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DLWE v Whitecraigs RFC – Away (Match Report) 7th January 2015

westsquashsitelogo1Well I’m looking for a positive spin for the match last Wednesday, but really I’m struggling. I was thinking we could get a 3-2 from this tie against Whitecraigs Rugby – and if we played really well we may even win 3-2, however what actually happened was that we all lost and apart from Craig we all got tonked!

First on was Davie (Craig) and mascot/daughter Elvi – against Nairn McMasters. A real tough one for the big man and I would have been amazed if we’d have won this one. He didn’t! Dave was moving well enough, but Nairn was just too clever and kept Dave at bay for the whole match to win 3-0 (I didn’t see a lot of the match as the mascot kept me busy with her James Bond Aston Martin Match Box car (also Doug looked pretty jealous of her Nike gutties!) – she was obviously on Santa’s ‘Nice’ list at Christmas!)

Next on was Michael (Jackson) and could he upset the seedings and sneak a victory, well if you’d read the first paragraph then you’ll know the answer to this, however he did get the first team point. This was a battle of left v right and whenever MJ got a good length on the right hand side (Colin’s backhand) he was winning. At 1-1 in games it was looking like it could go either way………….. and it did!?!?! Unfortunately, Colin kept the ball in the back left better that MJ could do on the other side and eventually we lost 3-1. MJ played well however and he’ll gain a lot from this battle.

Well now it was my turn and Doug Emery was my opponent. Well I was going to show the team how it was done. I’d take the game to Doug and although I expected a hard match (it was 3-2 last time) I was ‘confident’ that I could win. But ‘deluded’ would be a more apt word for me! Doug thrashed me in the 1st  – still not to worry a comeback was definitely on the cards, as soon as I got more used to the court. Wrong! Soundly beaten in the 2nd.

OK volley better, play straighter, rally more and I’ll do this the tough way and win in 5! Crazy FOOL! Doug outplayed me again – all the way up to 10-5 match ball, but not to worry just dig, dig, dig and I’d still be in it! Bemused and disappointed I shook Doug’s hand moments later having been chopped up! Well played Doug – too good for me.

Next on was Doug (Macmillan) v Harry Anderson. Not sure the Tubey Crawl is the ideal preparation over Christmas, but none the less Doug did beat Harry 3-0 last time so this would be an assured victory for us. What? How can I be so wrong about everything tonight? Doug got a bigger chopping than me (by 1 point) and lost 3-0 (Doug’s own assessment of the game was “I have never in my life felt so horrendous on a squash court and I have never in my life showed so little effort. Lost 3-0 in approximately 7 and a half minutes” – well that’s a bit harsh I’d say!) and on the other side of things Harry was really quick tonight and right up for the challenge.

Last up was our saving grace this week and although Craig (Valentie-Wallace) would probably tell you that he didn’t rate the game much himself, at 2-0 up he had doubled the team points already. Unfortunately he did lose the match in 5, but it was a hard fought one – although tough to take if you were 2 up.

Colin from Whitecraigs Rugby club remembered that I was a Veggie and so I got a massive portion of pasta….. lovely! And the chicken curry & nan went down very well with the rest of the squad.

Onwards and upwards eh?!?!

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