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DLWE v Craighelen – Home (Match Report) 13th March 2013

The Team - Little Sean, Captain Cantlay, me, Big Davie Craig & Ben Mazz (the real capt.)

The Team – Little Sean, Captain Cantlay, me, Big Davie Craig & Ben Mazz (the real capt.)

Kurt, the Craighelen team captain, texted me earlier in the day to see if we could get an early start. So I kicked off at 6pm and when I got to 10-5 up in the 1st game it was soon clear that Captain Kurt would have to ‘cling-on’ for dear life to stay in the this game! (I would apologise for that terrible pun, but I’ve got a few more to come!). I went on to clinch the 1st game.

Well I thought I showed great ‘Enterprise’ to sus-out Captain Kurt’s game in the knock-up. His forehand was flashing, but he was letting everything bounce on the backhand, so that was the target. ‘set squash ball to stun’ and stick it right into the corner! Great plan and it really worked. Well it would be ‘illogical’ to change a winning game, so I didn’t and that’s really the ‘Bones’ of what happened. Having said all that, Kurt and I were competing hard in the 5th game, but that was because we played a couple of friendlies. First points on the board for us (Sean refereed and he was rubbish! Well I say rubbish, but I actually mean funny, as he gave a ridiculous ‘out’ and a ‘no let’ against me just for a laugh!)

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Sean Norris and Rich Cant(p)lay went on next at the same time. I marked Sean’s and he played Si (Steve Taylor?!?!?) at No.2. Si started slowly and Sean took the 1st game at a canter, but then Si woke up and started playing shots from all over the court. Sean thought he could win without running. He couldn’t – 15-8 chopping to Si. But Sean did manage to get things going again and was chasing about the court like a good-un after that; he managed to regain his momentum and win the last two game. He played a particularly good shot at the end of the 4th game and Ben said ‘That was a good shot, but I’m not applauding it as I don’t want to encourage him.’

I didn’t see Captain Cantlay’s game, but he won 3-0 at No.2 v Kieran Martin and the scores make it look like he dominated the match, as he won it 15-7  15-8  15-8.

Well it’s only taken him all season, but David (Craig) actually went for a proper warm up this week! Not his usual coffee or scarf routine! Davie had heard that he was playing a real quick and fit guy called Graham Beveridge, so this inspired the Big Man to actually do warm up for the first time ever! And what a difference it made, he won a 1st game that he would have normally lost and was able to deal with the comeback in the 2nd game to win it 15-12. The 3rd was even better as he dominated the game to win it 15-3 and so took the match 3-0.

Rich marked Davie’s and then also took on last match of the season, which was Ben (Mazzucco) against Chris Bowman at No.4. Ben dominated this one and won 3-0. Having said that he did keep hitting nonsensical angles back onto Chris’s racket. Fortunately this was mixed in with some far better play, such as some good sharp drives that died quickly and some very good straight drops as well. Rich wanted a special mention in the match report for marking 2 games in a row, as he said his wrist was sore by the end (I would have thought that his right wrist would be a lot stronger than that!)

So a good 18-1 win for the team against a weakened Craighelen side and we were early to the bar. Sean was throwing the usual verbal boomerangs, as the same old jokes keep coming back, week after week, year after year! Rich get’s the “when are you getting married?” chat, Ben gets the “You’ve got to split up with your girlfriend before you go to Uni” chat and when I hear him lining up his “fattest vegetarian gag” there’s no need to ask where did that boomerang come from?!

Davie (master of accents/voices) admitted that he’s only here fae the Glasgie banta’. To which I replied that he was actually the only one in the team from Glasgow, as Ben’s parents were living in Clydebank when he was born. “That’s even worse than Glasgie, fae the banta’! chirps up Davie “Glasgie is a step up from Clydebank!”

But as Ben nursed his ankle from over stretching around the court and we turned to Richard to quiz him on getting married (the topic that makes him squirm the most!) Sean summed up the season quite nicely by saying “Rich, you’ve got commitment issues and Ben you’ve got over-commitment issues!”

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