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West K.O. Cup v SSRC (away) 4th Sept 2013

westsquashsitelogo1SSRC away tonight and when I arrived I saw John Dunlop (CEO of Scottish Squash) and wondered if he was here to do offer me an international call up!?!?! Unfortunately not!

First on was Jason Grinton v Chris Farrell and Kev Cameron v Steve Carlin at No.3 & 4 respectively. I marked the first of these two and Chris was always in control of this one. He played short really well he caught Jason with this tactic time after time. Jason was always on the back foot because of this and Chris managed to take the game 3-0. A good performance non-the-less by Jase.

I missed most of Kev’s game v Steve C, but I certainly heard it. The shouts of “What are you talking about referee!” and “What the ****!” were easily audible.

I’m not entirely sure what the problem was though, as the only decisions I saw were undisputable, despite being disputed! The bottom line however was that Steve Carlin had a bit too much experience for Kev’s straight line speed (I know, Steve Carlin’s experience!! Well it had to happen sometime!). And Kev was making it a bit too easy for Steve, with too much cross court. Good tussle though between the ex-Uddingston juniors, but 3-0 to SSRC.

I went on with Doug Macmillan and Ben Mazzucco played Joe Healey at the same time. I said to Kev C that if I miss any matches that he was in charge of the that part of the match report, but unfortunately he popped outside for something or other and couldn’t get back in the club. I reckon it was because he couldn’t reach the door buzzer!

I’ve had a couple of close 3-2’s (against me) recently with Doug, but this was the first time I can genuinely say he’s passed me now. No excuses I was ready and raring to go, I even had my ‘Truscot socks’ on which helped me to turn sharply; and it was a tight enough game, but in reality Doug was always in charge. I never thought I was going to get a game, despite my ‘tried and trusted’ tactics against him. Well played Doug 3-0 , a choppin’.

Ben Maz was the only winner for us tonight and so must have been MOTM as well. He won 2-1 against Joe Healey, but I can’t really tell you anything about it. He must have been sharp though as Joe is a nightmare to play with all his unusual attacking shot from all over the court!

So a 3-1 win for SSRC tonight, but a good run out for the team; and they’ve got some great beer in the SSRC fridge! Back to the Granary with Kev for a final pint, to top off another good Wednesday team night oot!

    September 11, 2013 at 3:57 pm

    Never mind the cross courts, I think the match was decided who hit the most flukey winners 😀

    Sorry couldn’t kick around for a pint after, catch you chaps durings season no doubt.

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