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DLWE v Cameron House – Home (Match Report) 28h November 2012

David are you OK, are you OK David?

Cameron House came to visit last night and it’s difficult to know who has the better home advantage between our clubs? Us – with the strange glass side wall or them – with their sauna courts.

David (Craig) was on first this evening and he turned up in fancy dress as Michael Jackson (see pic of MJ signature white glove)! He was on against Rolf Harris Hanson at No.3 and after the first rally it seemed like this game could be on for a long time. But looks were deceiving as David (MJ) dominated proceedings and Rolf didgerri-diddn’t get too much of a look in. All the rallies were competitive and often quite long, but David seemed to win most of them. After the first game Rolf said to me that he was knackered and not feeling very fit “Well you picked the wrong opponent tonight then!” I said! As the match wore on Rolf got more into it, but as Rolf couldn’t tie MJ down sport (!) the final result was always going to be a win for MJ….  SHAMONE!

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Sean was anxious to get on early and get away (Ben was disappointed he didn’t have Sean to take the piss out of over the food) so he went on second at No.2 v Alan Barbour. Alan seemed out of it at 12-8 down in the 1st, but Sean let him back in and at 12-12 it could have gone either way. Fortunately Sean wrestled the game away and won 15-12. The 2nd was much more convincing at 15-7 and despite a good come back from Alan in the 3rd Sean wrapped things up 15-10. MOTM to Alan though (decided by Ben not just because Alan played well, but also in an attempt to wind Sean up via the match report!??!).

Next up was Ben (Mazzucco) against Chris Brown at No.4. The 1st was a fun game with a frenetic pace and both players sliding all over the courts. In fact it looked a bit like the Keystone Cops at one point with bodies flying all over the place and Ben picking himself up from the splits half the time. Chris was really fast and Ben seemed happy to play ‘see ball hit ball’ squash. Michael (Davie C) Jackson was marking and when Chris faulted a serve and Ben queried it Dave said “It was borderline.” and just left it at that. Ben scratched his head as Davie wasn’t volunteering any more information! And the game just seemed to go on with no decision given (well it made me laugh anyway! Davie loves marking!!). Ben squeezed home 15-12 in the 1st, but after that he started constructing rallies much more sensibly rather than just throwing himself about the court he started taking control of the match. Chris continued to use his speed well throughout the tie, but Ben kept control and wrapped things up 3-0.

John (Turner) arrived and he and I went on at the same time. John played David Cargil at No.5 and I went on against Jim Marsland at No.1 so I didn’t see John’s game. However I did see him coming off the court regularly and looking content so I assumed he was winning and he really was. The score suggests he gave his opponent a bit of a thumping 15-3 15-5 15-8 and so definitely MOTM to JT for such a dominant performance.

Meanwhile on the other court I had the mother of all first rally’s. It was never-ending and neither Jim or I was prepared to give an inch! I managed to win it after about 500 hits! And both of us were breathing very hard indeed – ‘Handout 1-0 in the 1st’. Jesus! At this rate I wasn’t gonna last past 3-4!!!

Fortunately the rallies went down to a more manageable level (although still far too long for my liking – as anyone who has played or watched Jim will know!).

Jim was doing about 5 times the amount of running that I was and this was exemplified by the fact that whenever he drove the ball straight down the BH wall and I volleyed straight and long – Jim ran all the way to the ‘T’ and then all the way around me (like I was a roundabout). And for anyone who has ever played me will know, that is a b****y long way to go!). I was delighted to let Jim continue doing this as long as he wanted and he obliged for most of the 1st game and I sneaked home 15-12. The 2nd was another energy sapping game and we were locked together all the way through it. At 12-12 it was just a matter of keep on doing what worked and don’t worry if you’re too tired. I did and took the next three points 15-12.

Jim dominated the early exchanges of the 3rd game and went 4-2 up, but I then managed to work him around from that point and he tired (as unlikely as that sounds!). I got the game back to 9-4 and won it 15-5  Which means that………… wait for it…………. I beat Jim Marsland on fitness!?!?). Quality!

So a good 5-0 win for the team to keep us in contention. There was curry for dinner and a nice big bowl of salad for me. What an athlete!

If you’ve ever played at Cameron House you’ll know that there isn’t any space for 10 guys to sit together for food. Old habits obviously die-hard as I was amused to see that the teams were split on two different table, despite us having a table for about 15. I asked Davie why 3 of the Cameron House guys were sitting on their own and he just said “It was borderline.” And no one was any the wiser!

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