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David Lloyd Renfrew Championship Final

Steve Wilson (Open winner) & Sean Norris (runner-up)

Steve Wilson may not have been seeded to get to the final against last year’s champ Sean Norris, but given his recent form, not many people were surprised that he made it.

The very first rally set the tone for the match as Steve played very aggressive squash and Sean chased everything that was thrown at him. Sean eventually won the rally and then continued forcing Steve into making errors to take a 7-2 and 8-4 lead. However all this running was bound to take a physical toll and Steven worked his way back to 9-9 and then took a 13-10 lead. Once the finish line was in touching distance Steven wasn’t going to be denied and he eventually won the 1st game 15-13 (on a stroke).  (to see more photos click here)

The start of the 2nd game was no different to the 1st as the rallies were physically tough all the way up to 7-7, but this time the pace that Steven set was beginning to take a toll on him. Sean jumped on the chance, took control and ran away with the game. It looked suspiciously like Steven was spent.

These suspicions were confirmed in the 3rd as Sean was never in danger of losing. He romped home 15-4 and now at 2-1 up and Steve flagging badly, surely it was just a matter of Sean finishing things off.

But this couldn’t have been further from the truth as Steven got a second wind and began to get back in the match. At 5-5 it was still in the balance, but Steven wrestled the initiative from Sean and went into a 14-7 lead. Despite a late flurry of points Steven clinched the game 15-10 and now it was anyone’s match!

Both players shook hands as the 5th got under way, but neither man was giving anything on court. Strangely it seemed to be a disadvantage to serve, as the server always lost the rally and so 1-1 became 2-2 and then 3-3 etc all the way up to 9-9. At this point Sean got a mini-break and took an 11-9 lead, but then something very strange happened (warning – if you’re squeamish you may not want to read this bit):

  1. A good rally ensued and was finished by Sean hitting a ‘crowd groaning’ unforced tin (10-11)
  2. Steven served and Sean lurched forward off-balance and volleyed the ball out (11-11)
  3. Steven served an ace (12-11)
  4. Steven served another ace (13-11)
  5. A great rally ended up with a winner from Steven (14-11)
  6. At match ball down Sean hit a poor return and the width gave away a stroke (15-11 match to Steven)

A real tough one to take, but after 56 minutes of exhaustive squash it’s understandable that errors were going to creep in. It was, however, a very entertaining match and had all the drama of 5 games, a come-back, good shots and incredible tension at the end.

So a new David Lloyd Renfrew Champion was crowned with Steven Wilson taking the Trophy and ensuring his name will be forever on the honours board.

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