Match Reports DLWE 2017/18

  1. September 28, 2017 at 10:17 am

    Optical Express DLWE v Hamilton – Away Match Report 27th Sept. 2017
    1st game back and where are the most unusual courts in the west to go and pay on? Whitecraigs RFC you say – well maybe, but I was thinking about the Hamilton saunas.

    Still things were looking up as we had an early start with 2 games on before 6pm. And what’s more we were 2-0 up, so it would be a short night at Hamilton right? Well you’d think!

    The 2 matches in question were our new No.5 Andrew Glen & our old No.1 Craig (4-team-shirts) Valente Wallace and both did the on-court business. Andrew had his first ever victory in Division 1, with a 3-0 over Norman Patterson (so MOTM surely to Andrew!) and Craig beat Callum 3-1 (surviving a game ball to Calum in the 4th).

    All it would take was for me to win at No.2 and secure the points! Right? Wrong! Chris McGeady had other ideas and was up 2-0 and 9-3 before you could say “What’s the ****ing temperature on this court!” Then an unlikely comeback began as I won the 3rd 12-10 and then the 4th as well – but Chris recouped just at the right time to take a tough 5th game and the match.

    Well Paul Treon would definitely bring the match home! 11-3 in the 1st – easy! But Steven Healey had other ideas as well! He won the 2nd 13-11 and then the next 2 as well! Disaster!! (MOTM to Stephen)

    Finlay McGhee v Colin Towers were on last at 2-2 in ‘The Battle for Hobbiton’ (!)

    Great start for Fin going 2-0 up with some punishing rallies, but Colin fought back in a lung busting 3rd to take it to 2-1 and in the 4th he was in charge as well. A nail biting 5th to look forward to then? However, just then, Fin got back into the match with some much straighter play and an amazing run of points, from 7-1 down to a 12-10 win, meant he took an unlikely win in that game and a match victory (and he secured the bonus points as well!).

    Quote of the Night from Norman:

    Fin “As the home team, do you find the courts hot Norman?

    Norman “Well they’re good for growing tomatoes in!”

    Calum remembered I was a veggi and so a very nice meal for me and curry for the lads (and rice only for Colin T – only the 2nd time I’ve seen him eat after a match, in about 25 years!).

    Discussions on the intricacies of the “Hamilton Ladder Challenge” system ensued! Turns out you can be 1 one week and 5 the next! But you must accept the challenge!

    It’s good to be back on a Wednesday night – especially with a 15-8 team win.

    (checkout ‘Broadberry Sports’ on Facebook to see some video clips of the match)

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