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Optical Express D.L.W.E. v Western 1 (away) 1st Nov. 2017

D1B39DA0-4E82-4153-8D79-EBC16F13039C Western 1 away and a tough match against a strong side this season.

Andrew Glen went on first at No.4 and played Richard King. Andrew had been away the British Junior Championships (B.J.C.) over the weekend and had 6 grueling matches, so he was probably a bit jaded going into this match. However, he played well and was up against a very experienced opponent in Richard. Andrew got the 2nd game with some much straighter length, but after that Richard took control and showed all his experience to win 3-1 (Andrew did great at the B.J.C. in Manchester, by the way, and finished well above his seeding – click here to see his results).

The match of the night was on next as Paul Treon took on Ben Ramasubbu. Paul has been away for two weeks and has got a new baby, so training hasn’t been right at the top of his priorities recently, which is probably why he went 2-0 down! Still he was just getting his eye in, as it transpires, because he came to life in the 3rd and 4th with some great squash. And so to the 5th! This was also a tight one, but Ben had just enough left to sneak the match. Quote of the night from Michael Jackson (shamone!) when he arrived to watch his previous team mates and shouted, “Come on Nornern Ireland” to his 2 fellow countrymen! Also M.O.T.M. to both men for the entertainment, in the 5-game roller-coaster ride!

I was on and off quicker than you could say Jack Robinson (whatever that phrase means!). Anyway, the phrase was about right for this match and afterwards Finlay said, about my opponent Steve Halliday, “I’ve never seen anyone hit as many nics in one match before!” (I’m not sure if I should be consoled by that or not!). Having said that Steve is playing particularly well at the moment and he’s even played at No.1 for the team, for one of the games this season.

I went for a shower and missed the start of the No.1s, as Craig VW played Peter Halliday. By the time I started watching, the game was full of collisions, contended refereeing decisions and on court discussions. It was difficult to be sure which way to call any decision as one third of the crowd thought one thing, one third thought something else and the rest thought they should just get on with it (I thought they may have to settle it by “2 falls or a submission!” 😊 ). Having said that it was a physically hard battle and Craig managed to win the match 3-2 (the discussions continued off court!). Quite apt that this match was between Halloween and the fireworks!

Last on was Finlay McGhee v Liam Dickson. A real tough one for Finlay as Liam is very good and would play much higher up many teams. However, it was a pleasure to mark as both men hardly asked for anything. Liam was just too good tonight and won 3-0

And so to the bar! Finlay managed to eat his own weight in pasta after the match and it was Minestrone for the two Veggies. As the chat returned to the No.1s match! Time for a sharp exit!

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