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Squash On Sky – The North American Open 2013

l6eVG_Skycom_215x79_v3Well why not kick back over Easter and watch the squash on Sky.

They are covering the North American Open this weekend on the 31st March and the 1st April (no joke!).

Sky Sports 4 on the Sunday 31st March – 7.00am – 11.00am – 4.30pm 

Sky Sports 4 on the Monday 1st April – 1.00am – 6.00am – 3.00pm – 7..00pm

And don’t forget the clocks change on Sunday, if you’re getting up to watch it!

Willstrop v Matthew – The Rivalry (Trans World Sport)


Maria & JP – By Bethan Jinkinson BBC World Service

JP & MariaBy Bethan Jinkinson BBC
World Service

Maria Toorpakai Wazir is a star squash player with a promising international career. Born in Waziristan, a highly conservative region of Pakistan, she had to disguise herself as a boy when she took up the sport – and later received ominous threats for playing in shorts.

“I am a warrior, I was born a warrior, I will die like a warrior.”

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Return of the YoungSTARS – 17th March 2013

IMG-20130317-00197The YoungSTARS returned to David Lloyd in the West End this weekend when we held a mini-tournament on Sunday.

The aim was to give all the players as many matches as possible in an afternoon, so two mini-leagues followed by a play off match, guaranteed each competitor a minimum of 5 matches (best of 3 – PAR 11) and judging by the effort and red faces I think they’ll all sleep well tonight.

Players from David Lloyd West End, The Glasgow Academy, Whitecraigs LT&SC and Whitecraigs Rugby Club all competed. Many thanks to John Kirby for organising the players and the tournament with me.

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New Harrow Renegade Racket

New Renegade model

New Renegade model

Introducing the New Harrow Renegade

The Renegade is a brand new frame from Harrow featuring an oversized tear drop shaped head and great balance (145g).

Pre-strung with Ashaway SuperNick XL Micro at 28lbs

RSP £97.50

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DLWE v Craighelen – Home (Match Report) 13th March 2013

The Team - Little Sean, Captain Cantlay, me, Big Davie Craig & Ben Mazz (the real capt.)

The Team – Little Sean, Captain Cantlay, me, Big Davie Craig & Ben Mazz (the real capt.)

Kurt, the Craighelen team captain, texted me earlier in the day to see if we could get an early start. So I kicked off at 6pm and when I got to 10-5 up in the 1st game it was soon clear that Captain Kurt would have to ‘cling-on’ for dear life to stay in the this game! (I would apologise for that terrible pun, but I’ve got a few more to come!). I went on to clinch the 1st game.

Well I thought I showed great ‘Enterprise’ to sus-out Captain Kurt’s game in the knock-up. His forehand was flashing, but he was letting everything bounce on the backhand, so that was the target. ‘set squash ball to stun’ and stick it right into the corner! Great plan and it really worked. Well it would be ‘illogical’ to change a winning game, so I didn’t and that’s really the ‘Bones’ of what happened. Having said all that, Kurt and I were competing hard in the 5th game, but that was because we played a couple of friendlies. First points on the board for us (Sean refereed and he was rubbish! Well I say rubbish, but I actually mean funny, as he gave a ridiculous ‘out’ and a ‘no let’ against me just for a laugh!)

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Peter O’Hara – Interview of the Man Who Won The 2013 Over 40s British Nationals

March 13, 2013 1 comment
Peter at Newlands before coaching

Peter at Newlands before coaching

I met Peter O’Hara at his home club Newlands, in Glasgow’s South side, to congratulate him on his 2013 British National Over 40 Title and ask him how he did it.

As always Peter just saw it as another match and was surprised at the number of people who have since congratulated him on his title.

Even at the championships in Manchester last month when the organisers told him all about the finals day (the announcements, the introduction to the crowd, the music as he walked out), Peter was reticent to get in the spotlight. Even the MC said “Peter, you just don’t get it do you? It’s The Finals Day of ‘The British Nationals’!”

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DLWE v Dumfries & Hamilton – Away (Match Report) 6th March 2013

westsquashsitelogo1Well we played ‘Dumfries & Hamilton Squash Club’ last night (D&H) in the penultimate game of the season. We’re only a handful of points behind Glasgow Uni, so the team was all geared up for a good match and hoping to keep the pressure on the Uni in case they slipped up with their match against Newlands. So with the same team as the 1st half we were confident.

Ben (Mazzucco) was on first against D&H’s Keith Gristwood. Keith was picking up his 4th cap for the D&H 2nd team tonight and he started positively by winning the 1st game 15-8, but Ben came right back at him in the 2nd to level things up. Unfortunately Ben was carrying an injury and was finding it harder and harder to push-off. Then when he went into one of his ridiculous lunging splits, he jarred his ankle, fell over and it was all over. Ben retired after the end of the game and so D&H got the first win on the board. Keith had to make the long trip home so we didn’t see him again.

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All Aboard the Showboat!

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West End of Season Presentation Night 23rd March

West PRESENTATION NIGHT 2013NEWS FLASH – the speaker just announced for the West Squash 2013 End Of Season Presentation Night will be at Giffnock on March 23rd is the Man U and Rangers legend Jimmy Nicol

I’m looking forward to seeing what the now assistant boss, currently at Kilmarnock, has to say about squash.


It’s on in just 3 weeks, so if you want a ticket (or enough for the whole team) then contact Amanda Nicol (see poster for details) or a West Committee Member (or contact me and I’ll help). A bargain at just £15