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Whitecraigs LT&SC 2014 Club Championships

Iain McDermott left receiving the prize from Tim Ross (squash convener)

Iain McDermott left receiving the prize from Tim Ross (squash convener)

The last two weeks has seen the Whitecraigs LT&SC 2014 Club Champions crowned and in the Men’s Tournament there was a hell of a final between Iain McDermott and Steve Luker.

Iain McDermott on the 'T' v Steve Luker (must have been the 5th!)

Iain McDermott on the ‘T’ v Steve Luker (must have been the 5th!)

Steve took the early exchanges and won the first two games and looked in total control. He volleyed well and didn’t let Iain have a sniff of the ball let alone the ‘T’. But Iain is renound for coming back from some pretty tight situations and that’s exactly what happened in this match. He began lengthening the rallies and getting Steve behind him. He also began reading Steve’s drops much better and crunching them to a length any time he saw them. So 2-1 soon became 2-2 and so to the 5th!

By now you could see that Steve was tired, but so was Iain. It was still anyone’s game to win. Steve needed to control the match more and find the corners and Iain needed to keep doing what he was doing. The crowd was deep in discussion about who would do it.

The 5th game was another high paced affair and as Steve faded Iain powered on to take the match and become the 2014 Men’s Champion. It was a great match to watch.

Calum, Mark, Steve and Oli (and me)

Calum, Mark, Steve and Oli (and me)

The Junior Club Championships were played the next week and this was a good quality tournament played as a round-robin. It all came down to the final match between Oliver Millen and Mark Taylor.

Both players had maximum points going into the final so it was winner take all. The final was a great display of determination and power. Both lads love to wallop the ball and both hate losing to each other (despite the fact they’re friends). Oli was nervous and Mark was determined to run everything down.

However a season in the Wednesday Men’s teams proved to be the difference in this match as Oli was able to move Mark around the court and keep him in the back. Mark did run many of Oli’s shots down, but in the end Oli was just too consistent and too experienced as he won the match 3-0 and became the 2014 Junior Club Champion.



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Sneak Squash Shoes





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