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DLWE (Kelvin Financial Planning) v Townend – Away (Match Report) 20th January 2016


His nieve a nit!

Away to deepest darkest Ayrshire this week to what proved to be a tough one and on the week o ‘Burns Night’ as well!


Townend away and the team was hoping to pick up some points this week, especially as we won the first half battle at home, albeit with a close 3-2.

First on was the ‘Great Chieftain o the Puddin-race’ Doug at No.4 and this was a bit of a low point in Doug’s season with none of the attributes he’s known for on show tonight. Kenny Hardy his opponent played well and deserved 3 points tonight. Doug left soon after (thro his pores the dews distil, like amber bead!).

I went on next (but mark the Rustic, veggie haggis-fed!) against Scotty ‘Shabana’ Bradford. All good fun and games, but I frustrated Scott tonight with some good boasting and volleying to win 3-0 reasonably comfortably.

Joe (McDonald) went on next at No.5 and played James Ramage. This was a great match up and went all the way to 5 games. At the end of the day it was all about who could hit the best length (as it often is) and James got to grips with it just that little bit better than Joe, all the games were tight but having been 2-0 up, it was disappointing to lose this one. Still Joe put in a big effort and gave it 100% (game for game, they stretch an strive: Deil tak the hindmost, on they drive).

Jason Lang stepped up this week in every sense (Clap in his walie nieve a squash racket, he’ll make it whissle). He is still coming back from that fulie/chesty thing that everyone seemed to have over the Christmas and at 2-2 it looked like that was going to be the difference. It was a great game up to this point with Ross McHoul just managing to qualify for the 2nd half (by sneaking in the last 2 matches of the 1st half). Ross was flashing the shots all over the court and a 100% fit Jason would probably have been able to keep chasing, but not tonight as Ross took the match 3-2. Still you can’t fault the commitment from Jason and he really did everything he could on the night.

A real tough one tonight for Craig at No.1 (Fair fa’ your honest, sonsie face) against his friend Rory Stewart. This was close in the first half, but tonight Rory was playing a different brand of squash. He volleyed well and was right on top of his game. Craig gave it everything (the court see rustic Labour dight) but tonight he was just up against a man in form.

Still good effort from the Townend lads on the catering front!









Not really it was (veggie) pizza!

PS – Don’t forget to come along to the Edinburgh Open this week (Thurs-Sun) at ESC for the best standard of squash on show in Scotland (the Draw’s can be seen by clicking here) – including Craig/Rory/Ross and Darly Selby!

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Edinburgh Sports Club Open 2016 – B.S.P.A. Men’s Draw

January 25, 2016 1 comment

Egypt win the Tournament of Champions – New York 2016 PSA $150K

Shorbagy and Sherbini win in New York

16TC47311Nick Matthew (Eng) and Amanda Sobhy (USA) were the runners up

(Can you name the rest?!?!)

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Tournament of Champions – New York 2016 PSA $150K

Who’s gonna win?

Men’s PSA $150K (click for last 8 draw)


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Women’s PSA $150K (click for last 8 draw)

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DLWE (Kelvin Financial Planning) v Whitecraigs RFC – Away (Match Report) 11th January 2016

January 11, 2016 6 comments

Spot the squash player – Dog or Doug!

You know when you come back after Christmas and you think that the first match will be okay as everyone else is in the same boat as you having eaten and drunk too much all through the festive period? Well this was nothing like that!

This was a real tough one for us in the first half (when we only sneaked a 3-2 win). This time we were missing our No.2 and so everybody had to play up one position which ultimately meant carnage……..for our team!

Still at least we got an early start and we also had 2 courts. On at number five was David Craig and he played Aberdeen University’s Alex Ross (will be interesting to see if West Squash enforce the “You have to play 3 matches in the 1st half” rule!!). The 1st game was a real hum-dinger and it finished 21-19. Both players had their chances, but Alex eventually came through to clinch it. In the second game Alex really got into his stride and Dave didn’t volley well enough, so the game began to slip away from him. The 3rd was also close and we almost secured a crucial team point, but it wasn’t to be (or not to be!).

I noticed that the ball was a bit strange and found out that it wasn’t the normal Dunlop one, so I soon asked for a change of ball. I went on the other court and played at No.2 against Ewan Hearns and was out of the starting blocks like ‘s*** off a shovel’ and secured the golden team point. However after that Ewan woke up and won the next 3 easily! (although I had a sniff in the 3rd?!?!).

Next up was Joe McDonald against Harry Anderson. Harry has got all the shots these days so I advised Joe just to do as much as he could to keep in the match. I didn’t see much of the match as I was on court, but he must have done this quite well as he appeared to be in every game. I joined it late on in the 3rd with Harry 2-0 up – however Joe was 10-6 up -game ball. Unfortunately he couldn’t capitalise on the lead (especially painful was one ‘tinned’ drop, were the whole crowd groaned in sympathy) as Harry dug in. In the end Harry won on a tiebreaker and so three more points to the Rugby Club.

Next on was ‘The clash of the Dougies’ with Dougie Macmillan against Dougie Emery (as I realized when I said “Come on Dougie” halfway through the 1st game). This was 3 easy points to Dougie – t’other Doug had been up all night studying for an exam and I’m not sure he had played much over the festive period, so no real surprise. Three more points to Whitecraigs.

Last on was Craig Valente Wallace v Andy MacBean. These guys had an exciting 3-1 last time so this could have potentially been a real tight one. But it wasn’t to be tonight as Craig never really got going and (I believe) personal circumstances meant we didn’t see the best of him tonight. So The final three points to the Rugby Club.

So off to the bar for veggie chilli for Ewan and I and ordinary chilli for everyone else to celebrate the 1 point gained tonight (down 13 on last time!).

We need a big push in the next few weeks to capitalise on the great start we made last year.

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British Junior Open 2016


Not many Scots in the British junior Open this year (I only saw 2) so come on Georgina and Alasdair. Also from a purely ‘nephew-tistic’ point of view I’m hoping the Surrey Boys do well in the U19’s.

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Happy New Year Laura Massaro – World No.1 on 1st Jan 2016

laura-massaro-at-david-lloyd-chorleyLaura Massaro will have more reason than most to enjoy the New Year as it will bring with it a major prize in squash as the 32-year-old from England, who won the British Open in 2013 and became world champion in 2014, will become world number one for the first time on 1st January 2016 (to see the full BBC article click here).

“Having already won a British Open and a World Championship, it was probably the last box to tick, so for me it is absolutely massive,” said Laura (who will be third female British No.1 and the first since Cassie Campion in 2004)

But just eight months ago her form was so poor she decided to take a break from squash for the first time, when losing in Chicago “I was just losing matches and didn’t know why. I’d been on tour 12 years without a break.”

It was hearing a similar story from a different sport that helped convince Laura that she should actually take a five-week break from squash. when “My husband, Danny, had seen a BBC Sport article with tennis player Petra Kvitova and said: ‘You need to read this – I did and thought it’s exactly how I feel. She had won Wimbledon just a couple of months after I had won the worlds and it was almost like we were on the same path.

“Danny and I went on holiday and I finally started to wake up not thinking about squash. The fog started to lift and I could see where I wanted to go in the future and that I had more to give to the sport. images

Laura returned to action at the British Open in May and quickly demonstrated the rejuvenating effect of her time off with a stunning semi-final victory from two games down against world champion Nicol David. “I made the final of the British Open… that reinforced it was the right decision at the time,” said Laura.

The benefits continue to shine through, with a recent 14-match unbeaten run that included titles at the Macau, Qatar and US Opens propelling her towards the top of the rankings.

‘My goal is to play the best level of squash ever played by a woman’

Laura will replace Egypt’s Raneem El Welily at the top of the rankings on 1 January,

“As number one, my level is obviously the best in the world at the moment and I just have to try and keep improving, so other people are looking at me as though that’s where we need to be and who we need to catch,” Laura said.

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