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Match Report 3rd Nov. 2021 Whitecraigs LT&SC home v Scoutstoun (Div 1. West of Scotland Squash)

This week’s story starts on Monday, when one of the team had to take a PCR test, so we didn’t know the line up until Tuesday. But all turned out positively (or negative to be more precise) and we were at full strength to welcome Scotstoun to the club.

This is the first time I’ve ever played against a Scotstoun team, so it was good to see that there was an ex-DLWEer (David Lloyd West End) playing for them in the guise of Finlay McGhee (and an ex-Strathgryffer at No.1 as well).

First on, for the early start, was Chris (Murphy) at No.1 v John Meehan – I sat down to mark this one and was looking forward to watching Chris play, but when an opportunity to nick another court arrived, I jumped at it (mainly because there were three teams at home, so it could’ve been a very long night!).

Anyway, do you know when you see an ex-junior who used to play in your squash YoungSTARS Tournaments in the past and they’re now grown up, but although you know that you recognise them ……. you don’t know why? Well, for me, the clue was that my opponent had ‘Niven’ written on his shirt and so I thought, the name ‘David Niven’ rings a bell? Na that’s the old actor bloke ………. was it ‘Pat Niven’, no that’s the winger for Scotland in the 80’s? It was actually the one and  only Sandy Niven (!) and I went onto the glass back against him. At 8-1 down in the 1st game, I thought those YoungSTARS tournaments have really paid off! I also thought, this is going to be short match as Sandy’s serves put me into all sorts of problems ……. every time – and also he was hitting a great length. However, I started to get into better ‘T’ positions and Sandy obliged me with a few tins at just the right times. I thought I played quite well by the end of the match and felt much more in control (3-1 win).

I saw Chris in-between my games and he was 2-1 down and plotting how to sneak another game. However, I think it was a great effort to get 1 point off an on-form John Meehan, so well played Chris and a good team point under the circumstances.

Next on was Hamish (Buchannan) at No.4 against James Crowhurst. Hamish stormed to a 2-0 lead – although not convincingly, so maybe stumbled would be a better verb! Therefore, I was not massively surprised to see James get back into the match, to level things up at 2-2 (aided by Hamish tinning the odd ball or 8!). James was a tricky player to break down, as he was very fit and you had to beat him several times to get a point. Hamish was also playing his opponent’s game too much and then snatching at the half-chances into the tin. Chris M went to speak to Hamish in-between the 4th and 5th and obviously made an impact as Hamish got out of the situation he’d created and won the 5th convincingly-ish (3-2 win).

Ollie (Millen) took to the stage next against Anastasios Markopoulos (thankfully ‘Taco’ for short!) at No.5. A club member had asked what time the team were playing tonight and when I saw him there, he said he was only really there to see Ollie get chopped and break a racket! Unfortunately for Bruce (!) Ollie looked in charge for the most part and although Taco had a great volley and half-volley, Ollie didn’t let him settle and he won the match 3-0.

So last on was Cammy (Colquhoun) against Finlay McGhee at No.3 – ‘David v Goliath’ as far as height was concerned. It was great to see Finlay again, since our time at David Lloyd West End and it was also good to see the pocket-rocket playing as well as ever. In the 1st game, Cammy clinched victory from the jaws of defeat (from 2-8 down to sneak it 12-10), before Fin levelled up a close 2nd. The 3rd saw Cammy gain the momentum (11-3) and he never looked back, taking both games to win 3-1.

Not many fireworks tonight, but a good 4-1 team win, so we retired to the Back-bar for the now traditional gourmet burgers & chips – they were as good as ever and as there were not many veggies, I got extras – whilst watching Liverpool win the footie! Loving the post Covid Wednesdays – a bit strange, but great to be back!

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