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DLWE v Whitecraigs RFC – Home (Match Report) 1st October 2014

westsquashsitelogo1In the pre-season I’d won a very tight match against Doug Mac and so was fighting hard for the No.2 position in the team. When I told David Craig (our usual No.4/5) the news of my hard fought victory he said, without a hint of sarcasm “Oh has Doug not been playing at all over the summer then?”. Thanks Dave! (I dropped him from the 1st match!).

Good to see that as of today we (David Lloyd West End) are top of the table to Giffnock in 2nd place?!?! What a result – and quite frankly Newlands must be embarrassed with their 6th place showing (OK it may be alphabetical at the moment, but you’ve gotta take your victories when they come!).Doc3

So the first pairings to arrive together were all of Whitecraigs Rugby Club (except my guy) and our new team member Colin (Clarke) – so Colin went on first at No.4. against Nairn McMaster and immediately went 1-0 up. Great start I thought! Never expected that. And that’s when I went on court……

I (Jason Broadberry – in case you didn’t know!) was up against Dougie Emery at No.2 and despite knowing Dougie for many years and his tenacious spirit, I kinda forgot the old adage ‘never underestimate Dougie Emery’ – it’s always a mistake! But after winning the 1st game that’s exactly what I did. To be fair to me I did win the 1st game 11-0, (cont’d….. press read more to see all of the report)

but none the less it was still a school-boy error and when I lost the next 2 games, things were looking bleak. Fortunately our new No.1 Craig (Valentie-Wallace) came to the rescue with some great advice about where to attack and this ultimately made the difference in the match. I managed to claw the next game back to force a decider. I got a good 10-3 lead in this game (using the same tactics) and I though there’s no way I’m losing from here! And so it proved with a few more rallies I eventually brought home the bacon (vegetarian bacon that is!) to sneak a win. #relief

When I came off court I noticed that Colin had lost 3-1 to Nairn, which wasn’t a massive surprise, in fact Col did really well to get the team a point against Nairn. Then Dougie (Macmillan) went on next against Harry Anderson at No.3 and was 1-0 up, but 8-10 down in the 2nd game when I arrived to watch. Fortunately Doug managed to wrestle this one back to win 13-11 and then went on to dominate the 3rd game as well – so a good 3-0 victory for Doug.

I then marked the No.5 match which was John (Turner) against Colin Hutton. Well this was a good old ding-dong with Colin dominating the 1st game and then when John realising he was playing a lefty, coming back to win the 2nd game. John needed to stay patient and mix the pace up a bit and he did that to 6-5 up in the next 2 games, but unfortunately he then let Colin dominate after that and so lost both 6-11. Another good team point though.

Craig (V-W) was on last against new Whitecraigs RFC No.1 Andy McBean and when I’d finished marking he was already 0-2 down in games. However the news was that Lucozade and Snickers were beginning to kick in and at 3-7 he was now trying to salvage something from the match. And that’s exactly what he did as he won that game 11-9 with an amazing comeback and then won the 4th 11-4! And so to the 5th where Craig once again found himself 3-7 down, so could he perform another unlikely comeback? Well ‘no’ he couldn’t as Andy took the 5th 5-11.

But 10 points to 11 wasn’t too bad (10-14 when you add the bonus points). So we’re off and running for a brand new season and it should be fun again this year to see if we can consolidate our position in Division 1.

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