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DLWE v Broomhill – Home (Match Report) 31st Oct 2012

Broomhill tonight and although we had two courts to fill, the typical squash situation occurred where we had No. 4, 3 & 2 ready to go and they had 1 & 5!

David (Craig) was first up and because of this I can’t comment on David’s warm-up this week, so I’ll have to assume that he did the full DLWE home warm up, which as we know is wearing a scarf whilst holding a Costa coffee cup (an empty one). Still David is obviously getting used to this, as he won the 1st game tonight 15-4 against Jim Paton at No.4. This was all a bit too much for Big Davie and as he was obviously in shock at winning the 1st, he promptly got chopped in the 2nd! But as ever it was the straight length shot that David needed to tighten up and he did just that to win the next 2 games, although the 4th was a bit too close for comfort at 16-14.

Before the match Captain Cantlay asked Sean to do the scoring, but Sean refused saying he can’t mark. Rich did say that Dave never asks for lets or strokes so you don’t need to mark – you just need to be able to count to 15! But Sean was still having none of it.

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Sean was on next at No.2 against Dave Lamont and he was happy to play by his mantra “Why win in 3 games, when you can string it out to the 5th”.

In the 1st game Sean was trying to win every rally in maximum three shots. Fortunately with a bit of scrambling he managed to do it – just. All was going well in the 2nd at 3-1 up when I had to go on court so I left in the knowledge that Sean would probably win in three straight games. The next I heard it was 2-2 (Sean having been 2-0 up). David must have played well to get the 3rd and 4th games and so MOTM to him I’d say. However it’s difficult to turn these situations round so fair play to Sean for coming back and winning the 5th. So with his full 5 game allocation under his belt, Sean was feeling he’d earned his pumpkin.

I went on next at No.1 against Euan Henderson. My game drew some fantastic crowd support (thanks Yvonne and Iain) and so after an exhausting drive back from Manchester I was hoping to give the massive audience some entertainment. However it was Euan who won the knock-up and he looked a bit too athletic for my liking. So there was nothing else for it, but to try and give him nothing to hit. Still even my high serves got a thrashing down the wall, about 1cm above the tin (I used to be able to retrieve those ones, about three stone ago!). Fortunately for me, however, at 8-7 up I got on a good run of points and went all the way to 14 without reply. No one’s beating me from 14-7 up!

The 2nd game wasn’t dissimilar to the 1st, except that I started spinning my serves and Euan started hitting the tin instead of the fabulous shots he had been playing. This made a massive difference to the score and his free points became mine! 8-3 Bish-bosh!! I then got on another good run to 13-4, before proceeding to assume I’d already won the game! Dobber! Euan got the next five points, before I eventually got the match head back on and won 15-9. The 3rd game wasn’t dissimilar to the 1st (and 2nd!). 8-7 up and a good run of points to win the match 15-8.

The bottom line was that I was able to stop Euan playing his game, but it was a good match and Euan was a real gent and great guy to play (all down to Euan’s gaff ‘Paperinos’ for the Christmas night oot).

On next was Ben (Mazzucco) who had just arrived – must have been out guising with the family as all three Mazzuccos arrived on mass (no Satsuma’s in sight though!). Ben threatened to play with a blue and pink flowery shirt, which he claimed was a rugby top; looked more like his Halloween costume to me! He was on against Dennis Liddell (Dirty Den and I are mates from the Whitecraigs LT&SC days – them were the days! I won’t go into the story of how Den and I lost a game of tennis doubles to an 85 year old guy with 2 plastic hips and his 60 year old partner, coz that would just be embarrassing!).

Both Den and Ben are/were rugby players and they were playing this match like they were on the pitch. Den clattered into Ben in the 1st game, but in true rugby style Ben didn’t even seem to notice/care too much. And then Ben returned the favour in the 2nd and left Dennis sprawling on the floor for a second or two before he got up and carried on as if nothing had really happened! I’d have been off to A&E! The match however was reasonably straight forward with Ben winning comfortably 3-0. He was just a bit too quick, fit and had a few too many shots for Den – apart from that it was close!

Dennis remarked later on that he only seemed to be playing youngsters this season, mind you that’s what the 85 year old tennis player said to us Den!

Last up was Captain Cantlay and we were soon wishing that he’s gone on 1st on one court and we could have all played on the other one as the mammoth 1st game went to 20-18 – in favour of Rich. During the break Ben suggested that Rich volley more, to which Richard said “Can you not tell me something I’ve got a remote chance of being able to do?!” Without missing a beat Ben countered “OK then, lose a stone!”

A good start for Rich in the 2nd game 6-1; a rubbish middle 6-7; and a terrible end 11-15.

Better length shot was required and was largely found in the 3rd – 15-10.

The 4th was a car-crash 6-15.

Great last game (15-7) to win the match 3-2 (at 14-7 down it was good to hear all the “big-four” swear words used in one sentence by Paul!)

Hard to say who our MOTM was, I’d be inclined to give it to myself (certainly not Sean or Rich though). However maybe it should really go to both Iain Beveridge & Sandro Mazzucco (our 4th team No.4 & 5) for winning their first ever West team match. Congrats Iain & Sandro – joint MOTMs.

So it was beer o’clock, but in Halloween style I was left with the horrific situation that DLWE have got rid of all the beer and only larger is now being served! Disaster. Rich mentioned that Tennants had even been taken off “Why’s that?” asked Euan “Too many fights breaking out?”

What would Wednesday be without the banter?

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