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R.A.S.T.A. Racketball Memories of the 2013 Saltire Tour

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Squash Boxing?!@*!??

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Is this a great Aussie invention or just does it just sound great!

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Is This The Greatest Rally of All Time?

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What is the best shot in this rally?

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DLWE v Giffnock– Home (Match Report) 11th December 2013

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With injuries and players missing there was no real chance of any points tonight against the league leaders who have only dropped 12 points in total so far this season. So no pressure!

Sean (Norris) was back in the team this week at number 4 v Owen Hadden and was chopped 3-0. It was funny to see him play down the lefties forehand side though and I especially liked his slow high shots down the middle! It was also amusing to see Sean arguing with the umpire for quite a while about whether a ball was out or not and just as the marker was about to give him the benefit of the doubt he said “Actually I couldn’t really see it; I was just trying to get my breath back.”

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My 2013 West Masters

December 10, 2013 Leave a comment

Another great West Masters and some fantastic Squash to see, from the winners Mark Ford, Peter Buchan, Mark James, Chris Holt, Robin Ridley, John Howie, Iain Ross, Vincent Taylor & Eunice Bond

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Emilio Fazzi ably directed the tournament again this year (his last year in charge) and the two days ran as smoothly as ever.

I played the Over 40s tournament and initially found it strange playing the old ‘Hi-Ho’ system of scoring, but you soon get used to it again.

However it’s the camaraderie that is the focal point of the Masters squash for me. It’s great to return every time and still you know most people there and spend the 2 days not only playing some tough games, but renewing acquaintances and friendships.

Could do with it being over a week though – with rest days in-between!

If you want to see all of the results click here (Over 35-40-45-50-55-60-65-70 & L50)

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DLWE v Hamilton – Home (Match Report) 4th December 2013

PaulHannahLogoWell Hamilton are in 3rd place in Division 1 so I was wondering where the points were going to come from this week.

An early start saw Sara and I go on first and I didn’t see much of Sara’s match (v Colin McGeady at No.5), apart from one enormous rally where both players were getting everything back and playing great squash (the mis-match in the physical size of both players was amusing to see and if we took a photo of them I’m not sure they’d get both in the same shot!). However Colin won the tie 3-0 and seemed to be in control with his great reach and pace on the ball. Sara was disappointed at her own performance but everyone else felt the opposite and was quite impressed with her tenacity and court speed!!

I was on at the same time as Sara and was fully expecting to be out-run at number two by Kenny Boyle and in the opening exchanges I was. However as the match unfolded I managed to sneak a few cheap points and a few great length shots and then, what do you know, I sneaked the 1st game! Kenny turned the power on in the 2nd and won easily, but I was now more confident (we even got a marker at this point! Not that we used him much; we just made our own decisions and completely ignored Doug, much to his amusement. In fact when Kenny asked for a let in the 3rd Doug just said ‘Well what do you guys think?’).

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RASTA Newlands Results

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If you’d like to see the rest of the photos from the Tournament please click here

This was the last tournament of the current Saltire Tour and so you’ll see the final standings by clicking here

And larger images of the final results can be seen by clicking here

Thanks to the 90 different competitors that made this 7-date Tour such a success and also to all our sponsors, without whom we wouldn’t have been able to run the series.

And thanks to everyone who contributed to the Food4Africa UK charity as we raised over £200 on the day of the tournament by raffling a Harrow Flo Racketball Racket

If you’d like to see more about the Food Court project have please click here and if you’d like to donate please go to our ‘JustGiving’ page by clicking here (and see some of squash names that have given already)

Also if we can raise £500 we will have the RASTA name forever on the court as Friends of the project.

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