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DLWE v Giffnock 2 – Away (Match Report) 8th October 2014

westsquashsitelogo1Off to Giffnock II on Wednesday and it’s as Forrest Gump said, “Giffnock II is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get”

So I turned up at 6.30pm (always advisable when you’ve only got 1 court) and was soon on against Mark Coyle at No.2. Mark can certainly crack the ball on those courts and had I played that sort of game against him then I’d have lost very quickly……so I didn’t. Instead I took the slower ariel route and this just frustrated the Giffnock Young Gun. The scores were all pretty close, but I mainly felt that I was more in control than not and managed to win all 3.

No Sean again this week, to have a go at in the match report, not that this should stop me! And on a Forrest Gump theme I wish he was playing so I could use the “Stupid is as stupid does” quote!! Hope to see him back to full fitness soon.

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Next was our new No.5 Joe (McDonald) and he was up against another youngster in Jonathan Brady. Jonathan stormed the first game, as Joe got used to the court and the pace of the ball. So I offered the advise that had worked for me and in the 2nd game Joe managed to take all the pace off the ball and frustrate Jonathan to win that one. It looked like Joe was going to make a good comeback here, but Jonathan regained his composure (and his hard hitting game) to take the last two games and the match 3-1.

A theme was starting to develop as every match appeared to be a youngster pitted against (shall we say) a more experienced player. And the No.3 was no different with our young gun – Doug (Macmillan) against Garry Blanchflower, who is as experienced as you can get! Garry was taking a while to get into the game as Doug was running and lunging about the court and keeping Garry at bay. And that was exactly what he needed to keep doing “Run, Dougie, run!”
At 2-0 up it looked like it was all over so I went for a shower and advised Dougie to keep the focus, but Garry won the next one – must have used all his experience here! Fortunately Doug regained the momentum and took the 4th game to secure the tie and put us 2-1 up in the match.

Next on was the No.4 pairing of David (Craig) against Calum Stout – this turned out to be quite a one sided match as the Giffnock youngster played the Giffnock courts, at the Giffnock pace. In truth Dave just couldn’t get going and so he’ll be looking forward to the return match to get Calum on his favourite DLWE court with the glass side wall!

So 2-2 (again) and up steps our new No.1 Craig (Valentie-Wallace) against the experienced Mikey Rodgerson. The season is proving to be a real learning curve for Craig with new courts/opponents etc to deal with and we probably forget that playing the likes of Mikey, with his great eye for the ball and extra tennis shots, can be quite a challenge. And so it proved! Craig can’t half crack the ball though and he certainly came out with all guns blazing – however as soon as Mikey got used to the pace it became really close. At 1-1 it looked like it could go either way, but in the end Craig was just too consistent for Mikey and he secured the match for the team.

Chips for tea, but more importantly Giffnock do bottles of Erdinger! Good chat in the bar with the teams (and big Dunsey and the lads from Western) and great to be back into the Wednesday night swing of things.

“That’s all I have to say about that”Erdinger

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