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West Knockout Cup 2017 – ‘The Final’

September 16, 2017 Leave a comment

The final of the 2017 West Knockout Cup is between Newlands & Strathgryffe. Newlands eased past Hamiton 3-1 in Wednesday’s semi-final and Strathgryffe beat Glasgow Uni 4-0 in the other semi-final tie.

Strathgryffe are away for the final and no doubt the Newlands members will be hoping to roar their side to victory. Who’s you’re money on?

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There are some other interesting last round ties including Newlands 2 v Newlands 3 in the plate (favourites have to be the 3rd team with the home advantage!), not to mention Hamilton v Glasgow uni for the bronze medal.

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West Knockout Cup 2017 Round 3 Update

September 7, 2017 Leave a comment

It was a tough night for Scotstoun last night at their 3 teams lost in the main draw and Newlands, Hamilton, Strathgryffe and Glasgow Uni marched on to the Semi-final.

But who’s you’re money on?? I’ll pick  the underdogs Glasgow Uni – however with the 5000 point rule it could be anyones!

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And in the Plate Giffnock 2 will take on Newlands 2 and in the bottom half of the draw SSRC 2 are up against Newlands 3.

All to play for!

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2017 West Knockout Cup Match Report D.L.W.E. v S.S.R.C. 30th Aug

Tough match against S.S.R.C. in the 1st round of the West Knockout Cup last night as the 2017/18 season is now definitely under way!


The format is a 4-man team and the total team can’t have any more than 5000 points. This is according to your individual points score on Sporty HQ (interesting/confusing – yup me too; we had to re-jig as we were over 5000 points on our 1st line up!)

Revised line up 4857 points


First on was Big John McIntyre (Sport HQ 1059 points) against a former DLWEer Big Rob Macmillan. A BIG game and a great start for Big Rob, moving like a gazelle and going 1-0 up, but Johnny McD said to me “Don’t worry John’ll win 3-1- he always does!” And sure enough John really got going, to come back and win the match 3-1 as predicted (hey Johnny, what score will it be when Liverpool play Man City?)


Next up was Alistair Mackenzie (Sport HQ 851 points)  against Mark (Uncle Festa) Sherrit. Al turned up coughing and spluttering (get you’re excuses in early that’s what I say) and it looked like he’d be run ragged as he lost the 1st! But ‘the only way is up’ (as Yazz & Iain Bev might conclude!) and he ended up coughing his way through the rest of the match to end up winning 3-1. Alistair also ended up playing some good length when he decided to keep it out of the tin!


So only one more match to win – easy! And I (Jason Broadberry – Sport HQ 1627 points) would bring the team home at No.1!?!?!?!? Well maybe not as I got a right 3-0 tonking from Brian – I think Brian identified that I’m only 1 vowel away from being ‘fit’!


Last up was Finlay McGhee (Sport HQ 1320 points) against Dave McCormack. Dave is a canny left hander and is obviously playing well. Fin was initially off the pace as he went 0-2 down however, a resurgence was on the cards as he took the 3rd easily. “So” I said “win this and we go through …… no pressure!”. Unfortunately for us, Dave had a bit left in the tank and won the 4th in style.


So a 2-2 draw and SSRC go through on game-countback (thanks to me being rubbish/unfit etc – you’re dropped Jase!)

Still the interesting thing about this Knockout Cup is that you don’t get knocked out!!

West Committee marketing department may have to have a look at this!

Next week we’re up against Newlands 2 in the plate.

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