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DLWE v Giffnock 2 – Home (Match Report) 5th March 2014

PaulHannahLogoWell with Hamilton and Giffnock 1 left to play this season, this was our absolute last chance to get some realistic points. And to give ourselves a sniff of staying up in Division 1, as we matched up against Giffnock 2 tonight.

We’d narrowly lost to them in the 1st half and so it looked like a tough night ahead – tough but competitive!

I was delayed as I witnessed a car accident on the way to the match and stopped to give my details, which was just as well as the couple who slammed their car into the other driver were not admitting to anything; that is until I parked up and arrived back on the scene to give a ‘stroke’ against them! And my number to Julie, who had been bumped and was outnumbered!

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So when I arrived Dougie (Macmillan) was already on against Mikey Rodgerson at No.1. In truth this was one way traffic, as Doug was just too fit and too mobile for Mikey. Mikey played well and ran hard, but when everything you do is coming back at you you’ve just got to enjoy the game.

Next on was Sara (McDonald) at No.5 and myself (Jason Broadberry) at No.2. Sara played Mark Coyle and was in charge of the 1st game when I had to go on court myself. She won this one, but then Mark took the 2nd. It appears from the score card that the 3rd was a crucial game and unfortunately (for us) Mark won it 12-10, before finishing things off 3-1 (well Sara was winning when I was watching!). But I’d say MOTM to Mark for a good performance.

I was on at the same time (ish) as Sara and I played Patrick O’Sullivan. I thought I may have to play him so I was determined not to assume I had a right to win, although I was probably the favourite. In truth my length & width was just a bit better than Patrick’s and so I was able to dictate the play and won 3-0. But Patrick is very nippy and will run all night if you let him – another youngster that will overtake me soon I fear!

Next something strange happened. Squash was suspended for about 30 minutes! There was tumbleweed blowing across the court as the Giffnock No.3 & 5 were nowhere to be seen. One of them was on the phone and too busy to play – and the other hadn’t even arrived?!?!?!

Eventually David (Craig) got an opponent in Nigel Anthony (who ironically works for the ‘Better Together’ campaign apparently, but obviously doesn’t apply this principle to his Wednesday team squash!) However he’s got some shots! After Dave snuck the first 2 games (12-10 & 13-11) I was pretty sure that he needed to keep lengthening the rallies and keep the ball as deep as possible, but knowing Dave as I do I said to the marker at the start of the 3rd game “This has got 5 games written all over it!” And guess what? It did!

I went to mark on the other court at this point, but Nigel won the next two reasonably easily and so had enough left in the tank for the 5th. I was listening to the scores as I marked from the next court. 4-4 became 8-8 and 10-10, but Nigel just squeezed home in the tie-break 12-10 to take the points.

So with all to play for Garry Blanchflower turned up in the nic of time (at about 9.30pm) to play at No.4 v Rich (Cantlay). And what a hum-dinger this was. Rich was 1-0 up, but then 2-1 down as Garry was volleying all his cross-courts for winner after winner. I mentioned this to Rich after the 3rd game and ventured that “Straight was great!”

The first point of the 4th game Rich fired a cross-court onto Garry’s volley and it got dispatched…. again! But we had a ‘eureka moment’ as Rich looked at me through the glass as if to say “Maybe straight is the way forward!” And guess what? It was! 11-6 in the 4th and a much tighter 11-9 in the 5th won Richard the match and the 3 bonus points for the team (and MOTM for Rich).

So will 15 points be enough to keep us up? Well if it isn’t you can’t say we didn’t give it everything tonight. A great performance by everyone in the team and so we retired to the bar for a choice of macaroni cheese or veggie pasta.

Then Rich, Garry and I went on for a pint at the local (as we got kicked out of the club when it shut at 10.30 or something embarrassing like that !) and the chat turned to Tartan Army tours & Guinness squash tours to Belfast! Now they are the future!!

DLWE's Dave the Hat - looking like he's got a candelabra to sell you!

DLWE’s Dave the Hat – looking like he’s got a candelabra to sell you!




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JP Spark

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