Match Report 2021/22 – West Squash

Whitecraigs LT&SC v Hamilton – 6th October 2021 (Division 1)

West of Scotland Squash Leagues are Back!!!!! 2021 has given us some competitive squash at last – and thank **** for that!

So last night was the first match of seasons starting in this new decade! And Hamilton came along to Whitecraigs LT&SC to kick things off.

An early start meant Ollie (Millen) was probably the first West Squash player to hit a ball in anger, in the new season, as he took on Norman (Patterson) at No.4. Hamish turned up unnaturally early (for him) so he marked. Ollie won the 1st game and everything was going well for us! Just then Kenny (Boyle) arrived, so we left to nab Court 1 and really cash in on the early start.

We played the No.1 string match and I (Jason Broadberry) lost the 1st game 9-11, but surprisingly felt I was in the match against the whippet that is Kenny!! Anyway we came off court after the 1st to see Norman looking jubilant – and claiming he’d won! Well, that must have been the quickest 1-3 ever I thought, but apparently it was the quickest 2-3 ever!! (2 was also the amount of rackets broken apparently!)

Ho-hum! I’d leveled things up at 1-1 in my match, but it would be safe to say that Kenny’s squash looked under-cooked (or should I say under Boyled!), but he stepped it up in the 3rd to win 4-11 then lost concentration to lose the 4th ……… and so to the 5th!! When I got back on court Kenny had quite obviously changed the ‘double yellow-dot’ for a ‘blue-dot’ and it was so hot I could hardly touch it. I hit a drop shot that flew into the nick at the back of the court and I knew I may be in trouble. In the markers chair, David “the Pink Panther” Macaleese tried to hurry me along in case the ball made it down to 99 degrees and I had any chance of playing anything in front of the short line, but unfortunately all my drops were gone and Kenny could easily pick up anything I could hit and so he ran out a 2-3 winner. So 0-2 down in the match and no justice! Or was there?

Young Hamish (Buchannan) went on next at No.3 and was up against David Heffernan. Hamish took the 1st game, but was lucky and I knew David would go into overdrive in the 2nd (which he did) and leveled things up. However the 3rd and 4th games saw Hamish really get into his stride and he ran everything down and his shot selection was much better. David just didn’t know where he was going to get his winners and I thought it was not only a great match performance, but also great maturity from Hamish.

John-Boy (Howie) took on Dave ‘The Pink Panther’ (Macaleese) at No.5 next and it was a dominant performance from John. It would be fair to say that Maccer didn’t really get into his stride last night and made a few uncharacteristic mistakes, but John was always going to be a tough nut to crack and his experience gave him a 3-0 victory (having said that there must have been over a 120 years of experience on that particular court! At least!).

So it was all down to the No.2s as Cammy (Colquhoun) took on Keith (Martin) and I know what you’re thinking, this has got 5 games written all over it! But no! Cammy took a 2-0 lead with some unbelievable retrieving (and an amazing backhand drop to win the 2nd).

I know what you’re thinking, this has definitely got 5 games written all over it! But again NO!! Cammy screwed the nut and won this big 6 pointer to bring home the match 3-0 for the team!!

I know what you’re thinking, “You’re lying Jase! Cammy never won 3-0 surely?? Surely he just strung it out to the 5th??” – But really Scouts’ Honour ……. he did it in 3! …………………….. I know!

So we all retired for burgers & chips (the food of athletes) at the famous back bar …… well at least it wasn’t pizza! Ollie had pint of Joker (fill in your own punchline!) and Cammy took home the M.O.T.M. for my vote and it would have to be Norman for Hamilton (although secretly I think I played pretty well! As did Hamish……. and John).

A great 16-7 victory to kick things off and looking forward to Dumfries next ……….. Away! I hope they’re doing match dinners!

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