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Results for RASTA Match Day 3 at Whitecraigs LT&SC Glasgow on 30th April

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RASTA Match Day 3 photo montage from Whitecraigs LT&SC 30th April 2022

RASTA Day 2 at Dalgety Bay (photo montage)

Mini Report 17th March 2022 v Hamilton (away) – West Squash Division 1

I know what you’re thinking, no match reports for ages and suddenly one turns up – you must have won! Well, you’d be right, but really, it’s more complicated than that …………………………………………………………….. honest! A work trip and incredibly busy schedule, but the bottom line is ………. ‘Yes’ – it’s because we won 😊

Not that there’s very much to report on, as I didn’t see Chris (Murphy) winning at No.1 or Ollie (Millen) winning at No.3, in a 5-game thriller apparently – and John (Howie) had to retire due to a back injury, as his opponent accidently caught him on the way past. Or even Dave (Simpson) winning at No.4 – which was a game that even Dave characterized as “It wasn’t that bad, at least I didn’t drill him with the ball!” which I have to concede was probably the saving grace of a very bad-tempered match! And I lost as well.

(if you want to read the redacted part of this match report please text me!)

We headed back to the Whitecraigs back-bar and there were loads of left-over dinner for everyone to enjoy…………… and beer………………….. and football on telly. Two of tonight’s winners were playing darts as I left and looked like they were going to have a fun evening! (and Liverpool beat Arsenal 0-2!)

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Photo Montage of RASTA ‘Match Day 1’ of 2022 at Laurieknowe in Dumfries 5th Mar – Sponsored by Pebble Urn 

Chanel VAS Champs 6-11th March in Wimbledon- get you tickets before they’re gone!

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R.A.S.T.A. is BACK! The First Racketball Tournament of the 2022 Season is Laurieknowe on March 5th – hope you can make it!

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Match Report 9th February 2022 v Giffnock (away) – West Squash Division 1

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Giffnock are 2nd in the Division so this was going to be a tough one tonight and so it proved!

When I arrived I met Stuart Pitt who said we were playing each other tonight as he munched a box of pasta. Obviously carb loading for a tough 5 setter against me as he’s heard about how fit I am (I’m only one vowel away from being ‘fit’!)

Talking of which, the battle of the heavyweights was on first, as Ollie (Millen) took on Mark Coyle at No.5. Mark obviously loves the home courts and Ollie got involved in playing his game a bit too much early on to lose the 1st game. However, when he slowed it down, he had much more success and maybe should have picked up a team point right there. Unfortunately, Ollie narrowly lost the 2nd game 13-15 and the match slipped away after that 3-0 to Mark and a good performance.

I was talking to Garry Blanchflower and Kenny ‘penalty point against ‘ Hardy in-between games and as the insults were flying and they told me I was rubbish, I told them both, “I used to be Jason Broadberry you know!”

I went on next and Stuart had obviously changed his mind about playing me, as I was now up against Ben Mazzucco at No.2. I remembered that he liked to boast (a lot), so I thought, ‘be ready for that!’ Unfortunately, I didn’t reckon on how well he did it, as well as the great drops (and many other shots). The bottom line is that he was far too good last night and won 3-0. I think I’d have to play him a few more times just to work out what the hell was going on! Mind you he’s not lost many in the league this year, so what can you do!

Next up was Chris (Murphy) v James Singh – a lot of tough matches for Chris this season against guys that are playing full time. However, Chris is so difficult to read on court and he can always create problems in every match. This time it was game 2, when at around 8-7 you could see that Chris could sense the finish line! Slightly helped by a 50/50 game-ball ‘call’, he walked off court at 1-1 leaving James to argue the call with the ref….. Ollie! (Nae chance!!).

Normal business was resumed after this (although the 3rd was close) and James won the next 2 games to take the match 3-1

At No.3 Cammy (Colquhoun) and Stuart Pitt claimed the court next. Hamish was a bit annoyed about this as he’s turned up especially early (for him) tonight at 7.20pm!!! So he used the time to nip home and get a change of clothes and a towel, which he hadn’t brought with him! (Ollie’s influence is definitely rubbing off on him).

Well Cammy and Stu would obviously be on for about 2 hours anyway, right? Wrong! Tonight was Stuarts’s night and he had a point to prove on his home courts. Cammy tore around the court as usual, but Stu was in control to take all 3 games (3-0). Cammy needs to regain his determination for not letting the opponent dictate too much, but after he conceded that he was ‘happy with the run’, he asked if I’d meet him in the park and throw a frisbee for him to chase sometime!

Hamish (Buchanan) and Neill Morris were on last at No.4 and this was a great ‘age v youth’ contest (Naill is really old!). Hamish upset Nial’s momentum to take the 1st game, but the experience was turned on in the next 2 and so Hamish found himself 2-1 down. However a great determined performance in the 4th and 5th games turned things on it’s head and Hamish played an absolute blinder to win the match 3-2. The whole team, and travelling support, were impressed and we all agreed that this was the best he’d ever played, so we bought him a pint to celebrate (and the fact it was the first time he was ‘legally’ allowed a pint!). Lovely pizza and chips for dinner (posh ones obs as we were at Giffers!) and they even had Erdinger for me! But it was not long, before we were on our way back to Whitecraigs for a game of darts to commiserate our loss (and to be regaled with Ollie’s chat; that only got him in trouble a few times!) ……. Hamish’s team won the darts as well!

Match Report 2nd February 2022 v S.S.R.C. (home) – West Squash Division 1

Who’d have thought trying to get a squash team out in Glasgow when the re-arranged “Old Firm” match was on would be a good idea? So, we were massively stretched this week with six players missing from the 1st and 2nd teams alone!

S.S.R.C. were our opponents tonight and they had a full-strength team out (obviously not a Teddy bear or Celt among them!). First on was Ollie (who was desperate to watch the match) against Joe Ewan at No.3. – Ollie was getting his excuses in early with chat of a side-strain, which was causing definite internal bleeding and scarring!! Then he goes on court and win’s the first game! (no more sympathy!). His opponent, Joe, upped the physical pressure in the 2nd game and stormed it 11-3. Ollie’s side must really have been hurting as he said he would probably have to retire if it didn’t get much better – and unfortunately that’s what happened in the 3rd game – so Joe took the tie 3-1 by retirement.

At the same time as this match was going on, one of our 1st team debutants, Peter (Meulemans) was up against an on-form Jesse Mills at No.4. The match seemed very close 10-12 8-11 in the first two games, but Jesse took them both. Could Peter convert his chances to get a massive 1st team point? Well, a great performance in the 3rd game meant he did exactly that. However, Jesse shut the door in the 4th and won the match 3-1 – great team point though!

Our second debutante took to the court at No.5 as Jenn Saldana (normally a 3rd team stalwart) took on Brian Robertson. No surprises here as Brian was too experienced, but Jenn got better and better as the match went on 4-11 6-11 7-11 (maybe if it were the best of 9 she’d have sneaked the 5th!).

I was both looking forward to… and not looking forward to my match at No.1 v Ali Prott. I suspected that if he decided to play with all guns blazing, I’d probably only get a point or two in total! However, he didn’t do that, but instead ran me around until I sounded like a smoker with emphysema. Great fun and I definitely got one point on my own (an amazing backhand drop!). 3-0 to Ali and I look forward to following his squash career.

Last on was Cammy (Colquhoun) v Dan Wearing at No.2. I though Cammy could chase everything down and maybe sneak a game or two against Dan, however, he wasn’t at his meanest today and Dan played very controlled squash to win 3-0 (although at 9-3 up in the 3rd Dan was relieved to get over the line 12-10!).

So into the ‘Back Bar’ for pasta bake and garlic bread and the second half of the Old Firm match. Much like the squash, the locals didn’t look too happy with the score-line (although I think our fight was better!)

Match Report 26th January 2022 v Scoutstoun (away) – West Squash Division 1

Seems like we’re “Back 2 Squash” every other month at the moment, but last night saw us back to West League squash and not a ‘garden party’ in sight as we visited Scotstoun!

Ollie was complaining that he would be rubbish tonight as he’s just got the booster jab and his arm was really sore. He couldn’t lift it very high without extreme pain, so the whole team were very concerned, right up to the point we asked why (as a right hander) he didn’t get the shot in his left arm? Apparently, he did…so no further sympathy was forthcoming.

I’ve never played on the Scotstoun courts, so was looking forward to it (and apparently they are getting new courts in the not-too-distant future as well). It was great to see five ‘ex-David Lloyd West End’ players there, it was like old times (and most of them won their matches!).

First on tonight were the No.4s & 5s – and Scotstoun had young Robyn McAlpine at No.5 v Ollie (Millen) and at No.4 we had Hamish (Buchannan) v James Crowhurst. Ollie was well out of sorts, but take nothing away from Robyn, she played really well and did exactly what she needed to win all three games. Meanwhile Hamish and James (having had a massive 2-3 in the first-half) were inevitably going to have a hum-dinger! And so it proved, as it went to the fifth and both opponents were looking like they had ‘wander’d mony a weary fit’. However, Hamish got revenge tonight and just held on to win the last game 11-9. He’ll be able to celebrate his 18th birthday in style with that win in the bank – so the team are looking forward to getting our invites to the party soon (must have got lost in the post!).

Next on at No.1 was Chris (Murphy) v John Meehan and there was no massive surprise to see that an athlete playing full-time got the better of Chris. There were, however, some great rallies and quality squash to watch from both players, but there was only going to be one winner here (3-0 to John).

O.M.D.G. – Sandy McCluskey or Andy Niven

I was on next and there was a bit of chat beforehand about how Sandy (Niven) has been looking forward to this one. Excellent!! It wasn’t long into the first game that I remembered the game plan and managed to win the first, before Sandy turned things around to level things up 1-1. The rest of the match (minus ‘match- ball’) I was in control, but at 10-5 up Sandy suddenly turned the turbo boost on! The next few minutes made me very nervous as he made his way back to 10-10 and then had a game-ball of his own, but with a bit of luck I managed to sneak over the line for a 3-1 victory. Someone mentioned that Sandy could do with a haircut, but I reckon he looks a bit like that bloke in O.M.D. from the 80s!

So the match was tied at 2-2 and the No.2s went on last with Cammy (Colquhoun) v Finlay McGhee. At 1-1 I went for a shower and told the team that I’d be back for the 5th game (and guess what!). And so to the 5th with the whole evening’s match points at 11-8 to Scotstoun! Both players were chasing for all they were worth with the sweat dripping off them. A titanic battle with Fin using his short cross-court kill to great effect and Cammy was retrieving like a border collie, however, I think the main difference tonight was the court and Fin knew how to play it just a bit better than Cammy and he brought the match home 11-5 for a 3-2 win.

Well, you can’t win them all (15-8 loss) so as the traditional Scottish Burns Supper fare was served up (a ruby & pizza!) the guys loaded their plates and tucked in.

We were soon back on the expressway making our way back to Whitecraigs for a consolation beer in the newly re-opened “Back 2 the Back-Bar”. The chat on the way home was “restaurants to take your girlfriend to” and ‘Bread Meats Bread’ was the favourite with the very similarly-titled ‘Burger Meats Bun’ a close second, if it hadn’t shut 3 years ago!