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First West League Match of the season – DLR report

Wednesday 28th September 2011 – 1st Team
Well Western 1 away for your first match of the season is never easy especially when they’ve strengthened their team with a new 1, 2 and 3 and I get to play Bert (aka R.J.Mitchell) at No.4

First up was me against Bert. Dave Mathie turned up to mark and I said “You’re brave!” which turned out to be prophetic!

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* Bert came out flying and took the 1st 8-11 with some good sharp cross courts and trade mark volleys.
* I then decided to play more cross courts myself – hard and low –  and won a physically tough 2nd 11-2.
* Bert started anticipating my now over used cross-courts and took the 3rd 8-11 by volleying them all short.
* I then straightened up and chose my time to go across the court more carefully to win the 4th 11-4
* And so to the 5th – Both Bert and I were really testing the marker at this stage and a whole host of decisions were coming back at us (I thought it was  a “Glasgow Conspiracy” and got a warning for my troubles!). I went into a 7-2 lead but Bert dragged the game back. Momentum was on Bert’s side, but I had the points in the bank and you could maybe say that we had taken “Parallel Lines” up to 10-10! Anyway I got the lucky last point to secure the win and I was delighted to get a very tough first match under my belt.

Next up was Dougie Kempsell at No.2 against new signing Peter Halliday. The best word I can use to describe Dougie’s performance in this game is ‘bulldozing’! Peter was up against a man who got everything back and was moving well to boot. Peter started to go for more risky shots, which Dougie would either get back or they would tin. The whole match was exemplified by Peter hitting a wonderful backhand return of serve about 0.5mm above the tin, with so much slice it’s already been nic-named Mothers Pride, and Dougie even got this back and won the point. Good 3-0 win for Dougie (and he’s passed his driving test as well – all the best people pass on the 5th attempt Dougie!).

Sean (Norris) was keeping the troops amused with his age-old jokes (Lyall Patterson will no doubt be amused to hear that he’s still the butt of many of them! As am I!). But it was now time to let his squash do the joking! He was up against a man he’s never beaten in Kevin Lawlor. Kev (Moran) was on at the same time so I didn’t see a lot of Sean’s game, but when I heard he was 2-1 down I thought I’d better investigate. Unfortunately I was too enthralled with the game at No.1 and by the time I got there it was 2-2. Well I’m not sure what all the fuss was about as Sean won the 5th quite easily in the end. I saw him chasing down some of Kevin’s best shots again and again and this took him to a 3-2 win (I’d say MOTM to Sean for a great effort against a player he’d never previously beaten).

As I say I was watching the No.1 match (Kevin Moran v new signing Greg Lobban) and what a wonderful match this was. Kev was strong, fit and fast last year now he’s stronger, fitter and faster with his trade mark trickery all over the court. Greg is a real talent  (in the style of Jocky Tait I’d say for those of you as old as me) and can hold the ball very well, hit a good length and seems to find the nic at will. Greg came out all guns blazing and won the 1st 5-11 with some great shot making – Kev was over-hitting his length a touch and this was the difference in that game. Determination took over Kev’s game in the 2nd and he wouldn’t let Greg get another dangerous lead. Kev was really quick to everything and this was becoming a very physical encounter. Greg saw his chance at 12-12 and went on to have a game ball; but Kev wrestled a the game back at this crucial stage to sneak the game 15-13. The rest of the match was just as good as spectacle, but there was an air on inevitability as Kev kept a very high pace and tempo and Greg was always playing catch up at 2-6 down in the 3rd and 1-6 in the 4th.  So a really great match to watch and Kev pulled through a potential upset, winning 3-1 (their MOTM to Greg for pushing Kev so hard).

Last on was our new signing Ewen Urquhart against their 3rd new signing Peter Robson. Peter confessed to not having played much in the summer and Ewen confessed to training regularly every morning! I was thoroughly impressed with Ewen’s game; he’s very quick and his game is solid and the only question was whether he was able to hand Peter an ‘American doughnut’ during the 3-0 win. He wasn’t, but it was an emphatic win and I look forward to seeing more of his games as the season progresses.

So a great 5-0 win for us and an excellent Chinese meal to round the evening off – great hospitality from the Western lads (god I love squash!).

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  1. Ghost of Maryhell
    September 30, 2011 at 11:01 am

    Superb stuff, wonderful to read that both …

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