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Return of the YoungSTARS – 17th March 2013

IMG-20130317-00197The YoungSTARS returned to David Lloyd in the West End this weekend when we held a mini-tournament on Sunday.

The aim was to give all the players as many matches as possible in an afternoon, so two mini-leagues followed by a play off match, guaranteed each competitor a minimum of 5 matches (best of 3 – PAR 11) and judging by the effort and red faces I think they’ll all sleep well tonight.

Players from David Lloyd West End, The Glasgow Academy, Whitecraigs LT&SC and Whitecraigs Rugby Club all competed. Many thanks to John Kirby for organising the players and the tournament with me.

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The winner of each mini-league had a ‘play-off match’ and this was the Final. Luke Steven (DLWE) beat Euan MacAndie (The Glasgow Academy & DLWE) in the final, but all the players were great and as one of the Dads said you me “You can see them improving with each game.”

Thanks to all the parents for bringing the players along and to David Lloyd West End for hosting the tournament. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

To see the results and full size pic click here or press read more below

YoungSTARS Results - DLWE 17 March 2013_Page_2YoungSTARS Results - DLWE 17 March 2013_Page_1

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