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DLWE v Giffnock 1 – Away (Match Report) 19th March 2014

PaulHannahLogoYou could cut the tension with a knife as we travelled to Giffnock to play the potential league champions last night. I say potential as they still needed 1 point to secure the title. Would they do it!?!?? Could we stop them?!?!?!

We on the other hand were safe from relegation and only really turned up for the team photo and the celebration! IMAG0229

David (Craig) was first on against Owen Hadden (who fancies himself……….now where was I? Oh yes fancies himself as Giffnock 1s MVP – having amassed 18 wins out of 18 this season). I can’t believe Dave lost the very first game to Owen and handed Giffnock the title; what an anti-climax!!! Congratulations Giffers.

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Anyway back to the match Dave was playing with a slight injury, but even a fully fit Dave would have struggled against Haddaway last night so the first 3 points were on the board.

I was on next against Harrow’s Stuart George (!). Well I say Harrow’s Stuart George, but he’d broken the strings in both his J. Power Spark rackets so I had to loan him a racket (the new Stealth)! Well Stuart’s not stupid – he understands that you can’t go around thrashing the person who gives you a racket so we had a great game with two tie breaks in the 2nd and 3rd – I have to say I played brilliantly, but am under no illusions as to the pasting I could have got. I also hit a couple of sublime nics, one of which must have won shot of the night!! Great fun on court and exhausting work chasing the great length Stu hits.

Next up was Rich (Cantlay) v Niall Morris. Now Niall also reckons he Giffnock’s MVP having won 16 out of 16, but also winning at every position in Division 1 (he also won another league title this week in Prague for the ‘Prague Bald Stars’ I think that’s what Naill said they were called! Strange name!). Anyway this was an interesting game. Naill won the 1st on a tie break but the 2nd was a pumpin’  – in fact it was 11-2; having said that both points Rich got were “taxis”!! Classic! In the 3rd game Rich got to 10-6 game ball and the team point was on. Surely Rich couldn’t get the team point tonight? Having said that Rich does fancy himself as DLWE’s MVP this year, presumably for all weeks he picks up 2 points whilst losing! Anyway Naill must have taken pity on Rich as he handed him the game 11-6. Golden team point secured!

Well what a platform for Rich to start building on. He was cracking his forehands at the speed of sound (literally!) and he was lumbering about as well as I’ve ever seen. There was also the rally of the match in the 4th game that went on for ages. I almost ruined it after about 10 shots by calling one of Richard’s shots ‘out’, but both players ignored me and carried on. Chris Patrick (from Strathgryffe) said over my shoulder “Just let them play on ken. They seem to be enjoying themselves ken!” so I did and about 100 shots later Niall won the rally anyway. Well from all that you’d expect the score to be close wouldn’t you? But at 8-0 the Granny was well and truly on!! Could Niall had out a PAR doughnut?? 9-0. “Give us a point Rich!” – shouted the crowd…..10-0. Surely not on the last game of the season and Rich’s last match for the club! Surely not!?!?!?! Yup – GRANNY handed out!

I went for a shower at this point and Doug (Macmillan) went on at No.1 v Iain Tennent. Doug has had a good 2nd half of the season with a good few wins at No.1 (which is a really tough position to play – thank god he did as otherwise I’d have had to do it).

I said to Doug “If you run Iain’s shots down and get in about him I reckon you could have a good match tonight.” I thought ‘quick shower’ and I’ll probably see the 2nd game onward. Half way through my shower Iain came back in and started changing! Enough said!

Iain was adamant that he was Giffnock’s MVP due to some of the 3-0 scalps he’s taken this year and winning 14 out of 16, but the lads were having none of that, as he’d lost twice – #plumdisaster!

Last up was Sean (Norris) v Stuart Pitt at No.5. Sean was suffering from a bad back (again) but turned out for the craic anyway (he was never gonna be any use in the same week as St Patrick’s Day even with no injury!).

Another highly entertaining match to watch, as Sean challenged every refereeing decision he could think of! And it was a good run as well and although Stuart won 3-0 Sean did get 8 points in every game and some of his shots were bordering on tight at times (which is a step up for him!). Sean joined in the MVP discussion, but Richard soon put him straight and introduced a LVP category especially for him!

So we retired to the bar to celebrate properly. Stu G introduced me to a beer he said was “Better than Erdinger!?!” Well with a claim like that, I had to have a bottle or 3 of Weihenstephan! To go with my very crispy pizza!! Great night and fabulous chat with the Giffnock lads.

By the way, when it comes to DLWE’s MVP I have to say that our team sponsor, Paul Hannah, has to get a mention as I’m sure we wouldn’t be building team squash at the club if it wasn’t for his help and support. Thanks Paul and all the best.

Here’s to next season! (and before that the British Open & the Commonwealth Games! and the West ‘end of season night out’ on April 26th!)

JP Spark

JP Spark

Stealth Ultralight

Stealth Ultralight

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