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DLWE v Newlands 2 – Away (Match Report) 29th October 2014

Another tough night for the team! At least 3 of us left with a sense that we could have done better!

Away to Newlands 2 and never an easy one. They are a solid team from top to bottom. First up was David (Craig) at No.4 against David Fallis. This was a real ‘blast fest’ with both players pure meltin’ the baw! I was once again on mascot-minding duties (with Uncle Dougal) IMAG0517and didn’t see much of the match, but when I did watch it looked very even, with both players giving it a good old eckie thump! It’s great having a new mascot, although it’s also difficult to get them off the court in between matches.

Back to the No.5s and when all was said and done Newlands Dave won all 3 games and it looked relatively comfortable as far as the points were concerned (our mascot will have to bring us more luck next time!)

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Next on was Dougal – as Craig calls him! And this surely will have to be Doug’s (Doug Macmillan) new name for one of two reasons!

1) Father Ted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFTgkibl7DU

Or 2)

news-graphics-2007-_448276aAny way he was playing at No.3 against David Morrison. This was a good match with Dougal generally in charge, but he had to work for it as Dave was all over the court like a rash. Dougal went 1 up but Dave evened things up at 1-1. At this point I was chatting to Craig and was saying what a good runner Dave was – Craig replied “I remember when Doug used to be a runner!” Classic!

Anyway Dougal managed to stay in charge in the 3rd and 4th and brought home the points to even up the match.

I went on next against Brendan Forrester at No.2 and although I won the 1st (and had a game ball in the 2nd!) Brendan just ran me ragged. You really needed the ear protectors on, to watch my match tonight, as I crashed the ball into the tin again and again (and again…..and again!). But I have to give credit to Brendan who got everything back as ever and forced me to play lower and lower until I hit all those tins. I’ll be having nightmares about them!

Next on was the No.1s with Craig (Valentie Wallace) against Mark Ford. This was a good match and Doug(al) and I reckon it’s was the best Craig has played so far with a powerful and physical performance. Unfortunately for him Mark is a tricky customer and has the ability to get out of long rallies and he looked like he needed to at times. It would have been very interesting to see that match go to 4 or 5 games and see if Mark still had the legs. However it was 3-0 to Mark and Craig wasn’t happy with his performance after, but I think on reflection he’ll see that beating an old bloke (!) like Mark Ford is much more difficult that  you’d think!

Last up was Joe (McDonald) against Mic Cockburn. Joe looked less than amused about turning up at 7pm and going on last! Still it was worth waiting for as he immediately went 10-6 up in the 1st game (which was good) but then lost it 11-13 (which is bad). Mic stormed the 2nd and Joe the 3rd and at 10-10 in the 4th it looked like it had 5 games written all over it! Unfortunately for us Mic had just enough left in the tank to win 12-10 and take the match.

So up to the bar only to discover that the traditional Newlands pizza had disappeared – but wait, now we were treated (by Newlands 2nd team at least) to a Chinese. Fortunately the Erdinger beer hadn’t changed and was still in the fridge, so a  good night was guaranteed (#not-looking-forward-to-the-5th-December-change!)

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