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West League Match Reports

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It was a much more straightforward game for us this week as Newlands 2 came visiting.

Newlands have changed their team order policy this season and are playing a straight 1-10 in ability order instead of splitting their strength across the two teams in Division 1. As a result their 2nd team was weaker than it has been in previous years and we’re a wee bit stronger.

First on at No.4 was Sean (Norris) against Peter Cumine. Peter’s game has really come on in the past couple of seasons (must be his trade mark training regime of staying up all night lifting weights with his squash playing arm at Newlands bar……….and various other bars!), but then so has Sean’s. This must also have been the lightest match up ever in the history of West Div 1 squash, as the two of them probably didn’t break 10 stone (between them…..wet through). But not even Peter’s retrieving was going to be enough to make a dent in the more steely Sean, as he won the encounter 3-0.

I was on next against John Bannister (at No.3) and the knock-up seemed to go on for a mile, but was over in just under 4 mins (3.59.4 to be precise!). I think John had an knee injury, although he wasn’t going to admit to it, but all the twisting and turning was taking its toll and it was just one step too high for the Bannister to climb as I won the tie 3-0 (there was only one contentious decision where I got a ‘let’ and John was convinced there was no way I could have played his flat nic shot that clung to the side wall after it bounced and was still spinning like a top after the 4th bounce – but I reckon I could!)

Next on at No.5 was Michael Currie making his season’s debut. He looked like he was approaching peak physical fitness…………one of these years (I understand that I’m on dodgy ground here!) as he lined up against David Simpson. David (with his trademark white golf glove) was amazed that Michael was playing below Sean, much to our amusement and Sean’s disgust. The game itself was the tightest of the evening and although Michael won it 3-0 there were some good hard rallies. It was good to see Mic up to his usual “through the legs” shots, although the second time he tried it he hit himself with the ball (funny). We didn’t see the trademark shot after that!

Dougie (Kempsell) and Kev (Moran) went on last. Dougie was playing Stuart Brunton at No.2 and was far from amused when Sean started cheering for Stuart (you should have seen the look!). Doug is off to Malmo, Sweden this weekend with other Scottish team mates to play the Nordic Junior Open (a European Super Series Event) so good luck to him and all the Scottish players. Well back to the Wednesday match and again a comfortable 3-0 win for Dougie. Stuart made a good fist of it in the 1st game, but after that Dougie was even more dominant.

Kev played Victoria Bell at No.1 and it was a long trip for Victoria from Carlisle to have to match up against the PSA ranked World No.196 and in truth Kev was just too strong and quick for Victoria winning the tie 3-0, but I’m not so sure I’d have fancied my chance of winning a match against

Sean then challenged Kev to a friendly (!) game after with a 9-0 start to Sean (up to 11). Kev seemed to be worried that this was too much, but for the life of me I couldn’t think why and so suggested at least a 10-0 start. In the end it was a 9-0 start and the match was 3-2, but that was only because Kev gave Sean 11-0 in two of the games! (otherwise Sean’s match was pointless!!!!)

Mic finished the evening off with the biggest topping on a baked potato I’d ever seen – surely Guinness should have been called.

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