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DLWE v Hamilton – Home (Match Report) 5th December 2012

westsquashsitelogo1After coaching at Whitecraigs Dick McClure asked me if I’d give Andrew Murphy a lift to the match tonight as they were playing our 4th team at DLWE so we travelled together across the Arctic Circle to North Glasgow.

When we arrived, Ben (Mazzucco) had already played and won against Mike Tomlinson at his new No.4 position (having beaten DC in the mini-league). He had to play early to nip off to see ‘Mumford & Sons’ at the SECC (Davie McAleese asked later if they were a firm of solicitors! Mind you he is about a million!!).

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Obviously it doesn’t matter how well Ben played (apparently quite well though) as he can’t get MOTM because he didn’t play the whole match; he just played his own game and left! (Having said that, we sent the scores back with his dad so he’ll probably make himself MOTM)

David (Craig) was also on court when I arrived. He was 2-0 up but struggling in the 3rd against Dean Coleman at No.5. Dean was going for it, but looking a bit tired as well however with some tenacious squash he crossed the finish line 15-12 with a great drop. I think this must have taken a lot out of him as Davie took control of the 4th and won it 15-9 (from 7-8 down!) to win the match 3-1.

I went on next at No.1 against Calum Philip. Now before the match I was very full of myself thinking that I’d hope to beat some of the Hamilton 1st team so therefore I should win against the 2nd team! However when I saw Calum rocketing the ball all over the court I thought I may have to eat my words; I never really felt comfortable against the pace and shots Calum had. For example he was 8-4 & 11-9 up in the first before I got a few lucky ones to close the game out 15-11.

Richard told me to keep it off his volley and watch him more closely and he was right. I got a good lead in the 2nd doing as advised. At 14-6 up it was going to be the mother of all comebacks to beat me with 8 game balls, but Calum almost did! At first I didn’t care too much, but as he started thwacking more and more ‘nics’ I got a bit worried! Fortunately I got it together just in time and won it 15-12 with a trade mark ‘forehand attacking boast’™.

I also had the crucial lead in the 3rd at 12-10 but before I knew it Calum was 12-14 up and he won it 14-16. He did spend a lot of energy doing it though and it told early on in the 4th. I got an 8-3 lead and so just needed to keep my head this time. Well this one was close as well, but I won 15-12 and was mighty relieved to do so.

Sean went on next against Graeme Jones and Davie Mc said this is going to be a long one; I realised after the very first rally what he meant. Graeme was all over the court like a demented octopus on speed (and with legs!). Mind you Sean wasn’t doing too badly on the court coverage front either. A real good performance from Sean to control the pressure that was thrown at him and he moved the ball around really well to take the 1st game 15-10 and the 2nd 15-12. I didn’t want to tell Sean how well I thought he was playing in case he took the foot off the gas. He didn’t, but in the 3rd he did stop moving the ball around as well. This was because Graeme was getting a lot back and so Sean’s drop shot disappeared a bit. Graeme won the 3rd with a good tough performance, however after Richard reminded Sean to keep the ball past his opponent he went back on court to do just that and seal the game 15-11 and the match 3-1 (MOTM to Sean for me).

Last on was Rich against Davie McAleese at No.3. Richard seemed to have Dave on the end of a lot of the rallies, but Dave is always dangerous if he is within a couple of points. A quick volley here and a back-court drop there and old McAleese can turn things around very quickly; and he did just that to win the 1st 14-16. Rich ramped up the pressure in the 2nd and kept well ahead in the score line and Dave didn’t get a sniff at 15-5.

The 3rd was interesting though! David Craig had to mark for a second week in a row (which he was far from happy about!). However all was fine up to 14-14 in the 3rd when he gave Rich (how shall I put it) a generous ‘let’. Dave Mc was amazed that he didn’t get a stroke, so Dave C took no time at all to even things up with a decision the other way! Rich won the game 19-17 eventually, but it was a perfect bit of old school umpiring to keep both players on board!

Rich ran away with the 4th game as 8-9 became 14-9 and there was no doubt who would win from there. So a good 3-1 win for Captain Cantlay and the team got another win to cement our place at No.2 in the Division and the worrying prospect of going up to Div 1!

Dave C was up to his usual 3 portions of curry for tea and I got my usual athlete’s salad! What a pro! The Hamilton 2 lads were a good laugh and Dave Mc especially entertained us with his one liners i.e. “Not even the tide would take her out!” etc etc.

“I’m going home with dick.” said Andrew (my car share buddy from earlier) out of nowhere.

“Don’t say that too loudly.” I warned “people may get the wrong impression!”

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