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DLWE v Newlands 2 – Away (Match Report) 29th October 2014

Another tough night for the team! At least 3 of us left with a sense that we could have done better!

Away to Newlands 2 and never an easy one. They are a solid team from top to bottom. First up was David (Craig) at No.4 against David Fallis. This was a real ‘blast fest’ with both players pure meltin’ the baw! I was once again on mascot-minding duties (with Uncle Dougal) IMAG0517and didn’t see much of the match, but when I did watch it looked very even, with both players giving it a good old eckie thump! It’s great having a new mascot, although it’s also difficult to get them off the court in between matches.

Back to the No.5s and when all was said and done Newlands Dave won all 3 games and it looked relatively comfortable as far as the points were concerned (our mascot will have to bring us more luck next time!)

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Elshorbagy Is New World No.1

0,,13121~13193136,0023-year-old Egyptian Mohamed Elshorbagy has climbed to the top of the PSA World Tour rankings, overtaking 31-year-old Frenchman Gregory Gaultier.

He becomes the fourth youngest player ever to become squash World No.1. Elshorbagy enters the record books behind only Pakistani legends Jahangir & Jansher Khan (who both topped the charts aged 18) and compatriot Ramy Ashour who became number one aged 22.  His victory over Gaultier in the semi-finals of the 2014 Delaware Investments US Open and Nick Matthew’s defeat to four-time World Champion Amr Shabana in the other last four encounter means that he will sit on top the PSA charts for the first time in his career (when the latest rankings come out in November 1st)

Mohamed described it as a dream moment come true. “It feels unbelievable right now,”said Elshorbagy. “It’s been a dream to get to that spot and I can’t believe I’m there right now.”

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Greg Lobban Clinches 4th PSA World Tour title of his Career (at the Indian Summer PSA Securian Open)


Harrow’s Greg Lobban (PSA world ranked No. 71) clinched the fourth PSA World Tour title of his career when he surprised top seed Julian Illingworth in the final of the Indian Summer PSA Securian Open, the PSA Challenger 5 event at Commodore Squash Club in St Paul, USA. Congrats Greg – great result (click here for the full details)Screen-Shot-2014-10-21-at-9.35.18-AM

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DLWE v Strathgryffe – Home (Match Report) 22nd October 2014

westsquashsitelogo1Strathgryffe came calling last night and as they finished in the champions league position’s in the past couple of years it looked like a tough match up for DLWE team who are at the Premiership establishing stage.

First up was big David (Craig) and his daughter Elvi. Both had rackets and although Elvi took to the courts first, it was eventually her dad who took on Ross (red) Lawrie at No.4. I was promoted to team child-care duties so Elvi and I sat and watched David and loudly clapped all his great shots – and booed Ross (whilst learning how to swing a racket!). Unfortunately due to David’s notorious slow match starts we were doing more booing than clapping (his warm up this week consisted of carrying Elvi’s Mickey Mouse backpack to the court). When David was one and a half games down we’d both seen enough Mickey Mouse squash and so it was book time and there’s none better for a 1 year old than ”Fox in Socks”! It’s so good it’s five star rated you know!?! Well what a difference that made and David won the 2nd game – I can’t tell you anything about the game, but what I can say is that Fox finds his second sock in a clock! Game 3 went to Ross and the 4th was a real close one with Strathgruffalo’s Ross winning it 15-13 to take the match.

So with child-care duties taken care of Uncle Jase went off to watch Doug (Macmillan)…..

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RASTA Racketball Tournament at Edinburgh Sports Club 8th November 2014

October 16, 2014 1 comment

Racketball Tour - Edinburgh Sports Club - Nov 2014

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DLWE v Giffnock 2 – Away (Match Report) 8th October 2014

westsquashsitelogo1Off to Giffnock II on Wednesday and it’s as Forrest Gump said, “Giffnock II is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”

So I turned up at 6.30pm (always advisable when you’ve only got 1 court) and was soon on against Mark Coyle at No.2. Mark can certainly crack the ball on those courts and had I played that sort of game against him then I’d have lost very quickly……so I didn’t. Instead I took the slower ariel route and this just frustrated the Giffnock Young Gun. The scores were all pretty close, but I mainly felt that I was more in control than not and managed to win all 3.

No Sean again this week, to have a go at in the match report, not that this should stop me! And on a Forrest Gump theme I wish he was playing so I could use the “Stupid is as stupid does” quote!! Hope to see him back to full fitness soon.

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Results RASTA Racketball – David Lloyd West End October 2014

DLWE v Whitecraigs RFC – Home (Match Report) 1st October 2014

westsquashsitelogo1In the pre-season I’d won a very tight match against Doug Mac and so was fighting hard for the No.2 position in the team. When I told David Craig (our usual No.4/5) the news of my hard fought victory he said, without a hint of sarcasm “Oh has Doug not been playing at all over the summer then?”. Thanks Dave! (I dropped him from the 1st match!).

Good to see that as of today we (David Lloyd West End) are top of the table to Giffnock in 2nd place?!?! What a result – and quite frankly Newlands must be embarrassed with their 6th place showing (OK it may be alphabetical at the moment, but you’ve gotta take your victories when they come!).Doc3

So the first pairings to arrive together were all of Whitecraigs Rugby Club (except my guy) and our new team member Colin (Clarke) – so Colin went on first at No.4. against Nairn McMaster and immediately went 1-0 up. Great start I thought! Never expected that. And that’s when I went on court……

I (Jason Broadberry – in case you didn’t know!) was up against Dougie Emery at No.2 and despite knowing Dougie for many years and his tenacious spirit, I kinda forgot the old adage ‘never underestimate Dougie Emery’ – it’s always a mistake! But after winning the 1st game that’s exactly what I did. To be fair to me I did win the 1st game 11-0, (cont’d….. press read more to see all of the report)

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