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DLR v Strathgryffe – Away (Match Report) 8th February 2012

Tonight’s match had three coaches, the under 19s National Champion and the guy who just took a game off world No.2 James Wilstrop at the British Nationals …………… and a pirate – as the mighty Lloyds matched up against ‘The Gryffe’!

First on was Jason (Lang) v Garry McIlree at No.5. This was a tight match that went one way then the other. Jason took a tight 1st game, Garry a good 2nd, tie breaks in the 3rd and 4th went both ways – and so to the 5th!

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Cont’d ……… Jason had been going for a lot of shots all match (missing a few too many for my liking). The 5th saw him go for less, but he was finding it tough to finish the rally as Garry was able to dig the ball back time after time. At 8-2 Garry forced Jason back to his short game, which gives both fabulous shots and tins in equal measures. The score quickly became an unassailable lead of 10-4 and as the last rites were read Jase was piped 3-2. He’ll play better than this no doubt, but a good performance from Garry certainly put him in line for MOTM.

Next up were the No.1s Kev (Moran) v Martin Woods. This has been a tough match in all but the last outing and with Kev just back from Manchester (from the British Nationals) it was interesting to see how he would react after a tough Tournament. Well the answer was positive as he won the tie, but Martin pushed him all the way. The 1st looked comfortable for Kev as Martin made quite a few uncharacteristic mistakes (must have been the video he set up making him nervous!?). But the camera shyness didn’t last long as Kev got involved in a bit of banter with the ref at the wrong time, causing a loss of both concentration and the 2nd game. Leaving the court Kev made a mistimed comment that saw a change of ref for the 3rd and a pirate (with his timbers shivered) demanding to know if he was being called a cheat – he wasn’t). Kev was soon back on track winning the 3rd, but Martin evened things up with a good fighting performance in the 4th. I missed the last one, but Kev won 5 points on the trot at 7-7 to win the match 3-2.

I was on next against Ross (Red) Lawrie at No.3 and although I’d had the better of our close encounters of the 3rd line(up), they were always tight and the 1st game was no different at 10-10. I knew this was the time to baton down the hatches, cut a good serve or two in and hit the back of the court. I managed to do this and 11-13 was the result (Sean was on hand to give some good advice about keeping it off Ross’s volley). The match carried on in much the same way in the 2nd and 3rd, but I managed not to leave it too late in these games and 8-8 became 11-8 in both. I was very pleased with the way I played; the strings on my Fury racket were still ‘cutting-up’ the ball ……………………….. like a ned in a XR3i.

Sean (Norris) was on next against Lee Frazer. Sean had won the last match 3-1 and he set straight to work chasing down everything Lee had to throw at him to take the 1st 11-6. Unfortunately in the 2nd he wasn’t tight enough and Lee ran him into every corner…….. lots of times. But the battle started again in the 3rd and at 7-7 it was anyone’s, unfortunately anyone was Lee! I thought Lee may tire and Sean may edge his way back into the match and I was absolutely right as Sean went 3-0 up! Then Lee got back into his stride and took the game 11-5 and the match 3-1.

So at 2-2 in the match who was gonna take the 5th rubber and the bonus points?

Chris ‘the pirate’ Patrick lined up against Dougie ‘Straight as a Harrow’ Kempsell. The pirate was expecting to lose and at (pieces of) 8-3 down he was doing just that. Dougie took the 1st comfortably and was 7-1 up in the 2nd before Chris decided to fling himself about a bit. He took the next 4 points (lost 1) and then another 5 in a row which gave him confidence to close the game out 11-9. So 2-2 in matches and 1-1 in the final one, what a great finish! Chris went 3-1 up in the 3rd game; could he pull of a magnificent win? Could he overturn the under 19 National Champ?? Could he produce a miracle??? No!

Dougie went on a match winning run just at the right time to take the next eighteen points to Chris’s one and eventually sailed home to win the match in style.

A feast of soup, sandwiches, pizza & Houston Ale for dinner was scoffed back by me and a very interesting conversation started when we all had a massive debate about things you shouldn’t do on the day of a match. Needless to say anyone who’s dad may or may not have been there was very embarrassed (vague enough? Probably just as well!)

Good chat with the Gryffe lads and the pirate challenged me to a squash duel at high noon on Friday.

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