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DLR v Hamilton – Home (Match Report) 15th February 2012

So it was all arranged to start early at 6.30pm for the No.3 & 4. The 2 DLR Jason’s were ready and raring to go. At 7pm Hamilton’s No.2  Kenny Boyle was the first to turn up and went straight on.

I was told that Colin McMullan would play either our No.3 or 4 “whoever we wanted.” I thought this was a novel way of picking the order of your team! (cont’d below)

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Anyway it was decided (by Hamilton) that Colin would play at No.3 this week and so that was v me. It was all going fine in the 1st (well for me anyway) as I won the game 11-4, but then it got a bit bad-tempered. I thought Col had his fishing racket out on a number of occasions in the next two games and I wasn’t shy about making my views known to the umpire. I called a couple of the situations “laughable” which I’d like to apologise for not because they weren’t, but maybe I should grow up a bit! Anyway no doubt Colin thought I was impeding his swing too much (I know……Like I would!).

Well the ball was incredibly bouncy and so I needed to get an entirely different length to normal, which was proving hard. Just as well I had a game of racquetball the other day against Dr Marshall (I know, going over to the Dark Side!) as I was more prepared for the ridiculous bounce. Colin took the 2nd game 12-10 and I was bloody annoyed at this point. I was also more determined and I managed to play straighter in the 3rd and won it 11-3. The 4th saw us both locked at 5-5, but just then I straightened up my shots again and came home 11-8 (I didn’t see Colin again).

Dougie (Kempsell) was in a great tussle against Kenny Boyle at No.2. He was 2-1 up, but the ball was red-hot and both players were at full tilt. I took over the marking at this point and put the kiss of death on Dougie who went from 8-3 to 9-8 and the rally that got them there was mind bogglingly fast. Both men were zipping about the court like Bolt and Powel. It was Usain insane!

Fortunately Kenny was more knackered than Dougie and Doug took the next two points to win the match 9-11 11-8 11-4 11-8

Fresh from his trip half way to Ayr by mistake (!) Gordon Smith went on next against Colin McGeady at No.5 and this was always going to be a difficult one for Gordon. He needed to get his length and width going and he did to a large extent, but Colin was just a bit too strong. Colin thought he’d have a go at the ref (me) but I soon told him that maybe he should just get on with it (ironic I know!). Col retorted with “I’m just appealing.” Well you can’t set me up with a line like that and not expect both barrels in return! I’ll let you fill in the punch line yourself!

Anyway it was a good game with Colin winning 11-8 11-5 11-8 and Gordon left soon after, settling his tab by buying 2 pints of Stella (which no one drank) and a soft drink! Novel! Colin made an early exit as well.

Kev was on the other court at the time against Andrew McBean.  I didn’t see any of this but Kev won 11-8 11-2 11-8 whilst I was marking.

Last up was Jason (Lang) v Colin Towers (who had gone to DLWE by mistake). Jase is fast becoming the 5 game specialist, however this time I wish he wasn’t. He dominated 2 and a half games with  some great squash – he moved Colin around really well and was hitting his trademark ‘shots from all over the court’ with a lot of confidence. However just at 11-7 11-3 and 8-3 up in the 3rd he seemed to take his foot off the gas. I hoped he could still squeeze the 3 points he needed and 11-12 down I realised he’d now need more than 3! But Colin had turned the tide and he took the game 13-11.

Colin was now confident and moving much better and when he went 8-4 up he didn’t make the same mistake of letting Jason back in. He won the game 11-5 and exactly the same thing happened in the 5th and the match swung to Colin 3-2 (11-6 in the last). My old man used to say to me “Win in 3 don’t lose in 5!” and now another Jason needs to learn that lesson.

Colin also left early; now I don’t want to sound like an old ******d here, but isn’t the point of a Wednesday Team Match to have a hard squash match followed by a meal and drink with your opponents? Why do people not stay for this ritual? It’s beyond me. Any way Jase, Jase, Kev, Dougie, Kenny and Andy did stay and the chat was top notch, about:

  • Kev’s exploits at the British Nationals (his 3-1 match v Jamie Willstrop)
  • Squash on telly (the Shabana v Gaultier extravagancer on SKY recently)
  • Peter Nicol  & Clynie (playing them 10+ years ago)
  • Peter Marshall (double-handed technique) etc etc.
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