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DLWE v Glasgow Uni – Away (Match Report) 7th November 2012

Well we knew that the Uni lads and lasses would be one of the best teams in the Division (as they’d come down from Division 1 last year) and sometimes you’re just gotta take a thrashing! You may think the report is shorter than normal this week coz we got chopped (and that’s true), but also I didn’t see many of the games as we had two courts and to get from one to the other you had to go about 200 yards up and down stairs!

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Ben was off to see Kevin Bridges )or something like that) tonight so had to get on first. He’d played and left by the time I’d arrived, but he’d picked up the points 3-0 against Tal Ramsay (who sounds like a character off of ‘Game of Thrones’). Everyone commented on how well Ben had played so another good win at No.5 for him.

When I arrived Dave (Craig) and Richard (Cantlay) were both going on at the same time. Dave was up against Mhairi Charlton at No.4 and I saw the first game of this one. Dave was getting the run around from Mhairi and all his retrieval shots were getting put away much tighter than he’s used to. So either the rally ended or he had to do more work just to stay on the end of the rally. Mhairi was really in control of the 1st game and won it 15-not very much! Dave was dropping too much and needed to get the ball much deeper and straighter; so that was the plan as I went to watch Captain Cantlay on the other court.

Rich was on at No.3 v Charlie Hibbert and was also getting the run around. Charlie has a strange bendy/curvy swing and the ball wasn’t going where Richard expected it to. Charlie’s swing was a great weapon against Richard and the strange length of the Uni courts were not helping either. Charlie was in control of the whole match and Rich couldn’t get his normal game going (or wasn’t allowed to – more to the point). Charlie won 3-0 with some good volleying and trickery and thoroughly deserved the win.

Meanwhile Dave was still struggling on the other court and was 0-2 down when I came back and although it was close in the 3rd he was still being given the run around. Mhairi wrapped things up 15-12 (ish) and took the match 3-0.

Sean and I went on next at the same time. Sean was playing Ben Carpenter at No.2 and I was up against Liam Dickson at No.1. I didn’t see Sean’s match, but he was soundly beaten 3-0 by Ben who apparently volleyed everything and dominated the ‘T’.

I wasn’t having much more success against Liam. Two of the first three points were rolling nics off Liam’s serve! This pissed me off! Liam was a lefty; this also hacked me off! The courts had a very strange length which Liam was a master of and I was rubbish at; this really cheesed me off!! (angry emoticon). But what got to me more than any of that was that Liam was just too good and there was really nothing I could do (surely there was something I could do?).

The 1st game was a real chopping and Liam boasted me to oblivion. The 2nd I tried to slow things down and dominate, but all I managed to achieve was to slow things down (the score was a little more respectable, but not much). In the 3rd I tried to hit a better length on my forehand and this helped a little, but Liam was just too sharp and I fought to the end, but really there was nothing I could do!

So a sound 3-15 thrashing and off to Ashton Lane for beer, pizza, chips and garlic toast! Great spread from the Uni team and even the salad got eaten.

Mr X wants it known that he’s missing the Scotland friendly match v Luxembourg next Wednesday for the team! I said (with a smile) that “Playing the squash match is probably doing you the favour of not seeing Scotland lose!” To which Mr X replied “I remember when that used to be  joke!”

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  1. David M
    November 8, 2012 at 1:21 pm

    It was Michael McIntyre.
    Ben set the standard and left, leaving the rest of the team to follow suit.

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