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David Lloyd Glasgow West End Championship Final – Sponsored by Giles Insurance Brokers Ltd

me, Jason Grinton, Richard Cantlay, Craig Paris (Giles Insurance - Sponsor)

 An unexpected final indeed and it couldn’t have been better for the crowd with a 3-2 spectacle that lasted almost an hour. Going into the match the favourite was Richard Cantlay and the underdog Jason Grinton, but tournament squash brings it unique pressure and finals heighten that pressure so anything could happen……………and it did!

Jason got off to a great start as Richard played some nervous looking shots and it wasn’t long until Jason had a strangle hold on the 1st game with an 11-6 lead. Richard stemmed the tide, but wasn’t able to make up much ground as Jason kept the lead and took the 1st game 15-9. (to see more photos click here)

The 2nd was neck and neck as Richard tried to wrestle some of the momentum back and at 10-10 both players had been in front and behind. Once again points were traded, but this time Richard got his nose in front and just this little bit of extra pressure was enough to capture the game 15-12.

At this point Richard seemed to settle into his stride and the start of the 3rd game saw him take control of the match. At 11-4 it looked like Jason was resigned to losing the game, but after Richard played a ball that was a stonewall stroke and then put a couple of good opportunities limply back into play there was a chink of light. And my word did Jason grab it! He converted 11 of the next 13 points and having let the momentum slip there was now nothing Richard could do as Jason took the game 15-13.

So at 2-1 up Jason needed just one more game, but if he was going to get it Richard was determined to make him work for it. Once again it was too close to call all the way to 9-8, but at this point Richard’s tactics seemed to bear fruit as the forty-five minute physical encounter was turning his way. He took the remaining 5 points without response and at 15-8 both players disappeared to summon all their remaining energy for the ultimate game.

The 5th began in much the same way as the 4th with neither player getting a good advantage, but Richard always keeping a fractional lead. He was now retrieving many of Jason’s attacking shots that previously caught him out, which meant that Jason had to work twice as hard to win every point. At 11-9 the fifty-four minutes of attritional squash had done its job. Richard finished with a run of four point to close out the game 15-9 and the match 3-2, which secured him the 2010/11 Championship and his second DL West End title.

This enormously entertaining match was well worthy of any final and it was a pleasure to watch both men put everything they had into this End of Season showpiece.

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