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DLWE v Hamilton – Away (Match Report) 12th March 2014


Were we safe from relegation yet? Technically no, but probably yes. So a few points tonight would secure it for us and away to Hamilton was where we went to mine those few golden nuggets.

Rich & Sean were missing from the team, so we strengthened the line up by adding Kev Cameron! And the debutant to Division 1 went on first at No.5 against Colin McGeady. This was interesting match up to referee as Kev used his pace and Colin used his experience. The court was roasting and Kev ran about scraping everything back (just) making a real nuisance of himself, but Colin looked in control and took a good lead in the 1st game. Unassailable you might say, because it was! But only just, as he sneaked home on the tie break. Kev fought back well and took the 2nd by lengthening the rallies. In retrospect it’s easy to see that the 3rd was where the match was won, especially as it went to a tie break. Unfortunately for us Colin won it and then had the comfort of knowing he didn’t have to win the 4th (which he didn’t).

An so to the 5th!

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Colin dominated the early stages of the last game with renewed concentration and determination and unfortunately Kev just couldn’t compete when he kept on the ‘T’ and kept Kev in the corners – so a good win for Colin, but also 2 vital team points from Kev.

Both parties were gentlemen on court and it was a good match to ref and I’d probably give MOTM to both players.

I missed the No.4s as they had played on the court next door and Jason (Grinton) secured another team point against Alan Mackay. And when you put this golden nugget together with Kev’s two nuggets, this was probably the point we could say the team was technically safe from relegation.

Next up was David (Craig) against Colin Towers at No.3. Colin was winning the 3rd (it was 1-1 in the match. 11-9  11-13) when David pulled up lame. He struggled on and lost the game, but it was obvious that there was no point in continuing so he retired gracefully. It was a pity as the 1st two games were really tight.

I was on next in the sauna against Kenny Boyle and it was all a bit too quick for me tonight. Doug said you need to play a bit straighter after the 1st game and after the 2nd he said “Just try anything!”

So I did! And almost won the 3rd with only slow lobs, which Kenny seemed fond of tinning. But almost was as close as I got as I lost the tie break 13-11 and the match 3-0.

Not being a great lover of schadenfreude I went for a shower as the No.1s went on and I’m glad I did as when I returned I heard the ref saying ”Come on guys, let’s just get on with the squash.”

Just then I got a joke text from my nephew, so as the squash hadn’t broken out I left to have a look at it:

Question “What sound does a sub-atomic duck make?”

Answer “Quark.” (well he has been doing physics exams, so you’ll have to forgive him this one!)

I didn’t see Doug after the match as he left not looking too happy, but he did get a team golden nugget (and deserved more by all accounts).

Thanks to Kenny for specially organising the veggie pasta and a pint of Newky Brown helped wash it down well (I was surprised our resident Geordie – Jason G – left without a pint! Hasn’t the big man broken some sort of local Newcastle law by not having a bottle?)

Last match is against Giffnock 1 so we can celebrate our survival properly next Wednesday and it should be a good atmosphere as Giffnock will be celebrating as well I hear.

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JP Turbo


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