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KO Cup v Giffnock Young Guns 28th August 2013

The Knockout Cup is a great way to ease yourself into a brand new season – especially as this season will see the best in the Commonwealth Come to our door in 2014.

Glasgow City-20130828-00765And talking about the Commonwealth Games, a team from Scotstoun (the new squash venue for The Games) were playing their first ever match against our 4th team. It’s great to see a brand new team join the leagues and the only thing that worried them was that they weren’t 100% sure on the scoring. No matter I thought our No.2 (Sean) has been playing for years and he’s got no idea how to score either! (Pic left is of the Scotstoun team). And to see the 4th team report click here.

In the meantime, the Giffnock Young Gunners came visiting to play out 1st team and with an average age of about 16 they would obviously be easy pickings for us and we’d show them how squash should be really be played. Right?

To see the full report click ‘read more’ just below

First on was Sara (McDonald) v Patrick O’Sullivan (Scotland U15s No.1). Sara looked a bit nervous in the 1st game and Patrick was getting everything back. Sara had to win every point at least 3 times to get any points at all.

The great retrieving from Patrick continued and he mixed it with some nice trickery at the front, which meant he won two tight games. Having done all the hard work the 3rd was much more comfortable and so the first 3 points were on the board for The Young Gunners.

No sign of our No.2 Sean (Norris) so I sent him a text saying “You’re late!” and then a quick follow-up text to just confirm “Unless you’re already here and I just can’t seen you! Shout if you’re here already!”

Next on was Jason (Grinton) at No.4 against Mark Coyle. This was a really tight one with both the 1st and 3rd games going to a tie break. They were one game each way so the only question was who won the 2nd game. I was on court myself at the time so didn’t see it, but in another close one the Young Guns just managed to close out the 2nd game 13-15. So a second victory to Giffnock, including a very close 17-15 in the 3rd game.

I was on against James Singh at the same time and was getting the run-around. I was 7-6 down in the 1st and wondering where my backhand was! ‘Missing In Action’ was the answer, and this combined with an uncanny ability to hit the tin ‘at will’ meant that I was really under the cosh. Fortunately I managed to lengthen the rallies at this point and took the 1st game 15-10.

The 2nd was even harder and my backhand wasn’t getting any better, as many of my shots squirted out into the middle of the court. James was stroking the ball about well and running me about like a ‘bust baw’, but I just about managed to hang on and squeezed home 15-13.

Well now that I had the unassailable 2-0 lead, I was determined to do exactly what I’d been telling everyone else to do and make sure you won the 3rd as well, as it could be crucial! At 8-2 up it was looking good, but the wheels were coming off. James was moving well and he went on a fantastic run of 10 points. From there I was always struggling and despite trying to dig I just couldn’t get myself moving well enough. So 2-1 to me, but a great point for James and I was worried that it could prove critical to the match score.

So it was all on the last match. Sean had graced us with his presence and went on last at No.2 v Harry Anderson; it was good to see that nothing has changed and Sean hasn’t learnt any of the rules over the summer! Still it was a good scrap in the 1st game and was tight all the way to 14-14. Sean had a game ball, but Harry took the 1st 17-15.

The 2nd was a bit of a walkover and Sean played poorly at best. However take nothing away from Harry he dominated the game and gave Sean a right doin’.

Sean asked for my advice and I told him that he should stop playing rubbish and try to at least to give Harry a run! And to be fair he did exactly that. Harry had already secured the match, so probably took the foot off the gas a bit; as was evident from two of his ‘helicopter swings’ before eventually playing the shot (or for those old enough to remember, it was a bit like watching the old Sugar Ray Leonard ‘wind up’ punch). None the less from 11-11 Sean got to 14-11 and found the winner to win 15-13.

So a good win for the Young Guns with a well deserved 8-4 victory. Harry’s dad Matt was there as the taxi driver so I suggested he could make the team if they changed the name from the “Giffnock Young Guns” to “The Young Guns and the Old Smith & Western” – but Matt was happy to see the lads do the business on the court (and the Bhoys do he business on the pitch).

To see the DLWE 4th team report click read more below

Good win for 4th team against a fledgling Scotstoun team who were new to team squash.

I marked 2 games littered with hundreds of ‘lets’ and ‘strokes’ only no-one ventured to ask for anything. Not one ‘let’ requested in all 6 games marked.

Graham (Fisher), despite a couple of lapses, had too much speed for his opponent and won all 3 games.

Iain (Beveridge) kept his opponent in the game with careful use of the ‘out serve’ but following the motto, why straight drive when you can boast, won 3-0.

I didn’t see Fraser (Thompson’s) match, but understood he won 2-1.

I (Alastair Baird) managed to sneak a 3-0 win with a bit of old mans squash – lobs and drops.

Luckily I was able to point our beginners and the Scotstoun team to the 1st team on the other court to see how squash should be played. I think they now understand the concept of squash ‘lets’ & ‘strokes’ – You request ‘a let’ no matter how half-hearted your attempt is to get the ball, or you were never going to get it, or your opponent had cleared the ball you had got there no problem could have played any shot you wanted and still decide to ask for ‘a let’ (eh Sean?).

The criteria for getting given ‘a let’ is that you are getting hammered and every decision against you must be questioned despite the fact the opposition marker is not old enough to have moved on from Harry Potter books (eh Jason?).

Anyway nice bunch of lads from Scotstoun, keen to learn.

2nd Team Report – Kev C

So we were up against the Giffnock kids this week….

Myself and Neil arrived before 7 and were greeted with the great news that not only could we make an early start but we had both courts…hopefully a sign of things to come this season (probably not!).

Always a strange set-up the KO cup with it being 4 to a team and 3 games no matter what!

Afraid i didn’t get the game scores or the opponents names this week – will promise to do better going forward 😉

So Neil was first up at No.4 against a 12 year old (or something like that) who was about 4 foot – Yup marginally taller than me. I didn’t see this match but Neil had a nightmare start with only achieving 3 points in the 1st game…but thankfully found his feet in the 2nd to level the scores. I did catch the last half of the decider and although Neil couldn’t close the match out it was pretty funny to watch with Neil showing that once again this season he would provide consistency on Wednesday nights regardless of the age of his opponent with some racquet throws and plenty of swearing. Brilliant to watch. No.4 for Giffnock, one to watch for the future.

I was on at the same time against Albir on the other court at No.3. I’ve not played much  at all over the last few months so knew i’d need to rely on fitness to get me thru this one. To be fair to Albir he got the better of the rallies in the first two games but his lapses in concentration meant that i could run him down to pull back game points in the first and with some kamikaze running into walls (You’d be so proud Jase!) i managed to convert the game points when they came my way. Albi won the 3rd though and to be honest was only fair since he prob should have won the first two! Albir, one to watch for the future.

Kenny was watching our games from the balcony and i’m sure was sufficiently inspired by the squash he was seeing! When it came for him to go on at No. 2 there was an 8 year old (or something like that) warming up…I let him know that was his opponent, at which point he looked panicked until he realised that he was actually up against the veteran of the team who was about 14 (or something like that)…he then made a Kenny-esque comment which was hilarious but inappropriate for a match report…anyone who really wants to know ask Kenny later or email directly 😉

Anyways, Kenny was up against it as i could see form the warm-up this guy was s*** hot. His opponent, let’s call him Justin Beiber, was in a different class and as Kenny said would walk straight into our 1st team (I’m sure that will upset some DLWE No.1 Team Members!). The youngster was in control of the first game until Kenny literally shoulder barged him to the ground which was hilarious and actually messed up Justin’s hair a bit….i gave Kenny a warning and we carried on. Was actually a close one in the end but Justin just nicked it. The 2nd was a good contest too but again Justin was retrieving everything and had too much in the end. The 3rd game Kenny pulled up a couple of times with his knee injury so afraid was unable to get anything form the match. Justin, one to watch for the future.

Finally John T was last in court against another 4 foot opponent, but this time one sporting an Ireland Squash international top…not a good sign. i never seen any of this but from the sounds of it the youngster was just too good. He went up 2-0 but fair play to John he managed to wrestle one game back.

We were all down before the clock struck 8pm…must be some kind of record. We celebrated by playing 3/4 court with the opposition which was another embarrassment! No food obviously but myself and Neil headed back to the Granary to catch the end of the Celtic game which was the only good part of the night…until the Champs League draw the next day that is when Celtic managed to get the court of death (sigh)!

So a hammering really, beat 4-8. No idea about MOTM.

Summary of Scores

Neil Lost 1-2

Kevin Won 2-1

Kenny Lost 0-3

John Lost 1-2

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