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DLWE v SSRC – Away (Match Report) 7th November 2013

PaulHannahLogoIt looked like it was going to be a tough match last night against SSRC away and as I searched for my “Paul Hannah Solicitors” sponsored team top, I found it festering in the washing pile I thought this was a bad omen.

As I arrived at SSRC I noticed immediately a brand new carpet throughout the lounge, which is a light brown/creamy colour, so I gave my shoes a good wipe as I didn’t want to be the first to make a mark, but you’ll never guess who threw their drink over it later!

Sean Norris was on first against Chris Holt at No.4. Chris is No.1 in the over 50’s Masters age category so this was going to be a tough match for Sean. Like us, SSRC also had newly sponsored t-shirts (although not by Paul Hannah Solicitors!!) and after they had some team photos – which Sean somehow managed to get in (?) – we were off.

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It was interesting to see 2 teams playing in all white shirts – old school! Sean was playing well again this week and he was using a great 2 wall boast to the front, but Chris was also playing well and was looking quick about the court and was also hitting straight particularly well. After the first 3 points Sean had asked for a couple of ‘fisher-lets’ and was given them, so I thought we may be in for a long night. However the games were all tight and although Sean was in them all Chris had just that little extra at the business end of the game and so we were 3-0 down.

I went on next against a young guy from Crieff called Rory Stewart who is ranked 2nd highest junior in Scotland (click here to see the Matrix). Well Rory was probably wondering why he bothered coming all the way from Crieff as the game was over too soon for my liking. I have to say that I think Rory is a real talent as he is not only quick, but has a tonne of shots and reads the game really well. Well he read my game really well and all my shots were dispatched easily. I tried to straighten up as the match went on, but even thought I had more success doing this, it was only a matter of time before Rory won the match. So we were now 6-0 down and needing to win all the other 3 ties.

Next on was David Craig v someone from SSRC. Eventually David McCormick was told that he was No.5 this week and he seemed genuinely surprised that he wasn’t in the 2nd team (he also must have forgotten which team he was playing for after the match as he watched the 2nd team match and had dinner with them as well!).

I can’t really remember who won what game, but for the sake of a quicker report let’s just start at the 5th game shall we! So 2-2 (surprise) and both David’s continued to play their own idiosyncratic games in the decider. Our Dave with his cheetah-like retrieving and his hankering to:

  1. Try and snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the early stages of a match
  2. Try and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in the latter stages

And their Dave with his left handed ability to hit a 200mph ball back at you at 400mph! The 5th was a great game that went to a tie break and our Dave eventually managed to:

  1. Serve to the (lefties) backhand for the first time in the match – at match ball!
  2. Control the ball to a good length just at the right time, to force a couple of errors and win the match.

So I saw the Big Man a few minutes later with a massive grin on his face and his usual mantra of “Why win in 3 when you can string it out to 5!”

Next on at No.3 was our hapless Captain (I can say this as he never reads these!) Richard Cantlay against Brian Robertson (over 45’s No4). I didn’t expect us to win this one and we didn’t! But I also didn’t expect Richard to play so well – up to 9 points in every game. He was hitting a really hard shot to a good length and Brian was floundering and making lots of errors. Unfortunately Brian seemed to dig well at about 9-9 and Rich seemed to tie up a little. So this was the difference in all 3 games and we lost, but if Captain Cantlay get a few more games under his belt he could be a handful on a Wednesday night.

Last on was Dougie Macmillan at No:1 (ranked 3 on the Junior Matrix) against another of SSRC’s new signings in Jamie Henderson (ranked 3 on the Senior Matrix and originally from Thurso). This was going to be a tough one for Dougie – and so it proved! Jamie moves himself and the ball really well so it didn’t surprise me to see his ranking or his results this year (click here to see them). It was the middle of the 2nd game when I arrived back from the shower and Doug was on the end of a few big rallies; although he was still his normal lightning quick self to the front. It did, however, amuse me to see a rally with about 7 back-wall boasts, as Doug got more and more tired! A good fighting performance from Doug, but was always looking like 3-0 to Jamie.

So off to the bar to sample some of the now infamous SSRC “Beers by George” – that’s George Allan not ASDA. As I took a careful look through the selection and spent ages carefully choosing the right one Captain Cantlay marched over had a good look at all the great beers before ignoring them in favour of the traditional can of Tennents. Mind you it was better than Sean who went for a orange juice and then didn’t even drink it; instead he just spilled it all over the new carpet!

westsquashsitelogo1Harrow%20Logo%20rev3%20downHarrow Vapor 2010photo

Looking good at SSRC  as Scotlands Oldest  Private Members Club stock Harrow range

Looking good at SSRC as Scotlands Oldest Private Members Club stock Harrow range

Commonwealth Games Confirmationphoto (5)

New Renegade model

New Renegade model


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