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DLWE v Western 2 – Home (Match Report) 30th October 2013

westsquashsitelogo1Sorry this report is late but I was away on business then had the RASTA racketball tournament to organise (and play) on Saturday – all that and the Squash on telly to watch, so it’s all been a bit hectic. Anyway last Wednesday saw us match up against Western 2, who are just one place below us in the 1st Division. In fact they (and we) are the division’s strongest teams as we’re holding the rest up!

I arranged a 6.30pm start for me at No: 2 and also for the number 5s, so I was amused, but not surprised, to see that the first pairing to arrive at 6.45pm were the number 4s! Typical!

We did start early though and I played David Kelly first up. Dave is looking like he used to 15 years ago, ‘lean and mean’ and moving around the court really well. Fortunately for me I’m also moving a bit better these days (at 2.5 stone lighter) and I was able to keep him chasing and won quite a few rallies……………….

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………………….with my short boasts and by the time Dave had got to grips with this tactic I was one game up. In the 2nd game Dave had to move up the court to cover my boast, so I was able to hit him to the back with more success. The match was physically quite a tough game and many of the rallies were very tiring, but I tended to be in control of most of them and so won the match 3-0.

The number 5s were on next and we had Sara McDonald against Tony Gibson. This was a very interesting game to watch as Sara’s classic squash style was matched against Tony’s badminton game. Sara won the first with great lengths to the back, but Tony came steaming back with a much better pace to upset Sara’s rhythm. And this continued throughout the match as the game ebbed and flowed until inevitably we got to the 5th game.

David Craig was also on at the same time at No: 4 against Steve (my name is) Luker. Steve won a very close first game 11-13, but Dave made a great comeback in the 2nd and 3rd games with dominant performances by using his pace and retrieving to keep him in every rally. And these days he’s also added some very effective short volleys and drops to his game, which has made him a very much more dangerous opponent and he was 2-1 up.

As I watched both David and Sara at the same time on adjoining courts, I was amused to hear Sara’s score being called 10-9 match ball at the exact time that Dave’s score was called 10-5 match ball. Both Sara and David converted both match points at exactly the same time and both doors were also opened for the players to come off court at exactly the same time. Amazing? Or was it inevitable that it would happen at some point? Whatever the mathematical or philosophical answer is, it’s probably a bit too complex for a match report! Great wins for both DLWE players though.

I marked the next one, which was Sean Norris against Borja Alcalde at number 3. Now Borja comes out as “War Horse” on my voice recognition ‘thingy’ and that’s not too bad a description of this Spanish gladiator! And with Sean’s game to play against, it made for a very interesting match-up.

Sean was suffering from a bit of a bad back, but you wouldn’t know it as he was scrambling around the court at his usual pace and he managed to win the first 2 games, but “War Horse” was not to be beaten so easily and he had a great charging performance in the third – winning that one 11-7. And the fourth was the closest of them all, but at 13-13 Sean just managed to get his nose ahead and with his own blinkers on he brought the match home 15-13!

Last up were the No:1s – Doug Macmillan against Graham Dunes. Now on paper Doug (who comes out as “Dog” on my voice recognition doofer) should probably have stormed this one, but in reality Graham was a very tricky opponent.

It often amuses me that when you have a close match, but such a large age difference, the younger player thinks he can bring out all the shots against the more experienced guy. This happened quite a lot during this match and Graham punished Doug every time, with some fabulous short play and really good length to back this up. The net result of this tends to be the younger guy getting very frustrated and it was no different during this encounter. Doug thought he was playing badly, but in fact it was often because of the shots he was given to chase.

Having said all that “Dog” chased well and won the first 15-13 and the third, so was 2-1 up. The fourth was again a tough affair at 9-9, but Doug managed to sneak home the advantage and win the match 3-1.

In retrospect it was great to see the old guard playing so well and I would certainly give man of the match to Graham (and probably W.O.T.M. to Sara for our team – although David C and Sean N were also excellent).

So our first 18 points as we retired to the bar for an early finish and some good chat with the Western lads before I had to dash off for a late night drive to Sheffield for an 11am appointment the next day and then onto Wales. Now that’s team commitment!


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