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DLWE v Western 1 – Away (Match Report) 4th December 2014

IMG_0201Well that was an interesting one tonight and I’m tempted to write 2 separate reports about our match up against (the newly developing – see pic left) Western away; which I’ve only ever done once before! In truth however the match in question was probably just a bit of a storm in a teacup.

Earlier on today – as I was getting out of the shower – there was a ring on the doorbell. I had no towel on, so I just shouted,

“Who’s there?” and the reply came back,

“It’s the blind man.” So I opened the door and there was this bloke standing in the porch holding a big cardboard box. He looked at me and said,

“So, where do you want these blinds?”……. I wish the wife would tell me when she orders this stuff!

First on tonight at No.4 was the battle of the David’s. David from David Lloyd (Craig) v David Kelly. David dominated this match (!) and I have to say he probably just had a bit too much experience tonight. Unfortunately I’m talking about their David and he played the big points well at the crucial times to win 3-0. Our Dave (C) played and ran well, but a slow first game (as usual) and a few too many tins put him under constant pressure. Plus the fact he didn’t bring the lucky mascot!.

Next on at No.5 was our own Michael Jackson (hee-hee!) v Matthias Tesson. Michael was raring to go, but in the knock-up, after he fired 3 consecutive shots into the tin Douglas shouted out “Michael, you may want to consider using the strings!”…………… (“You Know I’m Bad, I’m Bad – Really, Really Bad!”)

The start of every game was hard fought and very even, after all “no one wants to be defeated!” Michael played some great rallies and covered the court really well, unfortunately at about 5-5 Matthias took control and made sure that not only did everything come back, but he also played a good length. He did this in the 1st and 2nd games and everything was looking rosé for Matthias at 2-0 up! MJ was trying to win every shot of every rally with a kill, about 1mm above the tin and this was getting him into a “Jam” because, although he hit some great shots, he was also hitting 1mm below the tin on too many occasions. It was quite “Black or White”, either stop hitting the tin or lose. MJ lost!!

Next on was Dougie (Macmillan) against Andy Phillips. I though Doug may win this easily, but Andy played really well to dispel this theory. Andy kept the ball really tight on the backhand and was hitting some great drops. At 1-1 Doug looked like he was struggling, and when he scraped the 3rd 15-13 it looked like the match could have been anyone’s. However I felt that if Doug kept the pressure on Andy – and played 10 shot rallies, rather than 3 shot ones, then he’d win. This proved to be true, and although Andy made every rally difficult Doug started to take more control. Andy hit a few tins at the wrong time and Doug sneaked home 3-1.

I do think that Doug now holds some sort of record though, as he lost 2 new balls in the heater – is this the most ever or can someone do better? Maybe our very own Michael Jackson can “Beat It”?!?!? (Too much? No I didn’t think so!)

So could I win against Steven Halliday and take the match to a 2-2 decider? I’m sure I beat Steve last time I played him – this was the good news! However, he was about 13 at the time – this was the bad news!

Steven looked less fit than I’ve seen him in the past, but unfortunately he still hits the ball to an impeccably measured length and this causes his opponents to give away loads of opportunities and then he just puts you away again and again. I like to think I play that way as well (although at a lower standard) and I can tell you it’s bloody annoying to play against! I played OK though and when Doug told me to play a better width, I began to make a nuisance of myself, but that was about it. Steven won 3-0 and I don’t think I realistically could have done much better (still that’s only 1-1 in the series Steve – I look forward to playing you in another 20 years time!).

Last up were the No.1s Craig (Valente-Wallace) for us against Peter Halliday for Western – this was eventful and I’ll try and give a tactful report!!

Peter stormed the 1st and Craig sneaked the 2nd about 15-13. However it was about this time that both players began to slow a little bit and get in each other’s way. Shots that Craig was smacking down the backhand wall for winners became shorter in length and Craig was finding Peter right behind him looking for ‘lets’ and ‘strokes’.

Peter was also tiring and the shots he was getting in the 1st games were getting away from him and so ‘lets’ became ‘no lets’. Both parties felt aggrieved –  and more and more arguments with the ref ensued (Dave Craig was mighty relieved that he didn’t have to mark this one! As was I!). Peter won the 3rd game also on a tie break after volleying a cross court nic-roller at game ball down (#braveorstupidyoudecide!) and as Craig left the court all we could hear from outside the court was “S#!£ – F@$# – #$^K !!!

The pace remained high and the ball was red hot in the 4th – and this matched the players tempers………… and some of the crowd! Conduct warnings and strokes were handed out, for heated exchanges with the ref – and this did little to make the contest flow. The game began to slip away from Craig at this moment and he ended up losing a very tight match 3-1.

I have to say that I think players should confine their comments to the ref and not discuss decisions with each other, but other than that it was just a hard match played by two players giving their all on a Wednesday night for the team. After a quick shower and discussion I’m sure consensus wasn’t reached, but all was left with a hand shake.

Very nice Chinese for dinner and probably the last time we get to have a pint before these new (draconian) drink drive laws come in on Friday. From now on I think I’ll just have to go home, close the new blinds, and have a beer on the couch.

RASTA Whitecraigs LT&SC Harrow RASTAsHarrow%20Logo%20rev3%20down2013 Nationals Peter O'Hara - winner over 40s D7-1 333

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