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West Squash AGM Asks All Member Clubs to Affiliate to ‘Scottish Squash’

In a historic AGM last night the West of Scotland Squash Clubs voted to make affiliation to Scottish Squash compulsory to all its members (just 5 West clubs affiliate at present).

With a majority of 80% of the votes ‘for’ the motion (50 votes to 13) this new proposal will soon be taken to the Scottish Squash AGM to ratify the new membership proposal, before this new deal is finalised.

The same motion, at a West Squash EGM three years ago failed, but only by the narrowest of margins; leading one pro-voter to comment that “We hadn’t lost the vote we were just 0-1 down in the match!”.

Last nights debate was reported to be a ‘lively affair’ with those opposing the motion putting their view in the strongest terms and warning that smaller clubs could go out of business if they are made to find more money (as happened 15+ years ago when West Squash took the requirement of compulsory affiliation out of their constitution).

However those supporting the motion didn’t think that this would happen; and the out-going West President (Henry Reid) was confident that both West and Scottish Squash could work with individual clubs to help them through any difficulties.

(Currently Newlands, David Lloyd Renfrew, Western, Strathgryffe and Nunholm in Dumfries are the five West clubs that choose to affiliate).

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Harrow’s Alan Clyne Wins the 2010 PSA Kent Open

Alan Clyne picked up another title this weekend as he won the inaugural $10K PSA Kent Open in Maidstone.

Alan probably thought he would be facing No.#3 seed John Rooney in the final, but the Irishman had to pull out after a Chinese meal gave him food poisoning and this meant he had to concede the semi-final match to his opponent Jonny Hartford.

The final was dominated by Alan with a 3-0 victory in just 35 minutes. To see a full report of the match click here.

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