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DLWE v Strathgryffe – Home (Match Report) 14th November 2013

PaulHannahLogoWhen I looked at this fixture I couldn’t see a win for us. If we played a blinder maybe a 2-3 result could be on the cards along with some valuable points.

The normal Wednesday squash situation happened again this week with Strathgryffe having numbers 1 and 4 available and we had numbers 2, 3 and 5 ready to go! Any statisticians out there? What’s the percentage chance of a correct pairing turning up first to a squash match?(Answers on a postcard please!). So the first pairing ready to go were the number 1s and so Douglas Macmillan took to the court against Martin Woods.

The was a classic coach vs up-and-coming-player scenario and both men knew each other’s game to a certain extent. However the coach wasn’t taking things lightly and wanted to make sure that he controlled the game, which to a large extent he did.

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Martin was generally a few points ahead in every game which gave him a good buffer zone and on top of that he moved the ball and his opponent about well – so Dougie was doing most of the chasing. The tactic for Doug had to be to run Martin into the ground, but unfortunately he just couldn’t achieve this and lost the game 3-0. A good fighting performance though and Doug should have Martin in his sights for the future.

Next on court was Sara McDonald against Struan Grant at No.5. Struan is huge (tall!) these days and now looks like the honey monster; with loud shorts being his trademark! Sara was looking the total opposite and looking great in her new all-black kit (no Haka though!). This one was all about Sara’s control against Struan’s retrieving and hard hitting and I’m glad to say that style won with Sara taking all 3 games (despite a close 3rd).

David Craig was on the other court against Lee Fraser. I’ve had some close ones with Lee over the years, so I didn’t think David would win this one, but hold on…he won the first game! Could there be an upset on the cards? Would Lee buckle under the pressure?? Would Dave be victorious???? No! Lee started to take control and won the next three! A good point for Dave though.

I went on next against Jason Lang and I don’t know what they put in the water in Strathgryffe, but he’s massive (taller!) these days as well (although it would be fair to say in a ‘slightly’ different way to the Honey/Beer Monster!). I didn’t rate my chances too highly tonight, judging by Jason’s results recently, but I knew that to have a hope of winning I needed to take my chances – and I did just that although I also made a lot of errors.  Fortunately for me Jason did as well; that is up until I got to 9 or 10 when he stopped making any errors and completely shut up shop. This resulted in some attritional squash and lung busting rallies, but I managed to sneak across the finishing line (with not too much to spare). I’m not sure I’ll beat him much longer, so I was delighted to take this one.

Rich Cantlay was on last against James Dare and, having played Richard at the weekend, I thought he would have a good chance against James, but it wasn’t to be. James dominated the match and although Richard had some good phases, James was always looking like the victor.

So a loss, but 8 points none the less in our fight for survival.

Good banter with the Strathgryffe guys and Doug asked me to get my report in earlier from now on, as he had no idea how he played until he read the report!

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  1. November 15, 2013 at 11:36 am

    Sounds like Douglas has been focusing too much on his table-tennis if you ask me Jason 🙂

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