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KO Cup v Giffnock Young Guns 28th August 2013

The Knockout Cup is a great way to ease yourself into a brand new season – especially as this season will see the best in the Commonwealth Come to our door in 2014.

Glasgow City-20130828-00765And talking about the Commonwealth Games, a team from Scotstoun (the new squash venue for The Games) were playing their first ever match against our 4th team. It’s great to see a brand new team join the leagues and the only thing that worried them was that they weren’t 100% sure on the scoring. No matter I thought our No.2 (Sean) has been playing for years and he’s got no idea how to score either! (Pic left is of the Scotstoun team). And to see the 4th team report click here.

In the meantime, the Giffnock Young Gunners came visiting to play out 1st team and with an average age of about 16 they would obviously be easy pickings for us and we’d show them how squash should be really be played. Right?

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Get Squash into th Olympics – time is running out!

Vote before September 8th for squash to get into the Olympics for 2020 follow the link below


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2014 Commonweath Games

Commonwealth Games Confirmation

Match Day 4 September 7th – RASTA Racketball Saltire Tour @ Abercorn – Edinburgh

 Click here Racketball Tour – Abercorn – to download a pdf. of the posterRacketball Tour - Abercorn

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The Day I Met Geoff Hunt

August 14, 2013 3 comments

IMG-20130714-00520When you talk about the all-time greats, Khan is often the first name that comes to mind, but who beat JK in 1981 in the British Open? Who had 8 British Open titles, when 8 was the most ever? Yup it was Geoff.

So anyway I was watching the final of the U19s Dutch Junior Open (I took my nephew along to play in the U17s – watch out for Matt’s name in the future!) and we squeezed into the front row of the Franz Otten Stadion. This gate-crashing seemed to annoy some Australians sitting behind us so I thought I’d have a chat to them to say ‘hi’ and make friends. After their pupil won the U19s tournament, we talked about the excitement in the cricket (England needed 1 wicket to beat the Aussies in Nottingham and they needed just 16 runs!). The Aussie introduced himself as Stewart and after the banter I asked him if he’d played much himself. He said he had in the past, but was just coaching in the Middle East now. The penny dropped:

“How high up the World Rankings did you get?” I asked

“About No.4” he said casually.

“You wouldn’t be Stewart Boswell would you?” he was!

Just then another Aussie coach in their party said something to our new mate and a minute later Stewart relayed the news to me that ‘Geoff’ had just told him that Australia had lost their last wicket and so also lost the 1st Test Match by just 14 runs.

“Fling another shrimp on the barbie! That wouldn’t be Geoff Hunt would it?” I said slightly starstruck. It was! (didn’t really say the ‘shrimp bit!)

Well there was nothing more for it except for Matt to get a photo with Stewart and me to get a photo with the Geoff – errr sorry that’s Mr Hunt – MBE – squash legend!

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READ MORE about Geoff & Stewart by clicking below

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Results of RASTA’s Match Day 3 at Dumfries

RAS 1_2013_Dumfries - Premier_Div_Final_Results RAS 2_2013_Dumfries - First_Div_Final_Results RAS 3_2013_Dumfries - Second_Div_Final_ResultsIf you’d like to see the photos of Match Day 3 of RASTA’s Saltire Tour please click here

To see a bigger picture of the results please click on the images to the left or just click here

It was another great day for Racketball at Dumfries and what a final between Neil Bennett (Dalgety Bay and Nick Bond (up from Chappel Allerton in Yorkshire) in the Premier Division

The standard is certainly hotting up in the RASTA tournaments and it’s fabulous to see the sport develop and also to see so many new faces to the sport via Division 2.

If you’d like to see the Ranking list after 3 tournaments then click here

Next stop on the tour is Edinburgh where a brand new club to the Racketball tour will be hosting RASTA’s finest, as we go to Abercorn on September 7th – look forward to seeing you there.