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Semi finals of the British Grand Prix 2016 ($70K sponsored by A.J.Bell)

Could be a Nick Matthew v James Willstrop final – just like the old days!! Or will Daryl Selby upset the seedings?


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British Grand Prix 2016 ($70K sponsored by A.J.Bell)


Dougie Kempsell Takes his 4th Tour Title in France – at the Niort PSA $5K

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Photos & Results for ESC (Edinburgh) RASTA Racketball Tournament – Sat 12th November 2016

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Draw for ESC (Edinburgh) RASTA Racketball Tournament – Sat 12th November 2016

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Optical Express DLWE v Whitecraigs Rugby Club – Home Match Report 9th November 2016

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074Well we were missing our talisman at No.1 tonight and so playing a good Whitecraigs Rugby Club side was going to be (another!) tough one!

First on was Doug (Macmillan) v Dougie Emery at No.3 (battle of the Dugs!) – Whitecraigs Dougie took immediate control of this match, with good length and a high tempo which meant he was soon 2-0 up. However DLWE Doug fought back hard in the 3rd and although he was behind for most of the game he was  solid at 11-11 and won the game 13-11! Unfortunately Doug was solid as a blancmange after that and Whitecraigs Dougie took the 4th to secure the match 3-1.

I (Jason Broadberry – in case you’re wondering!) went on next against Ewan Hearns expecting a tanking and at 9-7 down in the 1st I wasn’t surprised. However I managed to scrape that one and noticed that Ewan was going for a lot and not running that well. The 2nd was even closer at 12-10 but I piped him again and now I was more confident of upsetting the bookies. And so it proved, as I won the 3rd more easily (and not a moment too soon as my calf tightened up more and more). A really surprising result for me and I think I was lucky to catch Ewan on a bad day, but then he’s a student so has probably been partying non-stop for Firework nigh or “Bevvy-vember” or maybe just Tuesday night!

Next on saw Paul (Treon) making his comeback match at No.5 against Harry Anderson. Harry was his usual flamboyant self, with his racket flashing cross-court nics, top-spin drops, & mizukies galore and he won the 1st game 13-11. However Paul started to turn the screw at this point and was happy to absorb the pressure before making his move. Then when he kept the ball away from Harry’s flashing volleys he was well in control (well as much as you can be against Flashman!). A good 3-1 win for Paul

The penultimate game at No.4 was Finlay (McGhee) against Allan McKay and what a dynamite match this was. When Fin was 2-0 up it looked like this was a going to be a easy win, but out of nowhere Allan woke up and started moving, volleying, and probably more importantly reading Fin’s game much, much better. After that, the tables really turned and despite a close 4th, Allan played great squash to come back and win the tie 3-2 (and send the match into a decider!)

So the No.1s took to the court as Jason (Lang) took on Andy MacBean. This was a tough encounter that went to 5 game and I missed some of this as I hit the showers. However a lot of pushing, shoving, back stretching and arguing with the ref later, Jason won a very narrow 5th to take the tie 3-2

And so we won the match 3-2 (194 points to 182 according to Sporty HQ!), so we hit the bar for pizza and chips! Ya dancer!!

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Photo Montage of the Scottish Squash Awards Evening (last Saturday at ESC in Edinburgh)

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