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DLWE v Giffnock– Home (Match Report) 11th December 2013


With injuries and players missing there was no real chance of any points tonight against the league leaders who have only dropped 12 points in total so far this season. So no pressure!

Sean (Norris) was back in the team this week at number 4 v Owen Hadden and was chopped 3-0. It was funny to see him play down the lefties forehand side though and I especially liked his slow high shots down the middle! It was also amusing to see Sean arguing with the umpire for quite a while about whether a ball was out or not and just as the marker was about to give him the benefit of the doubt he said “Actually I couldn’t really see it; I was just trying to get my breath back.”

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Just then I got a text from my nephew Matthew with the following gag: An Asian boy was talking to his father and said “Father I want to be an actor.” and the dad replied “No son, it’s pronounced Doctor!”

I went on next and was also got chopped 3-0 at number 2 v Doctor Iain Tennent. I decided to play only shots and lob serves tonight and I think this confused Iain……………. for about a minute. Fortunately in that minute I’d got to 5-0 so at least the granny was off. I did the same in the second and ended up with 9 points this time! No dice in the 3rd though.

After my match was over I saw a 2nd team member coming out of a spin class and asked him why he wasn’t at Broomhill. Apparently I hadn’t confirmed at 4pm that we still needed him from my 12pm text. But fair play he did rush over to Broomhill to join in and save my blushes (hope he won after all that). He was filling in for an injury and work ravaged second team that meant we were down to the bones this week. We even lost someone to the football, so a tough night for him as well! But the team were only 2 points off a promotion spot going into the match tonight.

Dougie (Macmillan) played Kev Moran at number 1 and was chopped 3-0. He did play well in the 1st two games though and kept Kev honest (7-11  8-11). But his opponent was too deceptive and Dougie just ran out of steam in the end.

On my way to the shower I noticed a guy trying to open the combination padlock on his locker and when I came out of the shower he was still at it. I asked if he was having a problem and he said that his wife had changed the combination to the anniversary date of when they met and he couldn’t remember it! “I think she did it to spite me!” he said. This is actually a true(ish) story and we had to get the bolt-cutters out to help open the locker (I thought of asking for another locker to be opened for me with the bolt cutters, but apparently you have to prove the locker is yours when it’s opened!)

Sara (not amused at having to mark the number 1s first game, until I took over) McDonald was on next v Naill Morris at number 5 and although was beaten 3-0 she did get the 2nd highest tally of points on the night and played well. Great retrieving and spirit again – and good to see the lucky all-black kit back this week.

David (Craig) was on last at number 3 against Stuart George and the whole team gathered to see if there was still a team point up for grabs. At 8-11 4-11 it didn’t look like it, but then Big Davie really got into his stride and at 12-11 had his first game-ball, but couldn’t quite take it (by this time he’d already secured the team MOTM award for getting the most individual points on the night!) Then at 15-14 he only went and got a second game-ball! There was an epic rally for the Big Man to take the glory, but unfortunately Stuart wrestled the game back time and again and eventually brought home the bacon 16-18.

So as we finished at about 8.30 half the team headed for the Jacuzzi and the other half to the bar, before Veggie pasta for dinner and a chat about our chances of staying in Division 1……!??!! I think we’ll be second bottom when all the results are in, so it’s going to be a bit of a challenge – although with one Newlands side being demoted as well, we only need to move up 1 place. Can we do it in 2014??

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