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Photos from the Plate Tournaments at David Lloyd West End in Glasgow

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YoungSTARS – 20th May at Western LTC

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The April YoungStars are heading to Whitecraigs LT&SC for Tournament No.3 Sunday 2nd April

2017 Canary Wharf Classic Draw


Nick Matthew has pledged to donate his prize money from Canary Wharf Squash Classic to the #Sunshine4Sumner campaign

The No.1 seed at Canary Wharf, is making this extraordinary gesture to help fund the treatment costs of 11-year-old Sussex boy Sumner Malik, who has a rare type of brain tumour.

Now Nick is encouraging the worldwide squash community to support the family’s appeal to raise money to pay for treatment, which is not available on the NHS.

Nick said: “I was so moved by Sumner’s story that I just wanted to do what I could to help, especially as I have known his family for years. We need to raise as much money as possible to fund his treatment so I’d ask everyone to give whatever they can afford to help him.

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Optical Express DLWE v Giffnock 2 – Away Match Report 8th February 2017


Fin v Gazza at no.4

First team did well tonight with a tricky away fixture against Giffnock 2.


Doug was there inexplicably early and was on again Jonathan Brady at No.3 – a good match with both guys pure meltin’ the baw! Seemed to suit both of their games and it was a good run, but Giffnock won this 3-0. Never saw Doug again – must have been a big night out arranged.

Next on was Paul Treon v Graham “The Mugger” McAinsh at No 4. Paul had just finished his dinner, so was a bit tentative in the 1st game. It was as close as it could be at 14-12, but Paul was on the winning side. Then things got considerably easier as Paul worked out Mugger’s game and at the same time digested his tea! So a 3-0 to us.

I (Jason Broadberry) went on next against Mark Coyle at No.2. I’d lost to Mark previously, but now he has got a proper job and is working hard he’s not able to play as much squash, so things have evened out. I was like a ‘Bolt’ out of the blocks (yes! Me!!) and took the 1st comfortably, but Mark got going in the 2nd a evened things up. The 3rd was ‘the cruncher’ and I was game ball down….. twice, but managed to hold onto my bottle just at the crucial time and won 14-12. The 4th was much easier and I brought home the match 3-1 (M.O.T.M. again for me? Maybe!)

Finlay McGhee was on next v Gary Blanchflower at No.4. This was a great match up of youth v experience or shots v movement or even little v large! Fin won the 1st quite easily, but after that we had 3 tie-breaks. The match was very entertaining and ‘Angry Fin’ managed to motivate himself and frustrate himself in equal measure! Garry was getting very tired toward the end, but still managed to dominate many of the rallies, but Fin was right up for this and after losing 3 match balls in the 3rd, he also saved 2 match balls in the 4th and brought home the tie 3-1 (M.O.T.M. for Fin? Maybe!)

Last on was Jason Lang v Daniel (the baby faced assassin) O’Sullivan. I missed the first 2 games but Jase was well in charge and although Daniel was really quick and very dynamic, Jase was a cut above him and won the match 3-0

So 15 more points to the total and we all wolfed down 5 massive pizzas for dinner – seems to be the food of choice for the squash athlete!

(check out ‘Broadberry Sports Ltd’ on Facebook to see some clips of the matches or just click here)

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Calling all YoungStars! Tournament No.2 at Newlands Saturday 25th February 2017

Optical Express DLWE v Western – Home Match Report 1st February 2016

222A bit of a thrashing from Western Last night, 3-18

I was on first, playing way above my pay grade at No.2! Got thrashed by some young veggie, ‘I.T. Crowd’ lookalike, whippet called Liam (I tried turning my game ‘off’ and ‘on’ again, but it didn’t work!)

Next was Doug at No.3 v Rich King. Doug’s hard training recently (i.e. suspect trips to Germany to sample the local iniquity) paid off, but not on court! Verprugeln 3-0 (Doug did spend the rest of the evening cuddling everyone though, so team spirit was high!)

Paul T on next at No.5 against Mhairi. Lost 3-1 to a girl! 😉

Ickle Fin played Steve Halliday at No.4! What the **** was Steven doing at No.4??? We soon found out as Fin took him to 5! Well played Fin M.O.T.M.

Craig VW on last against ‘mop-top’ Halliday. Top-knot performance from ‘Hirsute Halliday’! And staying on the hair-theme Craig was chopped 3-0. It was a ‘cut & dry’ result, maybe he was saving ‘something for the weekend’ 😉

Pizzas were great – although before the match I told myself not to eat too many slices. However that went out of the window when they arrived!




PS – I was C.O.T.M. for getting the fewest points

PPS – Paul lost to a girl! 😉

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