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DLWE v Townend 2 – Home (Match Report) 14th November 2012

I arrived (almost) on time this week, however due to an early start Ben had already played! Once again he’d won 3-0 and not only that, but the challenge is also now in against Dave Craig for his team spot – this Monday – high noon! Well 5pm anyway! Ben played well (according to him) and if you look at the results on the web-site Ben seems to have gained an inflated ego, as he’s given himself MOTM every time he puts the scores in! However he was sitting with an ice pack on his leg when I arrived so he must have been pushed around the court a bit.

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Our captain, Rich C, was on next v Roger Dunlop at No.3 and it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that Roger is a marathon runner. He ran everything down and kept going and going – in fact it would be fair to say that Roger Dunlop (warning, rubbish pun approaching) never got two tyred! Sorry! Rich was in charge of the 1st game, but Roger came right back at him in the 2nd game winning on a 14-16 tie break. In a single match I’d never seen so many back wall boasts in my life ** Roger must stand miles up the court to have to hit this shot so much; all this exertion must have made a difference in the 3rd and 4th as Rich seemed more in control and won them to 9 & 8 thus winning the tie 3-1.

Next up was Big David (Craig) at No.4 against Jim Kenny. Jim was rubbish in the 1st and got tanked 15-9 (9 was flattering) so I settled down for a 3-0 gubbing, however Jim then woke up and Dave did the opposite. I was marking and had to do a bit of investigating in the 2nd as the ball hit one of the players and no-one was admitting to it!

“I know what you’re saying about him not getting the next shot, but did the ball hit you?” I asked three times and when I eventually got a sheepish “Yes” back it was stoke to Davie and on we went.

Great 2nd though and at game ball to Jim 12-14, Davie got into full retrieval mode to peg him back and take the game 17-15. Jim was getting better and better as the game went on and he was now using his backhand drop to great effect. Again he got to 14 first (9-14) again Davie started a great comeback (12-14) but just then a magnificent/fabulous/marvellous/lucky/jammy over-head volley nic won Jim the game. David managed to rescue the momentum in the 4th and ended up winning the game 15-8 and the match 3-1, but it was a good contest (however where was Captain C to support, surely a shower can’t take that long??!!).

Sean (Norris) went on next v Phil McKie and at 11-1 up it was difficult to see how Phil was going to get into the match. Although he lost the 1st, Phil came back to a respectable 15-6, but the next two games followed a similar pattern and Sean was just too strong for Phil winning 3-0 (still no sign of our captain).

I went on last against John Robertson at No.1 and was trying to get my movement smoother than normal. With a few people watching me I was very pleased that this worked to a large extent and I took the 1st game 15-6 and the 2nd 15-9 (I say a few people but no sign of captain Rich) . However John was getting better and better as the game went on and the 3rd was much closer or maybe I was getting too obvious! There were some great scrappy rallies and John was winning most of them, but fortunately I managed to keep the movement strong enough to sneak the 3rd 15-12.

I was amazed to see Captain C at the meal table later and when I asked him what the final match score was, he replied 2-1 to Scotland. Aaaaaaah this explained where he was all night! One of the Townend team wasn’t remotely interested in the friendly football results – right up until he heard that England lost 4-2! Then you couldn’t shut him up!

There was some good scran after the match and the lads looked very jealously at the quantity of food I had for my veggie meal, until Ben pointed out that the dish (of beans, peas and the odd current) looked like someone had taken the contents of a rabbits cage and put it on a plate; then everyone just laughed. The rest of the team tucked into chilli and Big Dave had at least three plates full (!) which must have weighed more than Sean. And certainly the chilli’s jokes were considerably better than Sean’s.


** except for Barry Sutherland who used to play back wall boasts for a laugh from all over the court. This also included right at the front of the court (which isn’t an easy or safe thing to do! But is very funny and therefore OK, but only if you’re Barry!).

  1. Soigneur
    November 16, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    Back-wall boasts from the front – safe enough if you don’t have an open balcony!

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