-0!

    Dr Bob came close to getting a game, other than that we were out played.


    David Mazz

  50. February 10, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Wednesday 2nd February – 4th Team
    The whole place to ourselves.

    Nic coleman at 1 on first v Berenard Dunn. Nic won 3-1 didn’t see the game.

    Then both myself at No 2 and David Mazz at 5 lost 3-0 to a pair of teenage girls. Good though they were from keen squash families. However, we should have got something out of our games. Good news was the back felt a bit better, so perehaps a return to squash sharpness on the cards.

    Bairdhound at No 3 on more temperate courts had a good game which went all the way with Alastair edging it 3-2.

    That elft Kevin at No 4 in decider against Frank Logie. This one went all the way, also, and Kevin focussed well in the 5th game for 3-2 victory, which made it 12 – 11 overall. Think Kevin likes his new Harrow Blade racquet.


  51. February 18, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Tuesday 8th February – 2nd Team
    Well earned win tonight for the seconds in our rescheduled match with Bowfield.


    1. Steve Elms lost 0:3, clearly not himself tonight resulting in an easy win for Neil, immediate chance to get back on the bike tomorrow night Steve.

    2. John Turner won 3:2 in an epic encounter, turned out to be the pivotal match, John gets a thoroughly deserved MOTM award.

    3. Dave Ritchie rediscovers his winning ways with an excellent 3:0 win over Blair Mitchie.

    4. I win 3:2 against Gill Downie, God knows how after six days eating New York cheese cake and drinking Bud……… just simply ruined my figure!!!

    5. Doug Cardiff narrowly loses 2:3 with his opponent getting MOTM, a valuable 2 point contribution.

    Kind Regards,

    Robert Macm

  52. February 18, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Wednesday 9th February – 1st Team
    Evening punters,
    IN the absence of Lee and Rich, team was up against what should have been stiff opposition, but we romped home 4-1 winners in the end. (16-6)

    In reverse order (Im saving the best til last)…
    Jason pumped his fella 3-0. Never in doubt.
    Ben pumped his fella 3-1. Good solid performance and managed to keep the hamstring in one piece.
    Douglas (the 2nd of the welders apprentices) also pumped his fella 3-0.
    I lost 3-1 to my fella. Not feeling 100% tbh – dicky tummy, but took one for the team. WIll be better next Wed once I’ve had some nosh.
    David pumped his fella (Neil) 3-2. Tit for tat games – but Davie snatched it in the end. He played probably the best stuff I’ve seen from him all season – moving well and some great shots. His opponent gifted David about a dozen poor lobs in the last game that were begging to get slammed nickward – but David decided to dolly them back to his opponent. Must focus on going for the money shot more often.

    A great result for the team.

    nite nite.

  53. February 18, 2011 at 4:11 pm

    Wednesday 9th February – 2nd Team
    -v- Townend
    Me v John Crawford – (father of the very good, and very polite and very honest Stewart). Poor performance by me, but managed a 3-1 win.
    Paul Hannah -v- Graham Crawley – Didn’t seem to get into the game, losing 3-0 to a deceptively nimble opponent wearing the oddest shorts I’ve ever seen.
    Robert McMillan -v- Bill Mair – Didn’t see this game as I was marking but heard most of it! Robert did well to get the second game against another whippet like player.
    Dave Richie -v- Brian Terras – Dave played really well against and good player. After a slow start, Dave managed to focus, ending up wining the match 3-0, though the game was far tighter than the score suggests. Solid
    Steve Elms -v- Steven Gregg – One of the best performances I’ve seen from the old timer. Played like he was the same age as his opponent (25ish) Some close games, but Steve’s drives and trademark drops were on song, leaving his opponent floundering

    The Townend team are jostling for Giffnock’s position as thee ones to watch when calls are being made.

    Good win

  54. February 18, 2011 at 4:12 pm

    Wednesday 9th February – 3rd Team
    Managed to organise an early start which was good so Kevin on at 5 v Alison Taylor and me on at 4 v Mike Cohen soon after 6.30.
    Kevin kept his focus and won 3-1 with a greater audience than he was used to. Meanwhile I managed 3-1 v Mike, paving the way for the good players.
    Bairdster from Bairdsden (at No 3) played very well tonight on Court 2 – his favourite, and a temperature to suit. He looked positively energetic like the Hound of old and ran home with a 3-0 victory v Mark Robinson.
    “Match sorted” Smithy ventured triumphantly.
    At No 2 Smithy up against Phil MacFadyen. At 1-1 Smithy probably expected the man to tire, but he didn’t. Instead he played well enough to win 3-1 against our very own electrician.
    At No 1 Nic Coleman v Alastair Pickard. Nic looked up against it early on, but the Duracell batteries were well charged as he recovered to 2-2 as Alastair tired. Bookies weren’t taking bets on the final outcome but Alastair rallied (and I think dare I say it,) Nic tired to be edged out 3-2.
    So that adds up to a 15 – 8 victory but that turned out to be lucky, as one of their better players turned up late to find match well underway. The lesser players had already suffered their demise. So he trooped off home. With him playing we would more likely have lost.
    Nite Nite

  55. February 18, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Wednesday 9th February – 5th Team
    We lost 18-5 but Callum, Bill, Ramzy and Sandro all played well and were close to winning games which they ultimately lost and which would have resulted in a very different outcome.

    Callum lost1-3
    Bill lost 1-3
    Ramzy lost 2-3
    Malcolm lost 0-3
    Sandro lost 1-3

  56. February 28, 2011 at 9:52 am

    Wednesday 16th February – 1st Team
    Evening All,
    Great performance all round in beating this team 3-2. SHould have been 4-1 – but good points were had.
    In no particular order…
    Richard lost to Bert Mitchell. 3-zipper. Bert playing some tight stuff and moving well. Richard needs far better mental preparation. No more of that stupid spin class – focus on shot selection & execution. And keep that friggin racket up when on the T!!!!
    David Craig beat Steve Luker 3-2. Only saw a snip of the game – DC did not play to the same standards as last week – but still ground out a good score.
    Jason lost to Paul Whitely 3-2 (17-16 in 5th). Big Jason should have took advantage and moved Paul about the court a bit more. Very tight game that could have gone either way in the end.
    I beat Mhari CHarlton 3-2. Some simply top drawer stuff in games 1 & 2, went to sleep in 3 & 4, and moved up a gear and dished out some quite magnificent nicks and drops. Shot of the Season was a forehand cross court volley nick that absolutely rattled home.
    Young apprecnetice welder stuffed John (Hong Kong Fooey) Miller 3-0. Good solid stuff here from Dugster.

    So a 14-10 victory against a tuff team. Decision of the night? Got to go to Dug. Marking my game, stone wall stroke situation. For some bizarre reason, young Dug opens his cakey – and the word Let comes out. I laughed it off as did my opponent. But then Dug laughed so much – he dropped the score sheet and nearly soiled himself.
    Early start tomorrow – nite nite!

  57. February 28, 2011 at 9:59 am

    Wednesday 16th February – 2nd Team
    Three wins on the bounce for our boys…..14:11 against Strathgryffe away.

    One or two notable performances….not from me though.
    5. Paul Hannah wins 3:2
    4. I lose 1:3
    3. Dave Ritchie plays very well against personality by-pass Pete and wins 3:2.
    2. John Turner lost 1:3
    1. Ben in the pivotal match plays v well to beat the talented Morgan McGuire 3:0.

    Simple supper of soup and sandwiches at 23:00, fond farewell’s at 23:15, home in time for the witching hour.

    No game next week as per fixture schedule, two whole weeks to fine tune our games!!!

    Kind Regards,

    Robert Mac

  58. February 28, 2011 at 9:59 am

    Wednesday 16th February – 3rd Team
    An excellent 3-2 (13-11) win for the Third team last night which will keep us in contention for promotion.

    On first was Mark at No 5, playing very well lately and definitely upped his game in the last couple of weeks. I didn’t see his match as was on the next court at the time but was informed he was in control winning 3-1.

    Next on was myself at No 4 and I got beat 3-1, I am blaming this whole defeat on David Mazzuco as he never gave me my racket back and I ended up using a replacement which I am still trying to get used to. A workman and his tools, well you can shove that. My opponent does deserve some credit who I thought played the ball with better length and tightness, need to come up with a plan B when things aren’t going my way.

    On next was Nic playing at No. 3, this was an excellent battle with what looked a very good player, Nic was 2-1 down but it was only a matter of time before he wore his opponent down with superior fitness winning 3-2.

    On next in epic battle number 2 at No 2 was the birthday boy Garry Dickson, if Nic’s game went close this went even closer 2-2 each and 16-16 in the last game with Gary running out the 3-2 winner. Garry played well but I think the amount of cross courting was becoming predictable for his opponent. I also think his shouts of “You Diddy” every time he hit one into the tin were quite amusing.

    On last was the late arriving Douglas Cardiff playing at No 1 against an opponent I beat 3-0 at the first half of the season, I had to get that in but that was obviously when I had my trustee Titan Voodoo. I marked this game and I think fitness was the reason Douglas lost this match as he seemed to flag in the business end of each game. His opponent won 3 nil.

    Anyway off to get drunk watching the footie



  59. March 3, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Wednesday 23rd February – 3rd Team
    14-11 defeat inflicted by the division leaders (strange one as I believe the games score ended up 11 each)

    On first at No 2 was Paul Hannah, this was an excellent match to watch as Paul was stroking the ball about with excellent weight and length, he looked at times as if he had an age on the ball picking out the most effective shot against a player who was obviously not use to getting beat let alone dismantled in this fashion. Paul won comfortably 3-1.

    On at the same time on the next court playing at No. 5 was Alasdair Baird, this again was a good match to watch and it looked like AB’s drops were going to be too much for his opponent but I think somewhere round the 4th Al looked like he was tiring and his opponent ended up winning 3-2. Definitely think Al will be kicking himself for losing this match.

    On next was myself at No 3, I basically played total mince in the first two games, no width, no length and my opponent easily took the first two. After a couple of encouraging words and advice from Rob Mac, I started to play a lot better and began to at least put my opponent under a bit of pressure winning the third game. Even though it went relatively close in the 4th my opponent won 3-1. Have to give my opponent credit as he played very well but he was beatable without giving a two game start.

    On at the same time was Mark Smith playing at No. 4 who is carrying on his vein of good form to run out a 3-1 winner. Never seen any of Marks match but it sounded like he was in control.

    On last a No 1 was Rob Macmillan playing against Mandy, what do they put in the water at Newlands to produce such good female squash players? This again was a very good match to watch and the squash was also all very slick, Mandy easily took the first game with ridiculous touch, but I think Big Rob had just lulled her into false sense of security as he upped the quality and kept her guessing to race into a 2-1 lead. Unfortunately this talented youngster dug deep and eventually won the match 3-2.

    Man of the match awards went to Paul Hannah and Mandy.

    Food was Michelin star quality – a Turkey and haggis tower wrapped in bacon, proper chips and a cream whisky sauce, you might think am taking the piss but it’s true.

    Even with the food being so good we were slightly deflated leaving the DWLE with such a narrow defeat but our spirits were soon lifted watching Alasdair Baird trying to find his car in an empty car park and Big Rob muttering to himself!


  60. March 3, 2011 at 3:16 pm

    Wednesday 23rd February – 4th Team
    Lost 4-1 and 17-6 points last night.
    Only highlight was Kevin had a good win of 3-2 at 1 in a tight match.
    I lost 3-1 at 2 but this was my first game in five weeks after a calf pull in a team match on 19 Jan. So just glad to get through the game without further injury although my Achilles below calf problem started to get sore as the match went on.
    Dave M lost 3-1 at 3 but could have done better. Some questionable decisions by the marker. Both courts front walls were in need of repair and lines repainted. As a result difficult to see whether serves were in or out when ball hit close to the line.
    Craig lost 3-0 at 4. Craig looked to be playing reasonable and again could have done better.
    Bob B lost 3-1 at 5. Good that Bob stepped in at short notice. However did well considering.
    Difficult not to think we should have done better against this team.
    Next week 4th team are at home to Wanderers 2.
    Big questions are will Simon ever get out of Norway and play for 4th team again. Will the Colonel get over his back problem and play team squash again this season. Will I ever be able to move like a coiled spring about the court. First one likely, second one possibly, third one only in my dreams.
    Next week will be my last team match this season as I am off on holiday on 9th March to Mexico fishing.
    David Wilson

  61. March 10, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Wednesday 2nd March – 1st Team
    A right good beating tonight going down 18-6 against top of the table Whitecraigs Rgby.

    By time I arrived Jason and Davie were both off having been beaten 3-1 and 3-0 respectively. No idea how games went. They both looked glum.

    Next on was me. My reward for attacking the ball the most I have ever done in any match was a 3-0 beating. Did come close tho. And Douglas is a good player I guess.

    Then lastly went on Doug Macm against marathon man Jim Cross and Andy McS against Alan.

    Douglas played very well in first two games, but went down 17-16 and 17-15 to Jim (when he looks tired u know he has had a hard match). Douglas then came back excellently and got to 2-2. Unfortunately Jim came thro in the last but Douglas should be happy with performance and 2 good points.

    Meanwhile Andy was 2-0 up against Alan. Just the usual mix of amazing shots, rubbish shots, lunges, not moving, standing in the same box as the guy is serving from and asking for silly let’s (one of them was the all time record which I can’t even be bothered explaining why ‘no let’ although as u can imagine he demanded an explanation -this gets Andrew cotw award). Anyway Alan came back very well and was 13-10 up in the 5th. At this point Andy refocussed and pulled off a great win.

    So 18-6 it ended.


  62. March 10, 2011 at 12:12 pm

    Wednesday 2nd March – 2nd Team
    Excellent win tonight for the second team which should secure our place in Division 4.

    16:11 away at Wanderers.

    Don’t have any detail as left early to go and watch the match……waste of time that was for some!!!



  63. March 10, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Wednesday 2nd March – 3rd Team
    Results from last night – 15-6 win
    Douglas C beat Neville Prentice 3-1
    Garry D lost to Harry Anderson 0-3
    Nic Coleman beat Angus Neilson 3-0
    Al McK beat Robert Steel 3-2
    Al Baird beat Steven Steel 3-0

    An excellent 15-6 win against a team that pumped us by a similar score in the first half of the season.

    On first was Garry D at No 2 playing the very polite youngster Harry aged 13. Garry started very well but his junior opponent looked up for it and he had this annoying ability to get to everything and then turn the rally in his favour. Garry D sensing he was losing his grip on the match and resorted to aggressive tactics, at one point he slammed dunked his junior opponent face first onto the floor. None of this deterred young Harry and he ran out a 3-0 winner, one to watch in the future.

    On next was Nic C at No. 3 who had already had an altercation with DLWE 4th team, Kevin was bang out of order insisting the 3rd team couldn’t hog two courts when there was three teams at home. We were all hoping this wouldn’t effect Nic’s concentration and luckily it didn’t as he turned in a very good performance against another junior opponent. Nic won 3-0

    On next was Douglas at No. 1 playing what looked a very good player taking the first relatively easily, Douglas then started to play much better which cumulated in him unsucessfully trying win every point with one shot per rally. Douglas did however win 3-1.

    On next was myself at No 3, finally a decent performance against a decent opponent, bit of a marathon 3-2 win but played much better length and width this week. Just need to work on the lapses of concentration during the match.

    On last was Alasdair B, I watched the first game and then headed to the showers confident the Bairdster was going to do a number on this yet again young opponent. Alasdair won 3-0.

    Man of match went to young Harry and Douglas I think

    Food again was very good, chilli, rice and chips. Don’t know who had a word with who but it worked.



  64. March 10, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Wednesday 2nd March – 5th Team
    Bad defeat for the fifths, 16-4, should have done better.

    At 5 Sandro was beaten by Norrie 3-0 but played some great shots and with a bit of good fortune could have won a couple of games.
    At 4 Malcolm Day got beaten 3-0 by Fraser who played very well and out ran Malcolm.
    At 3 Bob Ballantyne got beaten 3-1 to Ross, looked as though Bob was going to stuff him after the first game which Bob won easily, then I think Ross got a kick up the arse from some of his teammates, woke up and powered to victory.
    At 2 Zahir beat Norrie 3-0 and was in control throughout the game, well done to Zahir.
    At 1 I got beaten by Donnie 3-0 but played well and got beaten by a better player.

    Overall a poor result for the last game of the season, 16-4.

    The only was is up next year.


  65. March 17, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Wednesday 9th March – 1st Team
    Down to business. Fantastic result from the team tonight – back to our
    winning ways with some great performances all round.

    Lee lost to Lee 3-0. Lee Fraser is a class act – and as Gunsters first real
    test back from injury – reports were that he played quite well. No
    recurrences of the injury – so good news there.

    Richard beat Frank 3-1. Rulebook Rambo (honestly – the post
    match chat was interesting) suffered at the hands of Richard here who
    commanded the T and when he did Frank had nowt to reply with. Good steady
    performance here.

    David demolished Robert 3-0. Some quite clinical stuff here from David who
    has really blown hot and cold over the last month or two. Tonite he was on
    fire – and never gave Robert a sniff.

    Jason beat Martin 3-2. Quite an unorthadox player (certainly doesnt like
    those wee squirty serves) – Jason stuck in well to win quite convincingly in
    the end.

    Andrew beat David 3-1 who certainly enjoyed running about the court like a burst pipe. At one point he gave me a real fright by getting a ball back that he shouldn’t have.
    Game was made more interesting by Rulebook Rambo giving it chapter and verse
    regarding turning and whether it was deliberate or not. Anyway – another good steady performance.

    Team won 4-1 – 15-6.
    So – if you’ve paid attention, and understood Professor Cantly’s forumalae –
    I think its going to be pretty close with us and SSRC. They have some
    alleged double headers to play (which when I was President weren’t allowed)
    this week and next and I believe there are some complaints in already. So
    we are certainly in contention for promotion to 1st Division (this time on

    Nite all.

  66. March 17, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Wednesday 9th March – 2nd Team
    Fine win for the seconds last night away at Bowfield. 3:2 and 13:10.

    1. Doug Mac pumped by Scott Adam, never seen anyone hit it so hard (apart from McWhiskers). No real disgrace as Scott has not dropped a game this year never mind lose a match, former Div 1 player and playing way below his level. 0:3

    2. Ben brushed aside his man in quick time, never in danger. 3:0

    3. Steve Elms lost 1:3, not himself tonight by a long way, understandable, has pulled out for the last game next week.

    4. I win 3:2 against Gill, nice player who loves a right good foot fault (never foot faulted in my life).

    5. Paul wins 3:1 with relative ease.

    This result has ensured we will be staying in Div 4, pathetic to think we were looking at relegation at one point when with a full squad most weeks we
    could easily have been promoted.

    Final game next week, home to Allander, all available apart from Steve, nasty rumour that some of us are not bringing our cars and indulging in a few post match ales…on a school night…oh Matron!!!

    Robert Mac

  67. March 17, 2011 at 9:27 am

    Wednesday 9th March – 3rd Team
    An excellent 18-2 win for the team which must definitely keep us in contention for a promotion place.

    Before I start, COTM and week award definitely belongs to me for turning up at DLWE when we were away to Strathgryffe, further enhanced by getting lost on the way home, ended up at some farmhouse in the middle of no where. Runner up for the award was Douglas Cardiff who followed me, ya beauty.

    Anyway back to the report.

    On at first was Mark at no. 3 who was talking a lot when I arrived so I can deduce from that Watson he won fairly comfortably 3-0.

    On second at No. 5 was Al Baird who had also played before I arrived, but he reliably informed me that he destroyed his young opponent and would be surprised not to win man of the match, Al won 3-1 but only his opponent won Man of the match as it was his first competitive game for the team.

    A match I did see was Garry D on third at No. 2, Garry played very well and definitely deserved his 3-0 win against a decent opponent, like myself Garry needs to hit a straight down the line now and again rather than always cross-courting.

    On next was myself at No. 4 against a very tall young opponent. Didn’t really get going in this match, but according to the gallery I won ugly taking it 3-0 against a player who will only improve but made to many unforced errors. His banter and manners after the game far exceeded his years which is obviously being cultivated by being part of a small community club.

    On last was the haulage King at number 1 (don’t mention the farm road) I think over the last few weeks there has been a definite step up of quality from Douglas and he out played his opponent (il Presidente) with a superior shot selection. His opponent was still busting his chops over some of Garry Ds marking decisions, but was beaten by the better man 3-1.

    Food was good, pizza and chips and our man of the match award went to Garry.

    If we have any chance of promotion then we will need a full strength team against Giffnock next week who are lying 2nd at the moment.



  68. March 17, 2011 at 9:28 am

    Wednesday 9th March – 4th Team v Bowfield 2
    8-16 defeat for the 5th team playing as the 4th team this week, some
    excellent performances but alas so near yet so far a bit like the rebels in
    Libya a few early results then felt full wrath of bowfield and never

    1. Me lost 1-3, won first game comfortably then opponent woke up and
    lost next 2. Strained thigh for my efforts hobbling about today!

    2. Craig won 3-1, great performance was moving about the court well, 1.5 hour Saturday session with Mazz helped obviously!

    3. Andrew lost 2-3, another fine battling performance with 3 games all going to 15-13; tough one to loose.

    4. John lost 1-3, won tight first game then went downhill after that.

    5. Donald lost 1-3, couple of close games that could have swung match in Donald’s favour; not one of Donald’s best performances, played below his

    On another day with full team this would have been a victory for the 4ths. Hopefully Kevin and Simon fit for next week. Last match of season away to
    Western 6.


    David Maz

  69. September 30, 2011 at 10:31 am

    Wednesday 16th March – 1st Team
    The last match report of the season. Its been a long hard slog but an enjoyable one! And looks like we finish 4th unless something strange happens to ssrc tonight.

    Wallopped wishy 18 3 tonight who only turned up with 4 players meaning young doug could stay at home for extra homework.

    In order of play:

    At 1, I beat norman 3 2 after competitive match involving generally poor squash. My weekend in berlin took its toll and midway thro first game had cramp in both calves. It never went away and still have it mildy now. Scary! Anyway normie boy came back from 1 down to go 2 1 up then I managed to start actually playing shots. Thoroughly unenjoyable match to finish.

    At 3, the ‘Marker’ (jason – he must average marking 1.5 matches a week throughout the season) destroyed his guy 3 zip. Went for a shower as he was starting his first thinking I would see most of match but he was off by time I returned. Good effort and good season for him.

    At 4, mcsherry played his usual eclectic mix of delightful shots mixed with utter pi*:h. Always a pleasure to mark although nothing contensious here. A end of season damp squib. Good 3 1 win tho against the guy who used to be a good no 1 for them.

    At 3, ‘handsome harry’ zipped ‘bobby the bobby’. Didn’t see much of the match but looked a fairly one sided event which was good by handsome harry as bobby the bobby can be tricky. Good effort again.

    So a fine end to the season but I suspect ssrc will take 19 points from their last 2 games to pip us to 3rd. And they will go up to div 1. Probably a fair result all things considered and we will enjoy div 2 again next year.

    Thanks to everyone who played for first team and their effort throughout season. Everyone was committed to playing as much as they could and made things easy to organise for me by responding quick with availability.

    Also thanks to all other team captains and team players for accommodating late changes.

    We didn’t go up….but at least we had a laugh along the way!!

    Hopefully see u all at the end of season night out – let’s see who king pin is!

    Night night

  70. September 30, 2011 at 10:32 am

    Wednesday 16th March – 2nd Team
    Nice 13:8 win to finish the season v Allander, ended up in a comfortable mid table position.

    1. Ben strolls through game 1 before pulling his hamstring and withdrawing in game 2 therefore losing 1:3, not a nice way to finish the season but an enforced rest will help the hamstring….trust me….all that springing around the court ain’t good for you!!!

    2. Dave Ritchie lost 0:3, not his finest hour, never really recovered after a wee accident which left his opponent needing a stitch or 2 just above his eye.

    3. John Turner puts in a solid shift and wins 3:1, more importantly gave me a lift to the pub afterwards.

    4. I win 3:0 in a pleasant and fairly even little tussle.

    5. Paul wins 3:1 against young master Graves who nicked off to do homework throughout the evening.

    Good win, good food, jolly banter and a pleasant post match ale……….well done one and all for their efforts over the season, we collectively produced a mixed bag of form but at least had a bit of fun along the way.

    Kind Regards,

    Robert Macm

  71. September 30, 2011 at 10:33 am

    Wednesday 16th March – 3rd Team
    We got disappointedly beaten 17-8 but as you will see from the scoring it could so easily have gone the other way.

    On first at No. 5 was Alasdair Baird playing some whipper snapper who turned out to be a very good player and was very quick on court. He easily one the first game and the Bairdster looked like he was in for a tough night, but a little change of game planning keeping his opponent at the back of the court proved fruitful for Al and he took the next. Again he had to come from behind to make it 2 all and unfortunately lost the last game inflicting our first 3-2 defeat. Al played very well and there was only ever a baw hair in it.

    Next on was Douglas C playing at No. 1. Douglas lost 3-1 and didn’t look himself and tired in the middle of game 2 against a very fit hard hitting opponent. Maybe it was due to the new Bearsden gangsta image with white Chelsea tractor and blackened out windows. Am just jealous, very nice looking motor.

    Next on was myself at No 4 playing a guy called Mike Hannah. I was beaten 3-2. In the first game Mike whistled 3-4 shot past my face and I have no doubt in my mind it was part of an unsettling tactic which probably worked as I lost the first. I levelled with some decent squash in the 2nd and then promptly lost the third, stuck in during the fourth and made it 2-2 but there was some real needle and body contact in the games. The last game my opponent was trying to make out that I was impeding him, but for me he was just deliberately back into me to achieve a stroke. No disrespect to Garry D’s marking as he only called what he seen. This proved decisive in the last when I was 13-12 up but on reflection I should not have let this affect my game.

    On next was Mark at no. 3 who also ended up in another 5 gamer, full of controversy with Mark winning 3-2. Mark played really well in this game, like he has for a while now and must be one the contenders for most improved player of the season. His opponent chucking himself all over the court, complaining with a lot of venom towards Al Bs marking decisions and at one point asking for a new marker. Mark thankfully shut him up with some great squash and determination.

    On next was Garry D playing Andy (who was a thourghly embarrassed by his teams members disappearing and not bothering to mark any of the games). Andy turned out to be a very good player and even though Garry ran him close in a couple of games his drop volley proved very decisive winning 3-0.

    Man of the match went to Mark on our side and Andy on theirs.

    Food was a decent beef curry but we quickly dispersed to Stravaign in the West End for some decent craic.

    I would also like to thank everybody this year for the great team spirit we have achieved throughout all the teams, it has been a total pleasure being part of our efforts this season and banter.



  72. September 30, 2011 at 10:34 am

    Wednesday 16th March – 4th Team
    Last Match of the season ….. thank ****!

    It has been the worst season for team organisation I have ever done, call offs, injuries, holidays, illness, snow, etc, etc. We have now stumbled over the finishing line the last match was against Western 6 who we have beaten before!

    The West End Warriors (walking wounded would be a better description) took to the court last night and despite brave efforts lost 3-2 in matches 7-12 in points.

    1. The Colonel hobbled on to court having been on the rowing machine for 10mins before his match to warm up his bad leg. The Colonel’s usual running and chasing the ball was lacking due to injury so he was forced to
    play a more thoughtful game with minimum movement. Lost first fairly easily but then played very well in second game, some of his best squash this season…maybe we need to try playing on one leg at training and using our heads more. Colonel lost 1-3.

    2. Kevin with bad knee, sore foot and trousers lost to an opponent he would have beaten had he been fit (when has Kevin been fully fit you may ask … 1985 probably!) The gallery knew Kevin was going to come off second best as he never removed his trousers during the match… an extremely bad sign. You know when Kev is well up for it as the trousers come off and the headband comes on. Kevin lost 1-3

    3. Maz on playing a woman! Had beaten her last time we played. Won first game then lost next 3, should have done better. Lost 1-3

    4. Andrew Alibi continues his winning streak 3-0 win tonight makes it 3 wins in a row, a great end to the season for Andrew who has hit his peak a bit late in the season. Buoyed by his performance Andrew was asking when the new season starts!!!

    5. Donald rounds off the season with a 3-0 win over Charlie (Craig’s usual opponent at Western and fellow smoker!). Quick work from the Captain:

    Thanks to all players who have turned out this season for the teams. If we are to run 5 teams next season we need commitment from people to play regularly on a Wednesday night!


    David Mazz

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